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I dunno bout you guys, but all matches were nice.
Big Show vs Cm Punk was not really a match but the promos after were nice. Big Show didn't suck that much on the mic.
AJ and D-bry vs Eve and Miz was nice. Good to see the Miz back in action and wrestling again(without his stupid faux hawk too).
Zack Ryder vs ADR was very good, but only because ADR is starting to delevop an Angry Mexican gimmick which fits better than the "destiny" thing. And also, the return of the one and only, Ultimate Underdog, Rey Mysterio.
Nice moment between the Usos and their Dad. Rikishi should squash Brodus clay.
Awesome Ziggles promo and was pleaseantly surprised to see Jericho and not Sheamus. I wonder if we are in for a Jericho v Ziggles v Sheamus WHC triple threat at Summerslam. Would be cool.
And we witnessed Ryback getting his ass kicked for a minute. That was cool. Am i the only one who wants to see a Ryback-Swagger feud?
Anyway, thoughts on everything i said?
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Re: Best RAW in years.

No best Raw in years was Old School Raw. But I too loved this Raw. The only bad thing was Big Show. He just sucks at everything he does.
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