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Me and BERD have discussed over the past few days about doing a joint show, from now on he will do raw and I will do Smackdown, but we re-arranged the rosters. This is NOT a competition. here is BERd's roster:

Triple H
Jeff Hardy
Christian (European champ)
John Cena
Shannon Moore
Brock Lesnar
Stone Cold Steve austin
HBK Shawn Michaels
RVD (IC champ)
Sean O' Haire
Scott Steiner
Bubba Ray Dudley (1/2 tag champ)
D-Von Dudley (1/2 tag champ)
Spike Dudley
John Hennigan
Matt Capotelli
Shelton Benjamin
Chris Nowinski
Big Show
Ric Flair
Randy Orton
Steven Richards
Al Snow
William regal

And my Show:
Booker T (world's heavyweight champ)
Rey Mysterio
Jamie Noble
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Billy Kidman
Spanky (BRian Kendrick)
Chris Benoit (US champ)
Matt Hardy
Chuck palumbo
Hulk Hogan
Chris Kanyon (Hardcore champ)
eddie Guerrero
Charlie Haas
Tommy Dreamer
Kevin Nash
Sean Morely
Chavo Guerrero
Bill Demott
lance Storm.

BERD will post his Raw on Monday and I do not know who his Raw GM will be and he ill have to say. Then I will post my show on Thursday, and it will continue like this. I hope this works out and that you enjoy it.

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You will also notice that there is now a U.S. champ and there is no CW title. Our company is different, although we may hold some storylines where we add tag titles or a certain other title to our shows cos the other one has it.

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Hey there everyone this is my first Raw ever hope you all like it. Also look at this as if it was the Raw


No Chance in Hell hits

Vince: Hello, I am here tonight to intrduce you all to your new GM. Now this ne GM is a legend in this time.

-Crowd starts HOGAN chants-

Vince: No its not Hogan, it is none other then STONE COLD.....

-Crowd Erupts-

Vince: No its not him, It is none other then the Heart Break no not him either. Ok enough of the fun and games the new Raw GM is none other than VINCENT KENNEDY McMAHON.

He goes to leave but then the glass shatters and here comes the Texas Rattlesnake.

Stone Cold: What? I thought I heard you say you were the new GM of RAW. What? I don't think so What? Well Na-Huh What?

Vince: well you see I did just say that I wa...

Austin: What?

Vince: Well Mr. Austin if you would let me finish what I saying. I am the new G...

Austin: What?

Vince: A...

Austin: What?

Then Booker T the WWE Champion walks out.

Booker T: You know sumtan SUCKA only losersay WHAT?

Austin: What?

Booker T: Excatly

Austin: I'll show you a Sucka.

Austin chases Booker T to the back.


We come back and JR annouces that here tonight in the main event we will see Brock Lesnar vs Triple H in a #1 contenders match for next week.

Match 1.
European title match
Jeff Hardy vs Christain©

Jeff starts out with a nice dropkick rigt to Christain face. Christain shows signs of fustration but gets over it and swings at Hardy but he blocks every swing making Christain madder and madder. Christain then takes control and gives Hardy an Irish-Whip and goes for a dropkick but Hardy hangs onto the ropes and Christain lands hard on his head. Hardy goes upstairs and then Shannon Moore runs to the ring and shoves him off the top rope and Hardy gets counted out.

Winner: Christian

After the Match
Christian and Moore celebrate on the stage

We cut backstage

Terri: Scott Steiner your thoughts on not being involved in the #1 contenders match here tonight.

Steiner: Well you see Freakzilla doesn't really care because I have a beef with Batista and right here tonight I will finally get my hands on him. HOLLA IF YA HERE ME!!!!!


Match 2.
Intercontinental Title match
Sean O' Haire vs RVD ©

O'Haire takes the upper hand as the match starts but as time goes on O'Haire starts to get worn out. At that point RVD capitalizs on the opportunity and hits all of his signature moves and then goes upstairs and hits a Five Star Frog Splash 1-2 the ref gets pulled out of the ring by MARK JINDRAK. The ref yells at Jindrak but as he is doing that John Cena runs into the ring with a chair and hits RVD in the head and puts O'Haires arm over top of him 1-2-3.

Winner new IC Champ: Sean O'Haire

After the match th 3 men celebrate on the stage.


Match 3.
Shannon Moore with Christian vs John Cena with Jindrak and O'Haire

Moore comes down with Christian and John Cena makes a rap dissing both men, and talking about how Jindrak and O'Haire are his homies. Bell rings and Cena overpowers Moore and trows him out of the ring and when he and Christian try to leave O'Haire and Jindrak throw him back into the ring and beat on Christian. Cena hits a nice Armdrag and then a standing dropkick. Moore then trows powder into his eyes hits a Halo for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Shannon Moore

After the match Cena , Jindrak and O'Haire attack moore and Christian.


Match 4.
Tag Team Table Match For the Tag Titles.
Dudley Boyz© vs Matt Cappotelli and John Hennigan

Dudleys dominate this match and hit all the signature moves. Then Bubba slams Matt and then D-Von goes upstairs and WAZZZZZZZZ UPPPPP!!!!! and then Bubba yells D-VON GET THE TAABLESSSSSSS. D-Von gladly gets the table and they 3-D Matt through it.

Winners: Dudley Boyz

We cut backstage and see Scott Steiner on his way to the ring.


Match 5.
Scott Steiner vs Batista with Ric Flair

Steiner has the upper hand for the first 5 minutes and then Batista unleashes his fury and bats the living hell right out of Steiner. Batista hits a Belly to Belly overhead suplex and then sets Steiner upstairs and hits a FRANKSTEINER. Batista then nails a sitout Power Bomb 1-2-3.

Winner: Batista

We see Triple H and Brock Lesnar both on there way to the ring.


# 1 contenders match for next weeks RAW
Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

Lesnar pumples the hell out of Triple H and then Triple H returns the favor to Lesnar but then Lesnar grabs him and F-5s him outta the ring and the crowd erupts. Lesnar goes outside and grabs him and whips him into the stairs, then he grabs a chair and goes to hit HHH but sees Flair on his way down to the ring and goes throws the chair into the ring and chases Flair. HHH gets back into the ring and Flair rolls in as does Lesnar but the ref is trying to get Flair out that he doesn't see HHH level Lesnar with the chair. HHH picks him up and hits the Pedegree 1-2-3.

Winner: Triple H

After the match they continue the assault until Stone Cold hits the ring and gives them both Stunners. He helps Lesnar up and then gives him a Stunner drinks beers and leaves

End Show

So there you have it the first show of mine and CIAH's Roster Spilt. Be sure to check back on thrusday and read his Smackdown

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Does he need a reason? You don't ask yourself why that match every Raw do you? For example, yesterday's Raw, you didn't think why Jackie Vs. Jazz did you, or did you?

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Errr... This not in real life WWE, this is our own company and the seperate rosters do not have one champion each, like the WWE used to before Brock won it. That clear it up? This is not the WWE, our show with our own rosters and own championships.

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No, I want you to post here again, I just don't want you to misunderstand these shows, What you posted implies there are two champs, one of each brand and I was just clearing things up for you.
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