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According to tv viewership:

39.61M people aged 2-11(3.96M people per age)
24.02M people aged 12-17(4M people per age)
126.54M people aged 18-49(3.95M people per age)

So based on that, it seems like there is actually a bigger% of viewers 2-17 than 18-49.

2-17 would be 3.98M, which is around 30,000 more people PER AGE than 18-49.

Just one thing to think about in terms of WWE-PG and stuff.

Sure, there is a bigger amount of people between ages 18-49 than there is 2-17. But it seems like WWE is thinking more about the future than the present. If they keep a good amount of their 18-49 audience, and bring in the 2-17 audience as well, then in the future, they'll have alot more to work with.
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