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Edge: Heel

I've always been a fan of his heel work, his original ''Rated R Superstar'' gimmick in 2006 was the greatest thing that year and provided us with many memorable moments (live sex celebration anyone?).

Christian: Heel

While Edge was the best thing in wrestling in 2006, Christian was the best thing wrestling from late 2004 to mid 2005 until he left for TNA. During his ''Captain Charisma'' gimmick he was very over with the fans, despite being a heel, had his own talk show known as ''The Peep Show'' and had his own established, niche fanbase known as ''His Peeps''. He had his own bodyguard in Tyson Tomko, that made up for his size and made him look like more of a legitimate threat. He also put on some of the best matches/promos during this time.

Randy Orton: Face

Now this is probably an unpopular decision, but I've never been able to buy Randy Orton as a heel, excluding during ''Legend Killer'' gimmick, which in my opinion was when Randy Orton was at his best. His heel character in 2009, when he was apart of his ''Legacy'' stable I never liked and couldn't take seriously. However, in last year he's has played a face character, that has gotten very over with the fans, I feel he connects better with the crowd as a face and comes across as (surprisingly) more natural as a face - just my opinion.

Chris Jericho: Heel

Chris Jericho in 2008/2009 - that is all.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts