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Biggest Let Downs of RR 2011

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Since we have biggest mark out moments, might as well.

Kane is #40
Not only was this not exciting enough to be the last entrant, we all knew Kane wasn't winning and would thus be eliminated within 2 minutes.

Booker T and Diesel last like a minute
I understand that they're making the younger guys look good but they couldn't have them eliminate a couple guys?

Where to even begin with this. A complete waste of an entry. Lasted longer than a large amount of the entrants. Just overall mind-numb-ingly bad.

John Morrison gets eliminated
Deserved to last atleast half an hour. If Jeff Hardy and Miz can have the title, this guy can have the title.

No Christian. No Triple H.
Although neither of these guys would have won, an appearance would have been so epic in so many ways.

Orton and Ziggler appear as participants
These two were throwaways aswell. They both just killed the vibe in my personal opinion.

Cena "Superman's" right through Nexus
Self explanatory

Nexus "John Cena's" right through lots of talented wrestlers
Self explanatory
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Taken from another thread.

A big letdown for me was how Nexus dominated for a while (which bored fuck out of me), and then in comes super Cena and takes them all out eventually.

Hornswoggle's involvement.

The ending. Here's me sat marking the fucking hell out of my mind when Del Rio tossed out Orton, a 7 time world champion, would have been the ULTIMATE ending for me. But no, I have my moment interrupted when Santino, the useless jobber, turns out to have not been eliminated. So the celebrations between ADR and RR (and me) had to wait until he done another pointless elimination.
My bad, someone fuse it with the other thread.
I missed the beginning of the Pay Per View but why was Orton in the Rumble?

Did someone No-Show?
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