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Best/Worst Belt Designs of all time?

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What are your favorite and least favorite belt designs of all time?

Least Favorite:

The Worst of all: This shit stain excuse for a "World Title": - TNA Immortal Championship

I might get some hate for this, but I've always thought this belt looks horrible: NWA World Title

Divas Title

Spinner WWE Championship belt (Credit - Amazing Cult)

Current WWE Tag Team Titles


My favorite of all time - The Classic (WCW) World Heavyweight Championship

Love this belt as well - Undisputed Championship

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Attitude Era WWF Championship (Credit - Fiasco)
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Undisputed Belt always looks sexy, no matter what time period.

The Spinner belt is trash and needs to be blown up by JBL.

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Definitely agree with most of your choices OP. Good thread.

I'd throw the Attitude Era belt and the white strap IC belt in the best list also.
Ah yes the Attitude Era and IC title belts are great too. I'll throw the Attitude Era belt into the list so that the Best and Worst lists each have 5 belts in them.

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Spinner US never gets enough hate

Always thought the Legends Title looked tacky from TNA (maybe it was the fact it had no relevance)

Television Title was cool

And this IWGP Heavyweight Championship

I also really like the Undisputed title but that's already been posted.

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best / worst:

WWE Championship - the one Austin first wore in 98 / the spinner belt

IC title - the famous one from the late 80s to late 90s / the first one, just looked weak

tag title - the one from the 80s and most of the 90s / none of them were awful, but the ones right now are kinda corny looking

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I agree that the TNA Hardy world title belt was total crap. It looked like the Decepticons logo or something else out of Transformers.

Likewise, I have wanted to run a tank over the spinner belt since its debut.

My favorite belts are the original Big Goldy:

and the 4th version of the IWGP title:


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Both Spinners are good or at worst OK designs, problem is they should have been novelty's (which the US was as it only remained whilst Cena had it for his short reign with it) like Austins Smoking Skull. Instead they decided to make it permanent, no different than if WWE had kept the smoking skull and had Rock/Taker/Triple H carry that its just silly Once Edge cashed in he should have just brought in the Undisputed belt back.
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