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Book WrestleMania 21

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Here's my idea of what WrestleMania 21 should be like!

World Heavyweight Championship (60 Minute Iron Man): Shawn Michaels (c) vs. John Cena (after a switch to RAW)

WWE Championship (Hell in a Cell): Undertaker (c) vs. Mordecai

Intercontinental Championship: Batista (c) vs. Bret Hart (just imagine)

United States Title: Eddie Guererro (heel)(c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Hardcore Title (Smackdown!): Mankind vs. Big Show

Light Heavyweight Championship (RAW): Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Hurricane

Cruiserweight Championship (Battle Royal): Paul London (c) vs. Spike Dudley vs. Jamie Noble vs. Chavo Guererro vs. Akio vs. Sakoda vs. Billy Kidman vs.
Dean Malenko

Women's Title: Lita (c) vs. Trish Stratus

Tag Team Titles (RAW): Edge and Christian vs. Chris Jericho/Tyson Tomko

Tag Team Titles (Smackdown!): The Dudleyz (c) vs. RVD/Booker T

Money Match: JBL vs. Rene Dupree

Stripper Match: Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie vs. Sable vs. Stacy Keibler

Buried Alive Match: Vince McMahon vs. Kane (face w/ mask back)

Billy Gunn vs. Hardcore Holly

Mark Jindrak vs. Ultimo Dragon

Michael Cole vs. Tazz

Johnny Nitro vs. Eric Bischoff

Edge/Matt Hardy/Shelton Benjamin vs. Grandmaster Sexay/S2H/Rikishi

Eugene vs. Regal

Mind you these are just ideas not what I think the whole show should be or else the matches would have to be extremely short, or the show would just do one LONG run instead of two back-to-back!

Thoughts? :gun: :lmao
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what kind of match is Michael Cole V Tazz or Nitro V Bischoff

I wouldnt put Mordecai in with Taker yet because nobody has really even seen anything of Mordecai.

The Card Contained no Chris Benoit either as well as Randy Orton or Triple H. And we all know The Rock would be back for WM as well.

I would hate to see this PPV the only match that really stands out is the Michaels and Cena match.

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Looking good Matt, there was one or two things though like Orton and Edge in the IC Title match for instance, i believe that by WM21 both Orton and Edge will be at main event level. Orton is taking great strides at getting their at the moment and rumours say Edge is in for a main event push, shelton may even be above there but who knows about that. The Match i didnt like was the World Tag Team title one but it would be hard to put a match together for that belt as their are no major tag teams reallyon Raw.
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