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Last night on RAW, they bleeped out Snooki and Trish saying "bitch" on TV...but when The Rock says bitch in his monologues they don't bleep it out.

Thoughts? Does The Rock get special treatment?

I wonder if The Rock told Vince, if you won't let me say my lines the way I want, I won't come back?
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What does that have to with anything? RAW is on a 5 second delay and the bleep words all the time.
i think the whole snookie thing was because they bleep words in her show and i think thats the theme they were going for the rock and other people have said the word bitch and arse since the rock has came back and they havnt been bleeped but i think he may of said i want to say my lines the way i want
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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