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Who went to the show? I've read that they may have turned down the crowd at certain points of the broadcast....which may or may not be true.... obviously taker/kane and ADR solo promo and Swagger/Edge were dead silent.
Who got the biggest pop? AND who got boo'd the loudest? I missed the first half of the Cena match.....but the ending was obviously noisy

Just found this from www.prowrestlingcoops.com, which elaborate my thoughts...

Credit: Richard Colbert and Pwinsider

The Crowd died off at the Edge/Del Rio/Swagger stuff and didn't come alive again until Cena/Barrett. The crowd seemed evenly split during that match and after. Several kids were in tears that Cena lost and a good chunk of them and their parents left after that and going into Taker/Kane.

The crowd hated the finish of Taker/Kane as not many saw what happened or if they did, get what was happening.

After it was over Taker laid there for a few minutes until his music hit. He rolled out of the ring and sat there looking confused and angry then left.
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