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Best. Match. Evar.

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Hey guys. I haven't been watching wrestling for very long, and WWE for even shorter a time*.My fave DubyaDubyaEe match so far is Bryant/Ziggler. Obviously that was very recent so I'd be grateful if you chaps could suggest to me the Best. Match. Evar. that I can look up on YouTube and bask in the best wrestling has to offer.

Matches from outside the Dubya gratefully recieved, too. but I imagine WWE matches are a bit easier to hunt down.

*The reason for this odd situation is that in the UK where I am, TNA iMpact used to be on free cable (Freeview) while WWE (apart from Superstars) wasn't, it was on Sky Sports. So, I'd be lounging around in front of the television, find TNA and laugh with my housemate at Black machismo et al. Later I realised I actually enjoyed it enough to actually seek out more, hence me being here asking annoying questions all the time.
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Austin/Foley at Over the Edge '98. Not only was the match itself phenomenal - the best of both men's careers, in my opinion - but the crowd interaction was unreal. It was the greatest atmosphere for a match during the Attitude Era.

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One of my personal favourites was TLC 2 at Wrestlemania 17 - The Hardys vs The Dudleys vs Edge & Christian, it was completely action packed for the whole duration of the match.

Sticking with WM17 I also enjoyed Rock vs Austin as the ending was shocking at the time, and it was a great match already. I'd agree with you about Ziggler/Bryan when it comes to modern times, that was an insane match and you could tell the fans in attendance appreciated the fact that WWE gave these guys time to put on a great match.

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If you watch TNA, you'll obviously be familiar with Kurt Angle, so I'll throw you some amazing Kurt Angle matches, courtesy of me in the order of what I believe is best:

  • Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels ~ WrestleMania 21
  • Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. Edge & Rey Mysterio ~ No Mercy 2002
  • Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker ~ No Way Out 2006

Hell, go Kurt Angle crazy.

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Easily one of the best and most underrated matches in WWE history:

Edge & Rey Mysteio vs Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit - No Mercy 2002

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I'm not gonna break down matches to some kind of science and put forward matches based on some kind of star rating - but these are some great matches from the WWF/E that I really enjoy - and that I think every wrestling fan should view at least once - be it for great wrestling, great spots, great drama or great crowds - or any combination of the above.

Bret Hart vs Steve Austin - Wrestlemania 13.
Undertaker vs HBK - Badd Blood '97.
Undertaker vs Mankind - King Of The Ring '98.
Stone Cold vs Dude Love - Over The Edge '98.
HHH vs Cactus Jack - Royal Rumble '00.
HHH vs The Rock - Backlash '00.
Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit - Royal Rumble '01.
HHH vs Stone Cold - No Way Out '01.
TLC II - Wrestlemania X7.
The Rock vs Stone Cold - Wrestlemania X7.
Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle - Summerslam '01.
The Rock vs Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania X8.
Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit - Royal Rumble '03.

Just some matches that I thoroughly enjoy for a number of reasons. I'd pick some and give them a go.

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I've only seen TWO matches in my twenty-some years of being a wrestling fan that I could honestly call GREAT:

-Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Micheals, WrestleMania 21
-Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit, WCW Monday Nitro (Owen Hart Tribute Match)

Not to say you won't enjoy the others that have been listed, but you asked for the best ever, and in my humble opinion, these are they.

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Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho Wrestlemania 2000
JBL vs. Godzilla
stone cold vs the rock wrestlemania 17
stone cold vs the rock wrestlemania 19

^^ Just some of my all time classic favourite matches :)

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check out trips rock summerslam 98 laddermatch and if you want a filthy brawl rock mankind rumble 99 if your after a great wrestling match shelton michaels
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