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Here is my Smackdown booking, look at page one for the entire roster:

Pyro, etc.

the show immediately starts with Linda Mcmahon coming out to the stage and getting on the mic.
Linda: Welcome to a new era of the WWE and Smackdown, and I will mark this new era tonight by hiring a new General manager. this person is fair, this person makes great television and this person does not take any crap. ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your new Smackdown GM, Linda Mcmahon! And as my first official act as General manager, I hereby announce that tonight's main event will be a 4 person battle royal to determine the no. 1 contender to Booker T's World title at Backlsah. It will be Kane Vs. the Undertaker Vs. Chris jericho Vs. Edge.

Match 1:
Charlie Haas Vs. Kurt Angle (Haas is a face)
great opening match, near the end, Haas has kurt in the ankle lock but Kurt rolls through and locks on his own ankelock. Haas reaches the ropes and Kurt lets go. Kurt wrenches his arm and hits a German Suplex than goes up top for the Olympic moonsault, but Haas moves and Kurt slams into the mat. Haas waits for Kurt to get up and hits his own german suplex, and again. He does a belly to belly and hits a neckbreaker. He then goes up top and signals for the rollcage (flip over leg drop) but Kurt is up and does a super Angle Slam off the top rope and pins Haas for the win.
Here is your winner: Kurt Angle
After the match Kurt hits another Angle Slam and locks in the ankelock, but Edge runs down and spears Angle, he locks on the anke lock and throws Angle out of the ring as he helps Haas up.

Match 2:
Matt Hardy Vs. Tommy Dreamer
Good match here, near the end matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Tommy pushes him into the ropes, when Matt comes back he hits a running DDT and follows it up with a Spicolli driver. He goes for the pinfall but Chris kanyon comes from behind and breaks up the pin. he distracts Tommy until Matt comes from behind and rolls him up, but he kicks out! tommy hits a hard clothesline and a suplex and then does a baseball slide to Kanyon! Tommy then focuses on Matt and does a backdrop. He hits another clothesline and is singallig for another Spicolli Driver when kanyon comes from behind and hits him with a Kenndo Stick! (not singapore cane, there's a difference), giving Tommy the DQ win.

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He continues to hit him wth the Kendo stick until Matt hits a Twist of Fate on Kanyon and pins him to become the new Hardcore champ! He gets on the mic. Hey Kanyon, nobody costs Matt Hardy, Version 1.0 a match, but I cost you your title.
Your winner by Disqualification: Tommy Dreamer

the coach is in the back. Hey folks, I'm just hoping to get a word with Linda Mcmahon about what she is going to do to improve the show. He knocks on the dorr and goes in. hey Linda, could I just have a word please.
Linda: Sure, what do you want?
coach: i was just wondering what you are going to do to improve the quality of Smackdown.
Linda: Well coach, first of a ll, next week I will begin a King Of The Ring style tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight champion, however, there will only be 4 particpants, rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Brian Kendrick and Jamie Noble. also, I am going to make our shows more lively by adding more stipulations for the matches. for example, tonight Billy kidman will take on Jamie Noble in a Falls count Anywhere matchup, with Brian Kendrick as the special guest referee. But then later, Rey Mysterio will ttake on Brian Kendrick in the same type of match, but with Jamie Noble as the special guest referee.

Match 3:
Falls count Anywhere Special Guest Referee match, speical ref: Brian Kendrick
Jamie Noble Vs. Billy Kidman
great cruiserweight action here. First they start of in the ring but end up in the dressing room. Jamie hits a DDT but kidman kicks out, jamie goes for a powerbomb, but when idman is on his shoulders he shoves Jamie's face into the florr. he hits a hurricanrana and throws noble into a locker, he then lock the door! He the starts throwing himself agianst it! He opens the door and Jamie falls onto the floor! He climbs the locker and does the Shooting Star Press but Noble moves! They are up after the count of 7 though. Jamie tries to clothesline Kidman, but kidman moves and does A shinobi onto the lockers! Kidman then climbs the lockers agian and this time hits the Shooting Star Press! But Kendrick counts really slowly and Jamie kicks out at 2 3/4!. Kidman complaisn to kendrick but then Noble rolls him up from behnid and Kendrick does a QUICK count and gives Noble the win! The two start beating on Kidman until Mysterio runs in with a steel chair and lays out the both of them! Mysterio helps Kidman up.
here is your winner:Jamie Noble!

