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Best/Worst moments of 2012 thus far?

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what are some of the Best/Worst moments of 2012 until now?
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Best moment: Daniel Bryan and yes chants throughout raw on April 2. During the entire show, during a rock promo, a cena promo, and a Sheamus and Del Rio Promo with the si si si chants. And his dark match that night which is on YouTube is one of the best pops in history. Obviously very smarky crowd but who would of thought that Vince burying him at Mania was actually the best thing to happen to him.

Worst Moment: Christian losing to Damien Sandow in about thirty seconds after he spent the majority of last year main eventing. I'm a huge fan of Sandow but the match could of been so much better if given ample time. I'm Biased however because I'm huge Christian mark. Also Brodus Clay and the dancing mamas taking up way to much time at Wrestlemania when the Daniel Bryan match was literally given seconds.

Best Moment in History: Mae Youngs hand all grown up. Possibly the hardest I've ever laughed not only watching wrestling but ever in my life.
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Best: Brock lesnar stiffing cena on raw giving him a bloody mouth.
Worst: Hornswoggle as the anonymous GM.

End of an Era
Rock defeating Cena
Brock Lesnar's return


Brock Lesnar losing his first match back
Social Media plugs and countless recaps dominating Raw
Big Johnny in the main event over the WWE Title
Oh Christ...there's been about 10 good things and about 5000 bad ones. Brock losing to Cena in his first match back is still the worst in my book. I've never been so pissed off at a finish. Second would be Michael Cole half naked covered in BBQ sauce by Cena. Third would be Hornswoggle the Anonymous GM.

This same thread idea came up a couple months ago and I typed out a whole long list of the crap we've been put through so far. I don't want to have to relive all the pain again.
Second would be Michael Cole half naked covered in BBQ sauce by Cena. Third would be Hornswoggle the Anonymous GM.
Happy to say I missed these segments along with Cena's promos with Big Johnny. Said it earlier this year but thank God for DVR.
Best - Brock Lesner

Worst - Cena winning vs Brock AND the stupid as fucking speech :gun: :frustrate

Lesnar's return
Punk/Bryan's two PPV matches
The crowd of the post-mania show
The weekly Slater/legend match
Punk's field sobriety test (Remember there being some negative nancys on here about that but I thought it was hilarious)


Show/Cena feud
That HORRID Johnny/Show promo
Johnny/Cena feud
Michael Cole covered in BBQ sauce
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Worst has to be Hornswoggle being revealed as the GM, by far!
Best - * April 2nd Raw, yes chants all through the arena all night, the return of Brock Lesnar ( one of the biggest pops ever imo) and the dark match and post match speech of Daniel Bryan truely epic. ( I was there :) )
* Brock Lesnar vs John Cena ER
* End of an Era ( I was there )
* Cm Punk vs Daniel Bryan OTL

* Cena/Johnny big show heel turn that no one would have seen coming whatsoever :no:
* Hornswoggle as GM
best-the night after wrestlemania.the rock,john cena,brock lesnar,yes chants.My personal favourite funny moment was when mae young hand-son had grown up into a full grown hand,it was just awesome
Best moment : Lesnar returning

Worst moment : Lesnar losing to Cena on his first match back.

End of an Era
Rock defeating Cena
Brock Lesnar's return


Brock Lesnar losing his first match back
Social Media plugs and countless recaps dominating Raw
Big Johnny in the main event over the WWE Title
Damn this exactly.
Best: Rock concert

Worst: Hornswoggle as anonymous GM.
Cena winning MITB.
- CM Punk's WWE Championship reign
- Chris Jericho's return
- End of an Era
- Brock Lesnar's return
- Christian winning the Intercontinental Championship
- Dolph Ziggler winning Money in the Bank
- Rey Mysterio's return

