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Best Storylines 2004-2009?

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I pretty much was a very part-time viewer during the above time the Ruthless Agression into the Toothless Aggression era...

Which PPVs/Feuds are a must see/follow, should i go back and watch in full if i can?

Advice people, and yes i'm aware i'll have to follow the metoric rise of the Cena.. :p

even go so far as 2010/2011 if you wish.. .

Just started with the Nexus storyline..
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I really love Chris Benoit's push in 2004. One of the greatest payoffs to one of the greatest careers ever.
Evolution splitting is also awesome, specially with Batista's face turn.
Orton's feud with Undertaker is great.
John Cena's push is great in 2005 before it gets too stale when he superman's his way through the roster.
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