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Big Gimmick Match with Daniel Bryan Being Considered for Payback

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If it's Kane/Bryan again hopefully this will be last match between these two. Bryan needs some new heels to work with.

As noted, Batista's WWE status for Payback is up in the air and WWE officials, including Vince McMahon, were still trying to convince him to stay and work the match against Daniel Bryan next month. The plan coming out of Extreme Rules is if they can't convince Batista to work with Bryan at Payback, then they will do Kane vs. Bryan in a Buried Alive Match. Kane sitting up at the end of the Extreme Rules match with Bryan was done because WWE felt they needed that as a last scene in case they had to go with Kane vs. Bryan for Payback.
Source: F4Wonline.com
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Been posted already. :selfie
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