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Best Smackdown in such a long time!

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So smackdown started with Miz vs Christian. What a match, both guys performed so well and it was one of the best smackdown matches ive seen in a long time, great opener too. May help Intercontinental Title, showing people are willing to really fight for it. Glad miz won too, starting to like him.

We also had Ryback almost destroy someone, Would have preferred if it had been someone like Drew McIntyre who gave him the fight Mahal did but hey ho.

Satino lost, always a bonus. And cesaro is warming to me too.

Annoying to see sheamus win via brogue kick again but seeing cody involved was nice. Jericho and Ziggler feud is going places too, i expect to see some kind of match for the MITB contract perhaps? Jericho win the world heavyweight then ziggler win it back maybe

Finally it was nice to see sheamus not involved in the main event, with a entertaining no.1 contenders match. Was hoping Kane or Bryan won but was a good fatal 4 way In my opinion.

What are peoples thoughts? Did people feel smackdown was more worth watching this week compared to prior weeks?
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The RAW replays killed it though. I'm sick of SD being treated as a dumping ground for a bunch of RAW replays. What made this SD so great was the wrestling. There was a lot of it and good wrestling too. No match disappointed. Miz vs Christian was a great opener, Rhodes/Sheamus was fun and the main event was just exciting. All men worked well in that fatal 4 way. Everyone worked well tonight.

Oh and I must applaud WWE for the Jericho/Ziggler segment. At first I was like "Oh another Ziggler teae, how fascinating.....not!" then the segment just went from bad to great like that. I liked how they teased the cash in looking back on it though. I don't think we've ever seen a cash in tease where they come out during the match to distract the opponent. Usualy they come at the very end when they're down and out.
Agreed. SD! should be used like this. I liked Christian/Miz and the Fatal Four Way very much.
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