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Big "Fall" Angle

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Unlike previous years when we had so-called "Summer" angle like Nexus debut(2010) and CM Punk's shoot and rise....

It's looking we're gonna now have big "Fall" angle with Heyman&CM Punk alliance and possible epic storyline!


^^just kidding,I HATE TWITTER SHIT
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Just when people were bitching about having no major "summer angle" this year..
I still don't think there's a major storyline on the horizon. I think people are just wishfully thinking. The "big angle" was The Rock announcing he gets a title shot at Royal Rumble. Nothing between now & then matters. Then The Rock is winning the belt & then he'll lose it to John Cena at Wrestlemania. That's the rest of this year & first quarter of next year.

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I think the big summer angle was all the build up to Raw 1000. They built that up for almost 11 straight weeks. I think now with the 3 hour Raws becoming a regular thing, they needed to hold off on Raw's big angle until a week or two before Monday Night Football returned, and here it is.
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