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Book your own Wrestlemanie 20 card!

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Bear in mind I haven't considered the roster split, in terms of Brand only PPVs. I have treated the PPVs in the build up as shared PPVs.

WWE Championship: Fatal-Four Way Match
Kurt Angle © vs The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

Build Up: Brock Lesnar and Undertaker work a program and Kurt Angle and John Cena work a program upto Armageddon. Undertaker beats Lesnar to keep the title. Angle beats Cena. John Cena dissapears for a while and returns as a neutral with his ruthless agression gimmick.

John Cena wins the Royal Rumble, beating Brock Lesnar and earning his place at WM20. Kurt Angle wants his place at WM20 and turns heel on Taker, getting a title match at the Febuary PPV. Meanwhile Cena has turned major face, working a program against Lesnar. Kurt Angle beats Undertaker to become the new champion. Brock Lesnar beats Cena at the Febuary PPV and starts saying he should be the new No.1 Contendor... But the match wasn't for the No.1 Contendorship. Undertaker says he should get a rematch and he doesn't want to wait till after WM. Steph puts Lesnar and Taker in matches with Benoit and Big Show, saying if they can win they will get put into a Fatal Four Way at WM20. Lesnar and Taker win their respective matches.

WINNER: John Cena or Kurt Angle

No Holds Barred Match
The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Build Up: The Rock makes his return, as a heel in mid-December, in a segment. Later in the night, he bumps into Austin. Rock laughs at how Austin is only an official now and that the Rattlesnake has lost its venom. Austin says he would gladly prove him wrong in a re-match from WM19 but Rock declines. Austin puts him in a match with Shawn Michaels. Rock works a program with Shawn Michaels ending at a match at the Royal Rumble. The Rock wins.

Austin decides to ask Rock if he feels like having a match yet... Rock says he would love to kick Austins ass like at WM19 but he doesn't want to beat on a cripple. Later in the night, Rock comes out while Austin is in the ring and Rock Bottoms him.

The next week, Austin is irate but The Rock is nowhere to be seen. The two carry segments and near matches until WM20 in which Rock eventually agrees to a match.

WINNER: Stone Cold Steve Austin

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Triple H © vs. Ric Flair

Build Up: After his fued with RVD, Jericho beats Goldberg at the October PPV for the Title. After holding it for only a month, HHH beats Jericho at Armageddon. Jericho goes back to working his way to a fued with Christian. HHH goes strong and gives Goldberg a rematch the Royal Rumble. HHH wins in a clean match.

At this point Evolution has gone their seperate ways... Orton and Batista in the Tag Division but Flair still sides with HHH. At the Febuary PPV, HHH and Flair fight in a tag match against Jericho and Christian. The match goes well for Jericho/Christian but in the end, Christian is looking to put Flair away but Jericho tags himself in. HHH is on the outside and gets rid of Christian. Meanwhile Flair has got out of the Walls of Jericho but HHH hits Jericho with a chair, leaving him open for the pin from Flair.

The next night, Austin works his way into Flairs head syaing how he was once so great and that HHH can't trust him to let Flair finish the match cleanly. Flair walks off thinking about it. During the night Flair is set to face Jericho but HHH comes down to do comentary and eventually gets involved. Afterwards, Flair locks HHH in the figure four.

Flair gets a major face turn and starts blabbing about how he is a 14 time World Champ and that he deserves better than to be be HHH's armpiece. This works up to a Title match at WM20.

WINNER: Ric Flair

Cage Match
Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Build Up: Jericho fueds with RVD for a while but some breaks away. Christian, meanwhile, has been working his way up, against people like Randy Orton until he gets to Shawn Michaels. In the last HBK/Christian match, which Christian wins, Kane comes down and gets HBK.

Christian gets sided with Jericho again and works a few tag matches against RVD/Lance Storm. After this run Christian decided he is tired of been put in Jerichos shadow and decides he can run on his own steam (afterall, he did beat Shawn Michaels)

Christian turns on Jericho around mid-Febuary giving Christian his much needed push and Jericho a face turn. They run a few matches and segments on RAW leading up to to Cage match at WM20. Christian wins and goes on to face The Rock and Jericho goes on to face Ric Flair for the title.

