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Billy Bong owned his own apartment but was to poor to keep it up. He had two extra rooms and so he started to look for some room mates. Klim came in and got the first room, Dr. Dre came in and got the second. Later on when they were sleeping Gene Snitsky came into Klims room and he started to bunk with Klim. Klim was used to this. The next morning Billy came up with the idea to start a fed. Gene said he wrestles in the WXW. Billy didnt like Gene's Idea and told him to leave.

Billy then got some money from the bank and started his fed. Billy was unsusessful and went bankrupt. Billy then joined the WXW and became a superstar along with Gene Snitsky and Klim. Dr. Dre left and continued with his susessful rapping career. After they became superstars the WWE hired all three to come in as a super heel stable, now the story shall begin.

Batista - Face
Billy Bong - Heel
Chris Benoit - Face
Chris Jericho - Face
Chris Masters - Heel
Christain - Heel - Intercontinental Champion
Edge - Heel
Gene Snitsky - Heel
Klim - Heel
Kane - Face
Mark Henry - Heel
Matt Hardy - Face
Maven - Heel
Randy Orton - Heel
Rhyno - Face
Ric Flair - Heel
Rosey - Face
Shawn Michaels - Face
Simon Dean - Heel
Tajiri - Face - Tag Team Champion
The Hurricane - Face
Triple H - Heel - Heavyweight Champion
Tyson Tomko - Heel
Val Venis - Face
Visera - Heel
William Regal - Face - Tag Team Champion
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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