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Best Match?

  • Ground Zero 1997

    Votes: 2 1.6%
  • Hell In A Cell - Badd Blood 1997

    Votes: 38 29.9%
  • Casket Match - Royal Rumble 1998

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • WrestleMania XXV

    Votes: 61 48.0%
  • Streak vs. Career - WrestleMania XXVI

    Votes: 23 18.1%

Best Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels Match?

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which do you think is better, 2 of of the all time great matches

i have gone back and fourth and can't choose

imo HITC is a true 5 star match, but wm has that "big" feel on the super bowl, and two of the best in there last years was great, but dam that hell in a cell match was good
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Re: Taker/Hbk Wm 25 or HITC?

HIAC > WM 26 > WM 25 > RR 98 > GZ

That's how I'd rank their singles matches :).
Re: Taker/Hbk Wm 25 or HITC?

For me it's Hell in a Cell, but onyl by a little bit because the Wrestlemania feel to it was amazing.
Re: Taker/Hbk Wm 25 or HITC?

WM 25 > HIAC > WM 26 > RR 98 > Ground Zero
Re: Taker/Hbk Wm 25 or HITC?

WM 25, edge of my seat the entire time
WM 26
RR 98
Ground Zero

Can't remember Ground Zero. HIAC and WM25 are both 5 star classics. WM26 is a classic as well (though not on the same level), and the Rumble match is the best Casket match in history.

Very closely followed by HIAC.
WrestleMania 25 for me. I still can't believe how they only had a handful of matches seeing as the both were active from 1990-1998 and 2002-2010.
Kinda makes me sad to see so many people voting WM 25 over HIAC :(. WM 26 is better than 25, HIAC is on another planet for quality :p. Then again, people loving any Undertaker Vs HBK matches is awesome :D.
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HIAC by far ...
1. WM 25
3. WM 26
4. Casket Match
5. Ground Zero

Wow, WM 25 is sweeping the major award in the poll! Yes!
Kinda makes me sad to see so many people voting WM 25 over HIAC :(. WM 26 is better than 25, HIAC is on another planet for quality :p. Then again, people loving any Undertaker Vs HBK matches is awesome :D.
No its not. Who let you out of your cage anyways Ginger.

HIAC for me too. 25 is close behind.
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It's between HIAC and WM 25. It's a tough choice, but I would say HIAC.
i love wm25 but gotta go with HITC, true 5 star classic
Hell in a cell easily
I don't know. I'd probably say the Mania 25 match.

But I gotta say. Am I the only one that thinks their Casket Match is CRIMINALLY underrated? Tombstone into the casket? Unbelievable.
In late 1997, you had Shawn Michaels at his peak as WWF champion/contender with DX by his side, the Undertaker as an infuriated madman on a mission, seeking revenge on Michaels for his wrongdoings of previous months, not to mention a yearlong feud with former ally Paul Bearer, which ended up culminating in the debut of Kane - a moment that I hold in high regard to this day. All these elements combined with the (then brand new) HIAC stipulation made for the the greatest HBK/Taker encounter to date imo.

Just a notch below that, I would say WrestleMania 26 was their second best match. I know a lot of people would disagree with me on putting their WrestleMania 26 bout over their masterpiece the previous year, but as someone who prefers in ring drama and storytelling over technical marvels, I would have to give Mania 26 the nod for its intense build and emotional finish. That's not to say the WrestleMania 25 match was devoid of emotion and storytelling, but again, the rematch had so much more riding on it.

As for the casket match at the Royal Rumble and their very first meeting at Ground Zero, they were both good to great, maybe 3-4 stars out of 5 on Meltzer's scale. I'll put the casket match ahead of Ground Zero since it at least had a proper finish, as well as for the cool spot at the end with the burning casket.

So all in all:

Badd Blood 1997 > WrestleMania 26 > WrestleMania 25 > Royal Rumble 1998 > Ground Zero 1997
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shawn was near his best in late 97, personal he had his demons but i think psychically he was at his best, he had a chip on his shoulder battling wcw and wanted to prove he was the best guy ahead of bret

he spoke about this on his dvd, he felt like he could do anything like walk on fire and wanted to steal the show, and he did that night

he just had that edge to him back then and was younger in his prime
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