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IMO besides JR with the "Austin, Austin, Austin!" and the " Dear God they killed Mrs Foleys baby boy" that the best announcing call had to be during the 2007 Royal Rumble when Taker came in at 30

Michael Cole: [The Great Khali has eliminated seven men, and four lie in the ring] The power, the strength, who can stop the Great Khali?!
JBL: Absolutely nobody.
Jerry: [as the buzzer sounds for entry #30] I'd have second thoughts about coming out...
[Funeral bell sounds, meaning only one man
JBL: Here we go!
Michael Cole: Maybe there is someone! Maybe there is someone! The legendary Phenom, the Undertaker!
JBL: But nobody has come in at #30 and won the Royal Rumble ever.
Michael Cole: It's never happened, but Undertaker has faced, he has battled, he has taken out Khali before.
JBL: The roof is about to blow off this place!
Jerry: It doesn't get any better than this!
JBL: Throw some gasoline on the fire! My God, I love it!

I marked the hell out, and the announcing dialogue SINCERELY contributed to the great moment when the fans realize there IS somebody, and even as I rewatch the rumble now, I still get the same effects

Also: Paul Heyman and JR announcing Shanes dive off the titantron.
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