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After watching Cena's atrocious attempt at humor this past Monday, I went back on youtube to watch some of The Rock's promos in order to remind myself that wrestling used to be entertaining and not just 2 hours of poopy and gay jokes. Once I looked back, I was actually in awe of how many great promos The Rock had back in his prime. He was able to adapt his promo style to the situation and mood. I was wondering what were some of your guys' fav Rock promos. I know there's a thread about best Rock lines already, but I'm talking overall promos from beginning to end.

The Toronto promo is one of the best heel promos I've heard in terms of how quickly the Rock got the crowd to turn against him.

In terms of pure smack talk, this one I enjoyed quite a bit.

This one was just classic, because it was Rock talking smack during a match. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0dfGHrfHzI

There are countless others, I just wanted to see which ones you guys enjoyed the most.
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