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Ok I am doing a BTB!

There will be 1 RAW & 1 SmackDown in between each PPV. All superstars can go any roster. Here are the champs:

WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
World Champion: Triple H
WWE Tag Champs: Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero
World Tag Champs: Rob Van Dam & Kane
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Matt Hardy
Women's Champion: Jazz

Here is the first RAW (oh yeah it has the rosters from 2002-2003)

Quick results:
A-Train def. John Cena via pinfall at 9:42
Stephanie McMahon def. Terri via pinfall at 9:17
Jacqueline def. Stacy Kiebler via submission at 2:08
Steven Richards w/ Victoria def. Billy Kidman w/ Big Show via submission at 6:04
Jazz def. Lita for the Women's Title via pinfall at 8:17
Rey Mysterio & Edge def. Rob Van Dam & Kane for the World Tag Titles via pinfall at 8:40
The Hurricane w/The Undertaker def. The Rock w/ Big Show via pinfall at 8:25
Triple H & Ric Flair def. Brock Lesnar & Hulk Hogan via pinfall at 6:16

Hope you enjoyed the show, please leave comments.

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Here is Smackdown!'s first show.

Rikishi def. Shawn Michaels via pinfall at 8:42
Jazz & Victoria def. Stephanie McMahon & Trish Stratus via pinfall at 3:54
Hulk Hogan & The Rock def. Goldberg & Big Show via submission at 6:09
Mark Henry & The Hurricane def. A-Train & Lance Storm via pinfall at 3:49
Goldust def. Undertaker in a Hardcore match via pinfall at 3:44
Kurt Angle w/ Hulk Hogan def. Rey Mysterio w/Edge via pinfall at 8:04
Eddie Guerrero def. Randy Orton via pinfall at 9:30
RVD def. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title via pinfall at 9:28

Did you like RAW & Smackdown!

Backlash will be good!

So........... Did you like the show though? lol
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