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Match 4:
Test Vs. Bradshaw
Good match, with Bradshaw losing his cowboy gimmick and playing the heel. Near the end Bradshaw goes for the clothesline from hell but Test ducks it, bounces off the ropes and does a big boot. He pins him but Bradshaw kicks out. Test then signals for the Test Drive but Bradshaw reverses it and hits his own pumphandle Slam! But then Test kicks out of the pin attempt. Bradshaw gets frustrated and gets a chair from ringside but Test is up and hits him with the Big Boot followed by the Test Drive for the win.
Here is your winner: Test
Test is celebrating but turns round into a clothesline from hell! Bradshaw beats him up and leaves. But then Matt Hardy's music plays and he comes to the ring.
matt: Now quite frankly Test, we have some unfinished business we need to take care of. You remeber back to one of my first matches in the WWE? It was a non-televised show and i had you beat, but then you hit me with a chair, and pinned me for the win. I have never had the chance to repay you have I, well now I do. he gets a chair and hits Test round the head with it. How does it fell test?

Match 5:
Falls count anwhere, special guest ref Jamie Noble
rey Mysterio Vs. brian Kendrick
Great match, they too battle to the backstage, but end up outside in the street! mysterio dropkicks Kendrick into some railings and then hits the 619! He hits the West Coast pop! but Jamie also counts really slow. Mysterio hits noblw tih a hurricanrana and we see Kidman run out of the building in a referees shirt! Kendrick low blows Mysterio and hits a german suplex. he then climbs up a telegraph pole and hits a leg drop from the top! But Mysterio kicks out of the pin attempt. Kendrick then signals for a spear but Mysterio does a leapfrog over him and Kendrick runs into a wall! while Mysterio lands on another telegraph pole, he then hits the West coast pop and wins!
here is your winner: Rey Mysterio
After the match Jamie attacks from behind and hits Mysterio with a chair, but Kidman attacks Noble and hits a DDT onto the concrete, Kendrick comes from behind but Kidman reverses it into an arm drag. He then climbs a set of stairs and hits the SSP off the top of a balcony. Kidman and Rey then walk off.

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The Rock's music then plays as the people's heel marches to the ring. He gets on the mic.
Now i am not here to insult you people here tonight, cos quite frankly, you're not worth it, but something that i do want is the undisputed title. And I havew not been placed in the battle royal later on. The Rock says that he should be in that title match, he should get a shot, because he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and them Jabroni-asses in the back ahevn't even given me a shot, Linda Mcmahon, egt your punk-ass out here right now.
Linda's music plays as she walks to the ring.
Linda: You want a shot Rock, then fine, tonight, you wil fcae Booker T for the World's heavyweight championship, but if you cheat in any way to win, you will be stripped of the title and it will be given back to him,do I make my self clear?
Rock: Crystal

match 6:
World's heavyweight championship
The Rock Vs. Booker T
Great match between the two. Near the end rock hits Booker with his DDT and is stalking him for the Rock Bottom but Booker elbows Rock in the face and does a step over heel kick. Booker is then stalking Rock and hits the Bookend! But instead of going for the pinfall he goes up top and does the Houston Hangover, but misses! Rock gets up and hits the Rock Bottom, but Booker kicks out at 2 3/4. Rock is signalling for another Rock Bottom but booker looks at the Titantron and sees Rock doiing this so he does a sudden superkick to Rock, then he does the Scissors Kick and pins Rock for the win.
here is your winner: Booker T!
After the match Booker gets on the mic.
I have beaten tons of people, but after tonight I may face my biggest challenge yet, defending my Undisputed title at backlash against either Kane, the Undertaker, Edge or Chris Jericho. But I promise, I will face up to my challenger and beat their punk ass down. Now can you dig that........suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Match 7:
U.S. title
chris Benoit Vs. Eddie Guerrero
Great match between the two. Near the end, Eddie locks on the Lasso from El Passo but benoit reaches the ropes, Benoit is struggling to get up but bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline! He hits the rolling Germans and signals for the Swandive, and hits it. Benoit then locks on the crossface but Eddie refuses to tap. Eddie reaches the ropes and when he gets up spears Benoit. He punches him on the head and hits a tilt a whirl slam. he signals for the Frog Splash but Benoit gets up and does a super armbar takedown from the top rope, he then changes the armbar into a crossface and eddie taps out.
Your winner: Chris Benoit

Match 7:
No.1 contendership
Battle royal
Kane Vs. Taker Vs. Edge Vs. Chris Jericho
Greta match, at 6:12, Taker pulls Kane's mask off and Kane runs to the back, he is counted out! leaving edge, Taker and Jericho. At 10:56 Edge hits a spear on Jerihco but turns into a chokeslam, Taker then pins both at the same time but both kick out before 3! He signals for the last ride on Jericho but jericho rolls through and does the school boy to elimiminate taker! Edge and Jericho are left. At 14:20 edge is singalling for the spear and nails it, but Angle runs down, gets in the ring and hits the Angle Slam on Edge, Jericho then locks on the Walls of Jericho and Edge has no choice but to tap.
Here is your winner: Chris Jericho
After the match, Jericho and Angle are beating on Edge until Booker runs down and cleans house, Edge and Booker stare down Angle and Jericho as Smackdown goes off the air.

