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Best Finisher in WWE ?

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I was just looking at a few wrestling finishers and i dont think theres ever been a finisher quite like the F-5. Brock lesnar did that move with such power and it just looked awesome.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf_qxnVAjGg As for best move ever thats it <----

Thoughts ?
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Past wwe - Swanton Bomb... I eat the up like candy

Sweet Chin Music

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greatest ever = Sweet Chin Music, without a doubt. My current favourite is actually the Codebreaker, i love that it can be hit out of no were, and when sold correctly, looks awesome.

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Currently, I am a fan of Del Rio's arm bar and Bryan's LeBell Lock, mainly because decent submissions are rare in the WWE these days.

Overall, I'd probably say my favourite is the Diamond Cutter and I'm not fully sure why.
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