WINNER: Christian

WWE United States Championship: TLC Match
Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit © vs. Matt Hardy

Build Up: Los Guerreros loose their tag titles to Hardy/Moore around December. Chavo goes off to the CW Division and Eddie concentraes on his US Title work. Meanwhile, Edge wins a much hyped return match against A-Train and runs a mini-feud against him. At the same time, Eddie runs a mini-fued against Benoit where Benoit manages to win the US Title at the Royal Rumble.

Now Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore have lost the tag titles... Shannon goes to do CW stuff and Matt decides Edge is too popular and that he should be more popular. They run a fued ending in a Ladder Match at the March PPV, which Matt Hardy - just - wins.

The next night Edge faces Benoit for the US Title but looses. Matt Hardy says how he just beat Edge in a Ladder match and that he should get a match too. In the same night, Benoit puts the title on the line against Matt, which Benoit wins.

The next week, Edge, Eddie and Matt are put in a Triple Threat Match for the No.1 Contendorship to the US Title in which Eddie cheats (much to the delight of the crowd). Because Eddie cheated, Edge and Matt get put into the US match at WM20 too.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Triple Threat Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm vs. Booker T ©

Build Up: After working a program against Val Venis, Lance Storm has made his way up to a firm Upper-Mid Carder. RVD finished his fued with Jericho by mid-December and came out with the IC Title still around his waist. Booker T has also made his way back by now and got thrown straight into an IC Title Match, which he won.

Lance Storm and RVD work a few tag matches against Jericho/Christian but both want the IC Title. RVD gets his rematch but Storm interferes, costing him the match. At the March PPV, Lance faces RVD for the No.1 Contendorship but it ends in a draw, making the Triple Threat Match at WM20.

WINNER: Lance Storm

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjimin © vs. Billy Gunn and Jamie Noble vs. Sean O'Haire and Chris Kanyon

Build Up: Los Guerreros hold the tag titles until about the begining of December where they loose to Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore. Los Guerreros go on to CW/US title stuff but Hardy/Moore then loose the titles to Billy Gunn and Jamie Noble. Billy Gunn and Noble work a program with Hardy and Moore for a while and come out on top in rematch in January. Haas and Benjimin decide they want the titles back because they have been doing so poor by themselves.

Meanwhile Sean O'Haire has come back a neutral and has been working his way through the lesser talents (Spanky, Basham Bros ect) and Chris Kanyon has made his way on to the roster.

Billy Gunn and Noble loose the titles to Benjimin/Haas at the Febuary PPV. The next show, a 3 man tag match is made - Gunn/Noble/O'Haire vs. Haas/Benjimin/Kanyon. At the end of the match, O'Haire and Kanyon turn on their respective teams and thus become a team themselves.

WINNER: Sean O'Haire and Chris Kanyon

Last Man Standing Match
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels

Build Up: Kane ends his thing with Shane McMahon and goes from a 'monster' to a crazy person who just goes on the war path each week. He goes through Kevin Nash for a month and a half and then decides Shawn Michaels will be his next victim. During a Shawn Michaels/Christian match, Kane comes down after the match and destroys him with a chair. Each week, Kane beats Shawn Michaels and the match is made.The more and more Kance beats HBk it looks like he will win but HBK manages to get a win over him on the last match before WM20.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels

World Tag Team Championships: Tables Match
Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade © vs. Hurricane and Rosey vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Randy Orton and Batista

Build Up: Around mid-December, La Resistance win the tag titles back from the Dudleys, by cheating. Two weeks later Hurricane and Rosey are given a shot at the titles but The Dudleys run down and destroy Hurricane/Rosey, saying it should be their rematch and making a heel turn. The next week, Hurricane and Rosey get another shot in which they win. Dudleys challenge Hurricane/Rosey to a titles match at the Royal Rumble but The Dudleys loose. The next night on RAW, The Dudleys manage to wind their way into another tag titles match which they win.

