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Now THAT is a shared moment...
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This is Bombs Away Mafia!!!

Welcome to Bombs Away Mafia. Where everybody gets a door prize and the door prize is always these broken ass grenades that my great-grandpa left me. Step right up, everyone and take one, take one! Everyone got their grenades? Good! Now that that is over with, everyone listen up! These grenades I gave you are DANGEROUS! At any time in the game you may post I throw this grenade at (whoever)(don’t throw them at me) you must do this in the thread. Now I told you these things are broken so when you throw your grenade, one of three things will happen. The grenade will blow up on your target(25%), the grenade will blow up on you(25%), or it will do nothing(50%). “Well maybe I just shouldn’t throw it” you might be thinking. Well, not only are these grenades dangerous, they’re also very unstable. After the third night there is a 30% chance that ONE of the unthrown grenades will explode, killing the person that is holding it. I probably should’ve mentioned this before I handed them off. Oops, sorry, no givesie backsies. Go out there and have a blast!

(haha get it? Because grenade’s blow up. Like as an explosion. And a blast is another way to describe an explosion. Well, not everyone likes mindless puns, but trust me, your grandparents LOVE them.)

Now onto the rules....
copied from the previous game.

1.Rules are the same as any other mafia game.

.... thanks Fitz.

I'll just elaborate a little bit...
1.Have fun, don’t take it too seriously.
2.Uhm, flame within reason, I’m not your mother.
3.You cannot screenshot your role pm, that will get you killed.
4.Play to your win condition.
5. Days will be 24(ish) hours. Night will be 12 hours. That should be plenty of time
6.If you have any questions just let me know, privately, I’ll decide if it should be clarified in the thread.

Players Alive:
1. Soulcat
6. St1tch/The Tempest v2
10. Junkhead
13. Rugrat
17. Curry
20. Jigsaw

Dead Players:
9. Mr. Socko-MasonBlown up Day 1
7. Kenny-Survivor/JesterBlown up Day 1
14. Doddsy-?????Killed Night 1
12. Shala's Summertime Massacre-Vanilla TownieBlown up Day 2
8.Chr1sto-Double voterBlown up Day 2
2.Superior-Even night tracketKilled Night 2
3.Camillepunk-flowering shot copBlown up Night 2
18.The Tempest-Vanilla townieLynched Day 3
4. Aryadark-Beloved townieKilled Night 3
11. Roy Mustang/Luck-MasonBlown Up Night 3
15. Masenko-Bomb saboteurBlown up Night 4
16. A-C-P-JailkeeperBlown up Night 4
19. The Arch of Mia Malkova/Mr Socko v2-ReanimatorBlown up Night 4
5. Fitz-MillerKilled Night 4

Replacement List:
Mr. Socko

Important Shit:
Day 1 Interruption
Day 1 Interruption #2
Day 1 Interruption #3
End of Day 1
Night 1 Interruption
End of Night 1
Day 2 Interruption
End of Day 2
End of Night 2
Day 3 Interruption
End of Day 3
End of Night 3
Night 4 Interruption
Night 4 Interruption #2
Night 4 Interruption #3
End of Night 4
End Game
Good luck everyone and be excellent to each other....

SoulCat wins MVP!

Now THAT is a shared moment...
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Alright if I fucked up your role pm or if you have any questions, just pm me. I do still have the app so I'll be keeping an eye on things. It is Day 1 so I will see where activity is at when I go to bed and make a judgement call on when to call day then.
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