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Hey everyone here is my Raw show hope all of like it.

Raw music

JR: Well right here tonight we are going to see 6 extrodinary matches.

King: Well JR we are going to see Jeff Hardy battle with Shannon Moore.

JR: Well King thats not all we will also witness RVD do battle with Rap Master JC(John Cena)

King: O but that we have more you see Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold team up in that ring agianst Randy Orton and Batista of Evolution.

JR: King what about that rocket buster main event for the WWE Title Booker T vs Triple H what a slobberknocker match that will be.

Match 1.
IC Title match
Sean O'Haire© vs Maven

Maven hits some dropkicks early on in the match and then hits a pair of nice armdrags and then he nails a snap suplex. O'Haire fights back and hits Maven with everything he has to offer and then he nails a jawbreaker on Maven. O'Haire goes to pick Maven up but then Maven rolls him up 1-2 kickout. Maven suplexs O'Haire and then sets him on the top rope climbs up grabs him but then O'Haire punches him in the ribs and shoves him off te top rope gets up and nails a Sean-TonBomb for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Sean O'Haire

We cut to the back and see Scott Steiner on his way to the ring cause he has a match next.


Match 2.
Scott Steiner vs Big Show

Show manhandles Steiner and puts him in a very thight bear-hug for about 2 min. Steiner finally breaks out of the hold and hits Show with some closed fists and then picks him up and bodyslams him. Steiner does his push-ups and then does some sit-ups but he has gotten to cocky as he mocks the motionless Show he gets up and locks on a choke then Show lifts him up and gives him the Showstopper for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Big Show

We see Vince on his way to the ring


Vince: You know something I have noticed that a lot of you boys in the back have been treating me with nothing but disrespect so I have brought in a man who will enforce my rules I have brought in TEST!!!!

They shake hands and leave.


Match 3.
Jeff Hardy vs Shannon Moore w/ Christian

Hardy locks up with Moore and then throws him around a little bit but then Moore gets annoyed and slaps Hardy but Hardy does the same in return. Moore then gets angry and pokes him in the eyes and then Christian gets on the aporn allowing Moore to hit a low blow. Moore climbs upstairs and hits a Halo on Hardy. Hardy gets up and gives Moore a jawbreaker and then does a Swan Ton over the top rope and nails Christian. Hardy climbs upstairs and nails a Swan-Ton-Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the Match Christian hits Jeff Hardy in the back of his head with the title belt.

We cut to the back and see Vince and Test talking when all of a sudden there is a knock at the door and when Test opens it it is a little boy.

Little Boy: Mr. McMahon sir can I have your autograph?

Vince looks at Test and nods then Test says

Test: SCRAM You stupid litle runt before I have to kick your ass!!!!!

The little boy starts to cry.

Match 4.
RVD vs Rap Master JC(John Cena) w/ The Posse(Jindrak, O'Haire, Sanders)

RVD hits a step over and then hits a few very STIFF kicks and then he hits a beautiful topa onto JC's Posse. RVD looks hurt on the outside and then The Posse gets up and lays into him with kicks and punches and all that kinda stuff.

Winner: RVD

After the match refs get the Posse out of the ringside area and EMTS takeRVD to the back.


We cut to the back and see Vince and Test talking when another knock is heard and it is the Little Boy and his father.

Boys Father: Did you yell at my son?

Test: Ya what are you going to do about it?

Boys Father: Well maybe I will have to kick YOUR ASS!!!!

Test runs and gives him a big boot. And then he picks him up and gives him a pumphandle slam through a TABLE!!!

Match 5.
Tag Team Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton & BAtista

Austin and Orton start things off and Austin beats him down and then hits Batista and then he even hits Lesnar which brings Lesnar in and Austin flips him the double bird. Batista then attacks Austin from behind and then he kicks him in the back of the head and neck. Austin then kicks Batista in the balls and then Batista tags out to Orton anfd then Austin tags in Lesnar. Lesnar beats on Orton and then hits an F-5 but Orton lands wrong and looks like he hurt his foot(Just like Sat.). Austin then runs in and hits Batista and then he shoves Lesnar but then Lesnar shoves Asutin and then Austin nails a Stunner covers Orton 1-2-3.

Winners: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar

Orton is takin out on a stretcher


Main Event
World Title Match
Booker T© vs Triple H

Booker and HHH brawl for a little bit and then they brawl up to the top of the stage and then Evolution come out and beat on Booker causing a DQ

Winner: Booker T

After the match they continue to beat on him until Austin comes out and shoves HHH off the stage and then beats on the rest of Evolution.


Hope you all like it.

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Oh shit, oops, I completely forgot, I won't post it until tomorrow though cos I'd rather have it late and good then (relatively) on time and bad, saorry for any inconvenience.
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