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Best X-Division matches

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What are some of the best X-Division matches in the history of the company? Want to watch on YouTube cause i'm bored of RAW, SD and current Impact. I remember when i've saw that Ultimate X match with Chris Sabin, Michael Shane and I think Kazarian and I was amazed.
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Styles Vs. Sabin Vs. Petey Williams at Final Resolution 2005 is my favorite Ultimate X.

Styles, Joe, & Daniels at Unbreakable goes without saying.

Honestly, just check out most X matches featuring the likes of Styles, Daniels, Kaz, Joe, Aries, Sabin, Alex Shelley, Kid Kash, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, Petey Williams, Doug Williams, Sonjay Dutt, or the Amazing Red and you'll be entertained.

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If you haven't already you should check out the Sabin vs Aries vs Manik match from Impact in July. I don't know if some would classify it as a classic but it is one of the memorable matches from recent years.

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Don't forget the Destination X four way from 2011: Austin Aries vs Zema Ion vs Low Ki vs Jack Evans

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles -Sacrifice and Turning Point 2005

Elimination X from Genesis 2005 was pretty good as well. Also check out the X Division four way from the BFG 2005 preshow.

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In no particular order, just a few X division matches i think you might want to check out...

Joe vs Daniels vs AJ - unbreakable 2005
Rubix vs Zema Ion vs Kenny King vs Mason Andrews - TNA X-Travaganza 2013
Austin Aries vs Zema Ion vs Jack Evans vs Low Ki - Destination X 2011
Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles - Sacrifice 2005
Styles vs Jerry Lynn vs Low Ki - TNA 2002
Low-Ki vs Elix Skipper vs Kid Romeo vs Tony Mamaluke vs Christopher Daniels vs Jerry Lynn - TNA 2002
Aj Styles and Daniels vs LAX - No Surrender 2006
Styles vs Daniels - BFG 2005
Austin Aries vs Low Ki vs Jack Evans vs Zema Ion - Destination X 2011

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Someone already mentioned it but back in 2005 I bought a TNA DVD when they toured here (Kind of) and it was Final Resolution 2005 and that Ultimate X match blew my mind and was nothing like what I had seen before.

So, that one I am biased towards.
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