- Brodus Clay's debut
- Sheamus winning the World Heayvweight Championship - 18 seconds
- Tensai's debut
- John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit
- Hornswoggle being the anonymous Raw GM
- Santino's United States Championship reign
- Tout references
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Oakland and San Francisco house shows I attended in January and February, respectively. Enjoyed both a great deal.
Hall of Fame live, Wrestlemania live, Raw the next night live, that whole nearly three-week vacation, and everything it entailed
The character development John Cena received from Wrestlemania to Extreme Rules--some of the best WWE television of the year, culminating in that promo by Edge and subsequent atmosphere of doom and gloom from Cena
Daniel Bryan's heel turn becoming a big success; Bryan's push becoming a big success; Bryan becoming one of the most over guys in WWE; "YES!" taking a life of its own...
The intricacy of the entire AJ/Daniel Bryan storyline, and its involvement of CM Punk--smarks hate it but if only WWE applied the kind of sturdy, patient sort of character-driven writing to more... testosterone-fueled feuds, I doubt they'd complain very much.
Lesnar's return.
End of an Era.
Rock vs. Cena.
CM Punk's performance as WWE Champion. He's been ignored, he's been handed lemons and had to try to make lemonade out of them and he's been somehow kept in the midcard as champion for most of the year but he's been giving it his all anyway.
I'll say it: Jericho's face turn. Made me smile. It's about that time to admit it's kind of impossible to make anyone even strongly dislike him in passing much anymore.
The Miz's apparent rebirth.
Raw 1,000... Realize it fell short for a lot of folks here but I still look back on it fondly. Stephanie showed up, so that may have boosted it for me!
Rock/Punk effectively becoming an offical angle for the future, and that being dovetailed with Punk aggressively attempting to "retake the spotlight," even if it's cliched as hell.
The signings from Triple H and WWE, bringing in a lot of indy talents.
Debut of Damien Sandow.
Eve's heel turn, even if by that point Ryder/Kane/Eve/Cena was a mess.
Tag team wrestling just barely beginning to show signs of life once again.


Rock/Cena as a storyline becoming far less interesting or engaging than it should have been. How do you fuck something like that up? Ask WWE.
It would be easy to say Cena beating Lesnar but I think the truth is what hurt me more was the complete abandonment of the character development Cena had behind him for a month leading into that match following the victory. So, the whole thing was something of a bitter pill.
Correspondingly, Cena's stagnant self becoming almost woefully tired and exhausted. BBQ sauce on Michael Cole. Feuding with The Big Show because goodness knows that is a fresh idea. Now he's back in the WWE Championship hunt. Oh joy. Please let him keep falling short, he's most bearable when he's losing, getting his ass kicked and (kayfabe) legitimately "fighting the odds." So work to his strengths, not his glaring weaknesses. Ahem.
Tout, Twitter, yadda yadda. I can move past it because I literally move past it after I've recorded WWE programming but it's slightly toilsome, nevertheless.
Essentially, the complete refusal to create a dynamic and fully functional midcard, which is still harming the product. They're gradually, very gradually correcting some elements of this, and I'll confess, the move to three hours on Raw seems to be helping thus far, but it's still very little and very, very late. Remember the days when you could intrinsically count on your hand who the top Intercontinental Championship contenders were? Who was gunning for the United States Championship? What feud would probably be right around the corner? Feels like a long time ago, because everything not main event level is ostensibly given about five minutes' worth of consideration before the show goes on the air.
The push that became an overpush that became a humbling process for Zack Ryder. What the fuck? WWE follows the Icarus methodology: transparently overpush toward the sun until the poor being's wings are burned off. Completely wasteful.
The United States Championship's eight-month-long near-death experience.
The state of announcing in WWE. Jerry Lawler sounds about as excited to go to a WWE event and announce at it as a turkey is parading about in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Michael Cole is still annoying, but has been worse. Josh Matthews has lost so much of his personality, he's almost a drone now who simply says what Vince barks at him to say from behind the scenes. Booker T becoming Smackdown GM deprives WWE commentary of the one truly passionate voice left who put people, ideas and institutions within the product over.
WWE's overreliance and new toys with which to play and overexpose (Ryder in the winter, Laurinaitis in the spring and now AJ in the summer). The general laziness of creative, which is probably largely forced upon many of them by Vince.
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- The night after WM
- Extreme Rules
- Rock getting GTS'd :D
- New NXT
- Ziggler retiring Jericho
- Del Rio owning Smackdown
- Sandow debut

- Big Show Heel turn and rise to main event
- Lesnar losing to Cena
- WWE Title matches not main eventing.
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Best: The Rise of Daniel Bryan. Worst: The Rise of Ryback.

Jericho slipping on alcohol
John Laurence botching all of his promos
The whole Raw show after WM28
The Jericho return (end of the world) videos. They were a work of art
Ryback yelling STUPID STUPID STUPID at all of his opponents! LOL


Lawler's commentary, especially when he tells us how the crowd are supposed to react and states it as fact
CM Punk being stale for most of it
Sheamus overpush
No controversial Middle-Eastern wrestler debuting...
The fucking muppets
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Brock Lesnar
The Rock
Undertaker vs HHH
Jericho kicking Punk's ass and showering him in beer and the slip


Hornswoggle being anonymous GM
AJ's push
CM Punk's title reign
Cena going back to his fruity pebble ways after Extreme Rules
Alberto del Rio making Orton tap out. SMH.
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