3/4 weeks later Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade win the tag titles. Up to this point, Randy Orton has been picking his way through the lesser talents (Spike, Dreamer ect) where he comes to Garrison Cade. Garrison puts up a good fight but in the end Randy Orton wins and after the match he beats him with a chair. The next week he has to face Mark Jindrak. Mark Jindrak looks as though he is gonna win but Batista makes his return and destroys Jindrak.

Meanwhile The Dudleys have been running a mini-fued with Hurricane/Rosey... Jindrak and Cade agree to put the titles on the line against Orton/Batista but Dudleys then want in and therefore Hurricane/Rosey want in too. Austin comes out and makes the 4 way Tables match at WM20. In the ring a brawl between all 4 teams break out which ends up with Dudleys putting Hurricane and Orton/Batista putting Jindrak through a table.

WINNER: Randy Orton and Batista

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Battle Royal
Rey Mysterio vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Billy Kidman © vs. Shannon Moore vs. Spanky vs. Tajiri vs. Chavo Guererro

Build Up: Kidman goes into the match as CW champ having beat Rey Rey several weeks earlier who has been running an intense fued with Tajiri and ended it off by winning the CW back from him.

Meanwhile, Vince has decided to give Ultimo Dragon another chance and he has been working his way through the other CWs and in particular, Shannon Moore/Matt Hardy...

WINNER: Shannon Moore or Ultimo Dragon.

WWE Women's Championship
Lita vs. Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly vs. Victoria ©

Build Up: Victoria beat Trish Stratus who, several weeks earlier, beat Molly Holly.

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Ok don't really care who fights on the RAW Brand's side but here's my smackdown side. 3matches (so far)

WWE Championship

Kurt Angle VS The Undertaker

Build up: Taker defeats vince mcmahon in the buried alive match. He is then put into a no.1 contender's spot match against angle. the match goes well until cena comes in and hits angle in the head with his padlock/chain,costing angle the match up. taker goes on to win the wwe title from lesnar.later,cena gets a shot at big show for us title. cena is about to use his padlock/chain when angle comes in and takes it away from him.cena is distracted,allowing show to hit the chokeslam and earn the victory.angle and cena fight again at the next ppv and angle once again picks up the win against cena,but still feels that he should have won. the two then decide to settle their differences at the royal rumble which angle also wins,earning his spot at WMXX. taker defends his title against a-train at the royal rumble and wins in a well fought victory. he then defends against brock lesnar in a no DQ match. lesnar is about to lose when big show comes in and turns the tables,but they are turned again,when angle comes in,helping taker to take the victory.later,when asked why,angle says: we never finished our last fight.finally,at WMXX,angle fights taker in a normal singles match with no outside interferance allowed,(put in by linda mcmahon). angle,after a lengthly battle picks up the win.

U.S. Championship

Benoit VS Big Show

there is a tournament in which the winner will fight the big show for the title. benoit wins the tournament in the finals against eddie guererro. on the nigh of WMXX,big show comes out and admits that he was the one who attacked edge.later,as the match goes on,the referee is hit down. benoit is distracted by the downed referee,allowing show to hit a massive chokeslam.big show then goes for a chair. as he is about to hit benoit,edge's music begins to play.big show looks towards the titantron,but nobody's there.the arena goes dark for a few seconds.when the lights come back,edge is standing behind show. as show turns around,edge hits him with a spear,show does not fall down,he hits another,show still does not fall,edge then climbs to the top rope and hits a diving spear which puts the big man down.benoit is then awake,and hits the headbutt off the top rope,and then gets the pin.

Cruiserweight Title

Tajiri VS Zach Gowen

build up: zach gowen continues to persue tajiri in efforts to get a rematch. zack finally decides to get physical,causing tajiri a match against rey mysterio (non-title) tajiri accepts the match and loses to zach. zach then asks for a rematch but this time,for the title. tajiri accepts the match which is made for WMXX. the match goes well,which zach wins,becoming the new cruiserweight champion (hope he can carry it)

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Heres my Wrestlemania card.

