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I dunno bout you guys, but all matches were nice.
Big Show vs Cm Punk was not really a match but the promos after were nice. Big Show didn't suck that much on the mic.
AJ and D-bry vs Eve and Miz was nice. Good to see the Miz back in action and wrestling again(without his stupid faux hawk too).
Zack Ryder vs ADR was very good, but only because ADR is starting to delevop an Angry Mexican gimmick which fits better than the "destiny" thing. And also, the return of the one and only, Ultimate Underdog, Rey Mysterio.
Nice moment between the Usos and their Dad. Rikishi should squash Brodus clay.
Awesome Ziggles promo and was pleaseantly surprised to see Jericho and not Sheamus. I wonder if we are in for a Jericho v Ziggles v Sheamus WHC triple threat at Summerslam. Would be cool.
And we witnessed Ryback getting his ass kicked for a minute. That was cool. Am i the only one who wants to see a Ryback-Swagger feud?
Anyway, thoughts on everything i said?
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Re: Best RAW in years.

I felt this Raw was good but for the exact opposite reasons you did.

I wasn't expecting much out of Punk vs. Show but it ended up halfway decent. It's funny to me that Mark Henry can construct a better match than Big Show(Punk/Henry the night after WM was fucking epic, regardless of the crowd.) The match only happened to lead to Cena/Punk next week. I really hope Punk wins, because Cena deserves a clean loss. Having him win the title on the 1000th Raw is the most predictable garbage of all time.

The tag match was unnecessary and basically pushed Miz back into the midcard without even losing a singles match. It only happened to allow for the marriage stroyline. *fingers crossed* Ambrose

Ryder/ADR was terrible. I would have marked out for Mysterio's return but they botched the camera angles and really only had him on TV for 15 seconds, and it killed the moment for me.

Rikishi was unexpected, and I liked the moment with the Usos, but I honestly was hoping for another Slater victory that led to another legend coming down to land a finisher.

The tag match sucked, and made the #1 contenders look like jokes. Way to bury your tag division in 24 hours, Vince.

Brodus and Ryback were filler, but at least the Ryback "match" might lead to a lasting feud with Swagger. As much as I hate the guy, a speechless feud between him and Ryback is brilliant for his career.

The possibility of Y2J/Ziggler was the highlight of the night.
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Re: Best RAW in years.

I swear you guys love to find something to complain about. Just enjoy the show and take it for what it is, a scripted TV Show.
You mad at us being mad bro?

I actually found this to be a decent Raw, but some of the booking just didn't make any sense.
Re: Best RAW in years.

Ok you say its a decent RAW, it must have freaked you out because you nitpicked and found something to complain about.
There was plenty more nitpicking to be had, but I let it be. It's a rare occasion that I dismiss an entire show as unnecessary, aside from last week.

Also, by nitpicking did you simply mean voicing my opinion? You should work for Vince, because he could use some more guys that criticize anyone with a criticism.
Re: Best RAW in years.

I am in full control of my mental faculties at all times.

I post about wrestling on the internet. Hence, I am included in my generalization. Doesn't mean I am incapable of wanting more from a show that can deliver it with a little more elbow-grease.

EDIT* I am still waiting for AJ to beat me with her octopus. I have the perfect counter.
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