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Best and worst PPV you remember

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What is the best and worst PPV you remember, and why?
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First three that I thought of; Survivior Series 2002, Wrestlemania XIX, Vengeance 2005. All great PPVs. Worst? Judgment Day 2004.
Seriously? Judgement Day 2004? Looking back it was ok. But it had one of the most incredible main events I ever saw.

The absolute worst PPV ever is KOTR 1995. Ridiculously bad. A showcase of everything that was wrong with the company at the time. So much talent, yet some of the most fucked up booking ever. They even managed to turn Shawn Michaels boring. The main event was Savio Vega vs Mabel. The lowest point in WWE history.

That or heroes of wrestling, which had Jake the Snake acting like he was masturbating with a Snake. Man he was fun while high.
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