WWE Title: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar

World Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (c)

Triple H vs. Goldberg

Undertaker vs. Vince McMahon

WWE Crusierweight Title: Tajiri vs. Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Ultimo Dragon (c) vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Billy Kidman vs. Kenzo Suzuki

WWE Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho vs. Booker T vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy vs. Christian (c)

WWE United States Title: Edge vs. Sean O'Haire vs. A-Train vs. Big Show (c) vs. Ryan Sakoda vs. Rhyno vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Kanyon (face) vs. Jaime Noble

WWE Tag Team Title: FBI, Bashams w/ Shaniqua & Billy Gunn vs. WGTT, APA and 2 Cool.

Nathan Jones vs. Matt Morgan

World Tag Team Title: Randy Orton/Batista vs. Jindrak/Cade vs. Dudleyz (c) vs. Goldust/Storm vs. Scott Steiner and Test

Hurricane Helms vs. Tommy Dreamer

WWE Womens Title: Victoria (c) vs. Lita vs. Molly Holly vs. Jazz
Special Referees: Ivory, Jacqueline and Trish Stratus.


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60 Min: Iron Man match
**Goldberg (heel) Vs. SCSA (face)**

Some one is leaving notes for Goldberg saying 'You screwed me' and alike. Then someone injures Goldberg (you dont see it, so its sold really well ;) ). SCSA comes back saying it was him turning heel. He explains how stone cold's team lost as survvor series because Goldberg wouldn't join his team. Goldberg comes down to the ring, STAREDOWN, half the crowd: 'GOLD-BERG' the other half 'Austin-Austin'. Goldberg says: 'Its not my fault...' he turns around, then comes back and spears SCSA who lands on his neck and sells for sh**. '...that you deserved to be sacked, you are nothing. You were too scared to fight me in WCW so you 'got fired'. You are a sorry excuse for a human. You're.....next....hang on, you're NOW!!!' Goldberg continues (now heel). Gold berg now goes after SCSA's neck, reinacting the owen hart piledriver spot. Nothing is heard from scsa for months other than a cuppla reports on him being paralysed. RAW after No way out, someone is seen leaving the lockerroon of GB. goldberg is laid out. 'It was stone cold'. Stone cold is shown entering the arena in a stephen hawking chair thing. he goes to the ring 'goldberg did this to me' he says weirily, 'goldberg you sob, come to the ring and face me now'. GB comes down limping slightly he goes to spear the wheel chair but SCSA gets up an stunners him. They fued for a month, and they have a match. SCSA wins 3 falls to 2

WWE Title:

Brock Lesnar Vs. Kurt Angle II
3 falls

kurt wins the rumble and brock holds the belt. they fued for months. the 'best technical wrestler arguement goes on' after kurt pins benoit at No way out to win the name 'best technical wrestler in wwe'.
Fall one. normal match - Brock wins with the F5 from the top.
Fall two. ultimate submisson - Kurt wins with the ankle lock.
Fall three. Amateur special - Kurt and brock go for it really as in not scripted. winner = ??? who do you think would win?

World's Heavywwight Title:

HHH vs. Mick Foley
HHH beats Goldberg at the rumble. Mick foley comes back to promote a book, but HHH beats him down. Foley gets back up Ultimate warrior style after the pedigree and says 'you've beaten me down the past 3 times ive been here.' (now, last time i promoted a book, and putting him into reirement). 'I'm sick of it.' He switchd to a man kind gimmick and goes crazy with the madible claw. they fued to a hell in a cell.
Usual bumps...SICK bumps, HHH beats foley for most of the match till the rock with his old hair cut comes down and they form the rock and sock connection with a handshake in the ring. They precede to beat on each other till the peoples elbow followed by the mandible claw finishes HHH off by submission!!! (as an aside- can anyone remmeber the last time HHH tapped?)

