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big johnny returning...

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thoughts? in my opinion the guy is money... best character since deuce n domino
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Can't stand the guy. Maybe he will tolerable when he comes back away from the GM position.
He botched every time he was given a mic. Also his voice is extremely annoying, so no thanks.
i like him managing and up and coming talent to give them heat ala dolph ziggler, maybe Cesaro??
Love him. "This game is going to be bigger than Pacman." <-- Just one of his epic lines. He makes me laugh. A great comdey heel that can also draw decent heat.
Mr. Excitement. Love this guy.
Sounded like me smoked about 20000 **** a day, not looking forward to it
He botched every time he was given a mic. Also his voice is extremely annoying, so no thanks.
they made it pretty obvious on television in australia that he is returning at some stage cause he still be advitised to be here on there tour of australia
I think it's probable, as much as I disliked the character and disliked the person playing the character, I refuse to believe his time was to conclude at No Way Out. I know he's returned to being an agent backstage, and now that he no longer holds an executive position, he has more time to spare for the shows.

I really don't want to see him anywhere near the GM scene, I do not want to see a feud involving him and AJ.
I don´t like the guy really. He botches on the mic all the time and that voice... BUT, the guy got heat and my biggest problem with the guy were that he got too much tv time and focus as a gm. If he comes back as a manager it could work. I just hope that he dont steal the spotlight from the wrestler he is managing.
good return, i like johnnny, always draws lots of heat, would be good as a manager for damien sandow
I'd welcome him back as a heel manager (Prime Time Players? Or Swagger as hinted at before?) but NO WAY as an authority figure, he was pretty bad.
he was a genius character. i wouldn't be surprised if he flubbed lines intentionally. either way, he was pure entertainment, comedic gold. aj is your typics boring vindictive gm, stephanie mcmahon light, both boring, but steph was a lot more fuckable to me. they can excite in one way, but neither of them are exciting. johnny though, perfect heel. 100% disliked by the crowd. the wannabee cool people have no reason to like him. this guy coming out to the ring in his scooter, waving to the crowd with his entourage, totally delusional, made monday night raw worth watching.
Yay, another generic PG heel! Just what the product needs.

Why bother? Do they not listen to their fans? People don't want him on TV.
I welcome any sort of entertainment in the fun-vacuum that is recent WWE, and even if a lot of his was unintentional, i'm on board.
Great news. He's actually entertaining unlike the majority of the roster. I just hope they make him a manager instead of over using him in another GM or VP role.
got tired of him fast. id rater see vince return
I wouldn't mind. He'll probably be involved in the Lesnar/Triple H angle in some way.
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