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Best and worst PPV you remember

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What is the best and worst PPV you remember, and why?
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I wanna say December to Dismember but I only actually watched the Hardy's match and the beginning and end of the Elimination Chamber and those matches were kinda decent, but from what I've read it's really THAT BAD.
Whatever you're picturing when you think of DoD, the real article is worse. It's a depressing menagerie of short, boring matches featuring randomly paired wrestlers with no backstory. The Hardys' match is very good, but everything else was putrid beyond description. It was so poorly conceived that Paul Heyman actually had to stand in the ring and kill some time because, with only the main event left, the show hadn't even reached the one hour 45 minute mark. Christ on a bike.

I'm talking about REAL PPV, though. TNA is virtually unknown.
TNA doesn't release PPV buyrate numbers, but several articles put their numbers for this year's Sacrifice and Slammiversary at about 8,000 buys each. Even December to Dismember did ten times that.
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