Undertaker Vs. Kane
Kane carries on as usual. he loses at the rumble after he is struck by lightening shot from the roof. he ets screwed out of wins in all his matches up to No way out where we see mideon and visera come down and try to beat kane up back stage, kane demolishes them both, lifting visera up for the choke slam and delaying it!! 'I now its you taker' says Kane 'show yourself you sell out'. Next Raw the ministry is backstage and phenom undertaker is there, cutting a promo in darkness...you dont know its him til they shine a light at the end. They fued till WMXX.
They have a buried alive for the ages. Undertaker is buried alive but then breaks his way out and plants kane in the hole with a tombstone piledriver (old style). No clean finish, no1 loses as kane tells the world on Raw.

Ladder Match:
HBK Vs RVD -Number 1 contender for World's HEavywight title

RVD has had a stunning run of late, since losing the IC title he's gone thru all the enhancement talent and then has begun to climb bishoff;s ladder table for the world title. HBK has been in the mix as well as wrestling in a tag team with Kevin Nash. The two have been leaving others lying, like RVD's friends the Dudleys. They both crave the World's heavyweight title, and despise each other (as RVD has made known duing promos...that are actually good).
RVD beats HBK after 40 minutes as RVD hits the van terminator from the top of the lader in the ring to he crowd. setting up RVD to beat mick foley so he can leave again. (that way HHH doesnt have to lose the RVD....yet)

Edge Vs. Christian
Edge returns. It turns out that christian had attacked edge who was then foun unconscious at no way out last year. Christian did it because edge had eliminated him from the royal rumble the previous month...christian having believed he had to win the title shot. back and forth match. unprettier (aka impaler) onto a chair leaves them both knowned out in the middle of he ring. Then edge gets up first and locks in the educator...Y2J leaps from the crowd and hits edge and locks him in the walls of jericho. the referee gets Y2J out, but the damage has been done as christian hits the unprettier again and pins edge 1,2,3.

US Title:

Rhyno Vs. Kanyon Vs. Benoit (c)
Rhyno and Kanyon have formed a tag team. after his loss at no way out to angle, benoit is p*ssed off and bumps into rhyno and kanyon. he laughs at them saying that they are nothing and will never amount to anything. for the next month they go after benoit and it is scheduled that rhyno and kanyon will go against benoit in a two on onw match. when benoit wins ths US title in the third week they both say they want it, and argue setting up a 3 way match.
Kanyon wins hitting the flat-liner with help from DDP his old tag team partner who was in attendance. Kanyon is then pushed to the moon.

Intercontinental Title:

Matt Hardy Vs. Jeff Hardy
Jeff returns to Raw. He hears how Matt has terrorised lita and screwed ehr out of the women;s title. He also hates how Matt is in the spot light with the IC title and comes back on RAW as says that he disagrees with this and one time only will set Matt right and face him at WMXX for the IC title.
Matt wins to settle the score, highspots include swanton bomb from a ladder to the outside by jeff.

Cruiserwieght Title:

Rey Mysterio Vs. Ultimo Dragon
Built up as if the title is valuble. Rey was robbed of the title at the ruble by ultimo who sbsequently beat tajiri for it at NO way out. Now Rey as the number 1 contener demands a match at WMXX.
They put on a match that wows the crowd. Rey pull out ALL the stops and wins after 25 mins is of a heaven of high-flying matches.

Women's Title:

Trish Stratus Vs. Torrie wilson (Bra and Panties)
Usual match to warm the crowd up before WMXX really begins.


Mark Henry Vs. Mark Henry - Loser leaves WWE forever: nuff said.

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my plan for a 5 hour wmxx




rey v tajiri v kidman v chavo


haas/benjamin v dudleys


randy orton v booker t v rvd v scott steiner v matt hardy v batista



john cena v eddie guerrero v edge


hhh v mick foley

chris jericho v chris benoit {trade benoit so kane goes to sd }

CLIPS FROM WM 11/12/13

brock lesnar w/ vince v kurt angle w/bret hart


the rock v shawn michaels


stone cold steve austin v goldberg


undertaker v kane

i kept taker v kane to end cause it wud be the return of the deadman.also all the wm clips should be 5 mins so there is about 40/45 minutes of retro wrestlemania.so most match can be 15 - 20 minutes with the likes of benoit/y2j,angle/lesnar,ic and us title 25 to 3o minutes.

