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I think a LOT of people have said the same thing about this whole debacle. No one has a problem with Reigns on the roster. While his overall character needs a bit of make over, and his mic skills definitely need to be seasoned, I have no problem promoting a new guy

With that being said, I think the paying fan has screamed loud and clear that we're simply not going to believe it when Reigns beats Lesnar for the title. It's like watching a movie or TV show, we're all basically saying "what? You're having THIS guy walk out of wrestlemania as the champion? Why him, why now?"

So I think there were 2 much better options for wrestlemania for him. Well, there's really 3, but I like these first 2 more.

1; Face Reigns Option.... If you want him to be "the man" or make him out to be the next Cena, why not just make him the one to beat Rusev at wrestlemania? It's simple enough. The kids would like it. Why not? This Rusev streak is a temporary thing anyways.

2; Heel Reigns Option.... I think everyone needs to be a heel FIRST before becoming a major babyface. That's just how things go these days. So what's a better way to make him the next big jerk then by putting him up against Daniel Bryan. He elminates DB at rumble, but doesnt win, setting them up for a wrestlemania showdown. The crowd would be HOT for that.

Which of these do you like better? Simple face Reigns vs Rusev...or a bit mroe complicated but more intense, Heel Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan
Fixed for you. Otherwise agree
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