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Best Hall of Fame speech ever?

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So this is a pretty simple thread that I haven't seen done before. You simply name your favorite Hall of Fame speech or you can post a video if you like.

Here's mine and to me it's not even a contest until Undertaker gets inducted:

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Sheikie was hilarious. For pure class though my favourite was Kevin Von Erich (on behalf of all the Von Erichs).
Edge's, duh.

I found Bret's particularly difficult to get through but he's never been a natural speaker anyway
Ricky Steamboat's, but that might just be because he's one of my GOATs.
The Brain Bobby Heenan obviously, Sherri was amazing she played character and showed she truly loved the wrestling buisness somthing that is sorley missing with most diva's nowadays but best speech ever for pure emotion Bret Hart, most respectful and inspiring Piper's, Edge's and HBK.
Bobby Heenan. His joke about the WWF is hilarious. I loved Sherri's also RIP :(
Havn;t seen them all, but Bret Hart.

Hogan's face after Stone Cold's 'whoop asd' joke is classic too.

Watch and enjoy.

Watch and enjoy.
Yep, Bobby wins!

"We get paid for this, right?"
"Then I'm drinking!"


Watch and enjoy.
My favorite, by far. I really wasn't sure how it'd go, with his illness and everything, but it was the same old Bobby Heenan. Just absolutely hilarious. Second, Bret Hart.
Like OP says, not even a contest until the Undertakers.
Have not seen them all but I really liked Ric Flair's speech. Also loved the mention of Chris Benoit even if WWE censored it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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