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My card:

Raw Tag Team Titles
Lance Storm & Val Venis -v- Dudleys(c)

Ric Flair -v- Eric Bischoff

Smackdown! Tag Team Titles
Basham Brothers(c) -v- Los Guerreros -v- WGTT -v- Mysterio & Kidman

Women's Title
Battle Royal with all Raw divas

U.S Title, Ladder Match
Big Show(c) -v- John Cena

World Title-if Evolution wins, HHH gets belt, Hardcore Rules
Goldberg -v- HHH, Orton, Batista

WWE Title, Ironman, Triple Threat
Brock Lesnar(c) -v- Kurt Angle -v- Undertaker

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Heres my WM20

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) V John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Goldberg V The Rock

2 out of 3 falls No Holds Barred
Triple H V Mick Foley

Ladder Match Intercontinental Title
Randy Orton (c) V Shawn Michaels

Hell in a Cell
Undertaker v Kane

Hair V Hair Winner gets World Title shot
Chris Jericho V Christian

US Championship
Chris Benoit (c) V Kurt Angle V Big Show V A-Train

WWE Tag Team Championship
Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones (c) V APA

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Sunday Nigth Heat
Women's Title
Molly Holly vs. Fabulous Mollah

Cruiserweight Title
Tajiri vs. Scotty Too Hottry


1. Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus
3 Stages of Heaven:
1. Paddle on a Pole
2. Bra and Panties
3. Mudfight

2. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels 60 min Ironman Match Ref Earl Hebner
3. Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon
4. Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan
5. Mankind vs. The Rock Hell In A Cell
6. Undertaker vs. Kane Inferno Match
7. Dudleys vs. Batista and Randy Orton (TLC title)
8. Bashams vs. World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Los Guerros(Hardcore Tag Title)
9. Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer(if Tommy wins Intercontinental title will become Harcore)(Ladder)
10. Big Show vs. Sgt. Slughter(us title)
11. Goldberg vs. Triple H (World title)
12. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle (WWE title).

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WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar(c) vs. John Cena

Buried Alive
Undertaker vs. Kane

Handicap Street Fight
Vince McMahon & Eric Bischoff vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steel Cage Tag Team
w/Ric Flair as Guest Referee
HHH & Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley & The Rock

WWE Intercontinental Championship
RVD(c) vs. Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Championship
4 Man Elimination
Goldberg(c) vs. Booker T vs. Scott Steiner vs. Batista

WWE US Title
2 Out Of 3 Falls
1ST Fall: Pinfall
2ND Fall: Submission
3RD Fall: No Holds Barred
Kurt Angle(c) vs. Eddy Guerrero

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio(c) vs. Ultimo Dragon

World Tag Team Championships
Fatal 4 Way TLC
The Dudleyz(c) vs. The Hardyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. Jindrak & Cade

WWE Tag Team Championships
Over The Top Rope Battle Royale
The Bashams(c) vs. APA vs. Kyo Dai vs. WGTT vs. Spanky & Paul London vs. Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty

WWE Womans Title
Lita(c) vs. Gail Kim

Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

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This is taking into consideration everything that has happened in the WWE until Thanksgiving.

Undertaker VS Kane

Goldberg (World Heavyweight Champion) VS Brock Lesnar

WWE Championship
Chris Benoit (WWE Champion) VS Kurt Angle VS Eddie Guerrero

US Championship
John Cena VS The Rock

Triple H VS Mick Foley

Steve Austin VS Vince McMahon

Ric Flair VS Ricky Steamboat

Cruiserweight Championship
Ultimo Dragon (Cruiserweight Champion) VS Jamie Noble VS Rey Mysterio VS Tajiri

Women's Championship
Lita (Women's Championship) VS Trish Stratus

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Here is mine

Goldberg vs brock lesner
Ricky steamboat vs Flair
Austin vs Vince
Taker vs Kane
HBK vs the Rock(world heavyweight title leather strap match)
Beniot vs Angle vs Cena(wwe title triple threat)
Y2J vs Christian
Lita vs trish(womens title)
Jamie Knoble vs Billy Kidman vs Ultimo dragon vs rey mysterio(cruiserweight title fatal fourway match)
Eddie G. vs Chavo

that is ten matches of good wrestling. execpt for vince being in match, but you know he will be.

