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Beth Phoenix on not being featured in WWE highlight video of past champs

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Some people can see the big picture easier than others. Beth Phoenix is a 4-time WWE women’s champion (3 women’s and 1 diva’s title reign but they count together if Mickie James can add them all up, Beth can too). But when WWE showed a highlight video of past women’s champions at least one fan noticed the Glamazon was missing from the package.

Beth Phoenix replied in a fashion that was not only poised but tactful as well. She wanted to remind everyone that it’s not about any one person being featured in a video package. The truth is women’s wrestling as a whole has come a long way and it’s really mind blowing. It is well-deserved but still somewhat surprising.

The WWE Hall Of Famer was also quick to thank WWE for everything they’ve done for women’s wrestling. Without the higher-ups in WWE creating this opportunity for female sports entertainment, the Mae Young Classic would just be another great idea fans are kicking around the message boards.

The Mae Young Classic is set to be a bunch of really awesome shows highlighting some of the best up-and-coming female talent the world has to offer. Beth Phoenix obviously realizes the greater meaning of this accomplishment. It is an exciting time to be a pro wrestling fan, so enjoy the ride because it took a long time to get here.
Source: http://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/be...red-in-wwe-highlight-video-of-past-champions/
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Very classy and tactful response from Beth. I'm sure she wasn't mad about it all, especially seeing as she was flown out to work on the MYC broadcast and she got to help out at the PC while she was there. Hardly the way they'd treat someone they wanted to ignore or felt was insignificant.
WWE can keep trying to shove the 4HW and Alexa's ass down fans throats but they really can't make us forget about the amazing woman who truly paved the way :shrug
sadly she was in the era when womens wrestling was treated as dog shit.
Shes still miles better than every other garbage we got now.
Divas of Doom > the my little ponyGirls.
Yeah, she's not going to bash them right after being put in the HOF, which many were surprised by in itself.
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