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Best TNA Matches From 2004

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Soo I'm trying to watch all of the best matches from TNA history, and I'm having trouble finding a lot of great matches from TNA during the year 2004. Besides the XXX vs. AMW cage match what are some of the best TNA matches from 2004.
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- Sabin Vs. Daniels Vs. Low Ki Vs. Shane: Ultimate X-2 for X Title
- Jeff Jarrett Vs. Chris Harris: NWA World Title March 2004
- AJ Styles Vs. Abyss: Falls Count Anywhere from March 2004
- Jarrett Vs. Truth Vs. Styles Vs. Raven Vs. Harris: 1st Ever King of the Mountain Match from Jun 2004.
- AMW Vs. The Naturals: 1st Ever Six Sides of Steel
- Jeff Jarrett Vs. Monty Brown: NWA World Title from Impact Dec 2004
- DDP Vs. Raven from Turning Point 2004
- Chris Sabin Vs. Petey Williams: X Title from Turning Point 2004

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I remember liking some AMW/Naturals matches. Unless that was 2005? Jarrett/Harris from one of the weekly PPVs was really good. AJ/Abyss had a nice little match at some point too. I also liked Sabin/Petey from that PPV with the AMW/XXX cage match. It had a good story.
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