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Here's my card:

1. Intercontinental Championship
Randy Orton (c) v RVD

2. US Championship
Eddie Guerrero (c) v Chris Benoit

3. John Cena v Macho Man

4. Triple H v Mick Foley

5. Stone Cold v Vince McMahon

6. Hulk Hogan v The Rock

7. Undertaker v Kane

8. Shawn Michaels v Bret Hart

9. Undisputed Title:
Brock Lesnar v Goldberg

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Here's mine in no particular order:

Ric Flair vs. Stone Cold
*Steamboat interferes on behalf of Stone Cold, Stone Cold wins

Eddie vs. Kurt(c) for U.S. Championship
*Kurt retains the title

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg
*Brock wins

Triple threat Ladder match for the IC Title: RVD vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Christian(c)
*HBK wins

Evolution (Batista and Randy Orton) vs. Hurricane and Rosey(c) for the World Tag team Titles
*Evolution wins

John Cena vs. Chris Benoit(c) for the WWE Championship
*Benoit retains

Kane vs. Undertaker-3 Stages of hell (Hardcore, Inferno, and Buried alive)
*Paul Bearer interferes on Kane's behalf, Kane wins

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin(c) vs. Spanky and Paul London for the WWE Tag Team Championship
*Spanky and London win

Triple H vs. Mick Foley
*Triple H wins

Chris Jericho vs. The Rock
*Jericho wins, Rock goes back to Hollywood to make another movie

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Goldberg v Brock (Goldberg wins)
Vince v Stone Cold (Stone Cold wins)
Taker v Kane (Taker wins)
HBK v The Rock (The Rock wins)
HHH v Mick Foley (Foley wins)
Flair v Hogan (Flair wins)
Angle v Benoit (Benoit wins)
Big Show v Cena (Cena wins)
Eddie v Chava (Eddie wins)
Myseterio v Ultimo (Ultimo wins)

Can't think of any tag teams

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Chris Jericho VS Shawn Michaels

Chris Benoit VS Kurt Angle

Stone Cold VS Goldberg

Hulk Hogan VS Macho Man

Batista VS Brock Lesnar

John Cena VS Edge

HHH VS Cactus Jack

Undertaker VS Kane

RVD VS Christian

Rey Misterio VS Ultimo Dragon

Dudley Boys VS La Resistance VS Jindrak & Cade

Eddie Guerrero VS Chavo Guerrero

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My perfect WM20 with what is happening would be:

World Tag Titles match; Rock and Sock conection vs Macho man & Sean O'Hair (winner Macho and O'Hair)

Cruserweight Title match; Tajuri vs Ray Misterio (Tajuri)

WWE Tag Titles match; Battle royal last two in the ring are champs
Hass, Benjimen, Ryno, Kanyon, E.Guerrero, C.Guerrero, Kidman, Edge, Big Show, A-Train (last two r Kanyon[heel] and Edge[face])

US Title match; Angle ve Benoit (Angle clean win)

Womens Title match;(bra and panties)All divas all brands last one dressed wins title ( winner everyone watching Jazz)

IC Title match; RVD vs Batista vs Goldberg (Batista clean win)

WWE Title match; Lesner vs Cena ( no winner time limit expires[Bret Hart cames out and tells them to be happy with their match and the result])

Taker[as deadman] vs Kane; last man standing in the cell( Taker wins then waves for the druids to came for Kanes body)

Wolrd Title match; HHH(w Flair) vs Orton(w HBK) ( HBK and Flair fight out into the crowd Batista cames out and helps Orton win all of a sudden DX music hits and HBK Orton and Batista enter the ring and declair war)
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