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Bellas on Wrestling with Rosenberg (interview)

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Re: Bellas on Wrestling with Rosenberg(interview)

Really great interview, I was lucky to meet these girls back in November and I thought they were totally lovely, which is showcased clearly here, the hate they sometimes get I've always felt has been uncalled for, however one thing I think we can all say in regards to them is their improvement in the ring, specially Nikki, I think both Brie and Nikki have done well at earning their stripes and working at their craft however while Nikki was out during injury, it must have been a very frustrating time for her and maybe this gave her that extra boost to want to improve as much as she has, not that she didn't have it originally but that extra frustration during injury possibly made her want to come back even better, and she has done, I think out of all the diva's Nikki has shown the most improvement in recent times, I hope that they do put the title on her because I feel it would be deserved.

There are talent in the diva's division, Natalya goes without saying, Tamina I think is very talented yet slightly underrated also and The Bella's as mentioned above, AJ is great at what she does too and has great character and Alica is also pretty solid in the ring, the Diva's division may not be at it's absolute strongest without a Beth Phoenix or a Lita, however it's not really that bad and it's showing improvement, which can only be a good thing.

Hopefully slowly but surely, people can start to credit The Bella's a little more and cut them a bit more slack, they don't have to be your favourite diva's by any stretch, but I do feel that they should be given more credit than what they currently are.

Lovely girls and great interview, I truly hope they have some amazing future's ahead of them.
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The thing is people are saying about them being models to hire over anything but doesn't Nikki say that she's not actually really done any modelling pre WWE?

Correct me if I'm wrong as I've slept since I watched this but I'm sure this was mentioned in the interview, I'm pretty sure they have quite athletic backgrounds from football/soccer or something so I don't really think this what people are saying is very accurate at all.
Yep, that's what she said. Apparently though if a woman in the business didn't start as an indie star or doesn't have that stereotypical tough look (just look at how Tamina gets praised yet she isn't the best wrestler in the world, all because she has "the look"), that automatically means she is just a model and she deserves no respect from the fans. It's a form of discrimination (lookism being the main form) to be honest and that's wrong.
Yeah, people jusrt seem to automatically presume that this is where they came from but they couldn't be more wrong, as I said I was pretty sure they had athletic or sporting backgrounds and not modelling etc

Both played in college and Nikki was gonna go pro but got a serious enough injury that prevented that from happening.
Yeah, I thought so, that's why Nikki often wears the shirts she does also, they're actually very athletic.
Yeah, people just tend to presume with diva's that they're plucked from no where with no talent, sure it's happened in the past (Eva Marie comes to mind but maybe she has some background also), either way it seems to be an assumption a lot of times with the Diva's, people keep saying they were just models picked that haven't even really done any modelling and have a sporting background.
Exactly. I believe the only real modeling they had done before coming to the wwe was for Budweiser promoting the soccer World Cup. That's it.
Yeah, I think they've both improved a lot in the ring too, so for that I will always credit them, the same goes for Kaitlyn before she left also.
Going from terrible to bad is an improvement, but I would be patronising if I said they're "sooo much better!". When they're good, I'll call them good.
They are good, they can work matches just as much, if not more than a lot of the diva's, and they should be credited, they're also experimenting with new moves too, specially Nikki, seriously, you can't really knock them, it's pretty ignorant to do so when they have shown very clear improvement.

Not that that needs to be justified but it's clear, credit due where it's due and they've improved a lot, and terrible to bad, really??
Good interview, but then the last couple of minutes, talking down Summer comparing her against K2 of all people..
Also, clearly no love lost with AJ by the way they talk about her.. I dunno, I'm not quite there yet with the Bellas. Sure, I'm happy that the two are starting to be more themselves, and less "the twins". And their drive seems admirable. But I honestly don't know, I just can't seem to fully get behind them..
Personally I think posts like this is absolutely fine, because it's honest and genuine, there are many talents I'm not the biggest fan of however I will always give credit where credit is due, even if I'm not actually feeling the talent or character they're playing as such.

Unfortunately though some people seem to just not want to credit talents, even when it's actually clearly true in regards to improvement, the drive etc.. I find that people tend to over react on how 'bad' certain talents are, another one that comes to mind in this is Curtis Axel, who is actually very very good in the ring and is fantastic at selling the matches also.

Love or hate, or even if you have no opinion really on The Bella's, I think it's safe to say that the girls have improved a lot in the ring, specially Nikki considering she came back from injury, Brie was having some PPV matches with AJ at the time so maybe the injury gave her the motivation, either way it's clear that she has, they both have and that's where I think credit is due.

To say otherwise is just silly, because they have evidently improved that even a bat could see this, I just think people find it hard to give them credit for whatever reason, you never have to like them of course, that's just my feelings in regards to it anyway :)
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So if AJ says something, she's "LYING!!!" but if the Bellas say something it's the absolute truth?

No, they're not good. They're adequately competent for the 3 minute matches they have on RAW.
I do not want you to take this the wrong way, as some kind of arrogant statement, but it's how it is, I have higher standards for wrestling being good than "can adequately get through a 3 minute match", especially in terms of women's wrestling.
Each and every person is entitled to an opinion, I'm absolutely fine with that and have no problem if someone disagrees with something (so I don't take it as an arrogant statement I mean) ... however I'm talking more so in regards to how evidently the girls have improved, which they have and if anyone is willing to improve, as well as showing improvement in the ring at what they are supposed to be doing, then I think they should be commended for that is all I'm saying.

They're still early on in their career too with plenty of time ahead, I think their progression should be encouraged and if us, as fans do encourage the talent, this is when they are going to shape up and give us much stronger matches, you have to remember diva's are lucky to get 5 mins a match, so it's actually harder for them to build a match, a storyline, to showcase anything really because they have to rush and cram everything in and showcase themselves in 3 - 5 mins, unlike the male talent, which think about for a second.

Sometimes you can only run with what you're given and this is what happens in most cases with any diva, they don't have as much progression and build up time as the male talents do, which I understand totally but you have to take this on board.

The Bella's have shown progression, I think it's safe to say everyone can see this and this is where I feel they should be commended, not discouraged for.
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I'll gladly say they have improved... but personally I still feel they are far off from being good in the ring. Ahtletically they are good, same as many of the girls, but they are a tad sloppy/uncoordinated at times still and they don't have a grasp on in ring psychology (not really a sole knock on them, a huge chunk of the male side doesn't have a grasp either... WWE has dropped the ball in training as a whole). I think Brie might get there eventually, she's grown a lot and might get there in a few years (again, not a knock, that's how long it seems to take most guys to slowly come into ring psychology.. just takes a while to learn apparently). Nikki.. I jut don't see her being more than a valet. She just seems too.. mechanical in the ring... and still doesn't really do much from what I've seen. Most of the women there are at that point though... Natty, AJ, Summer, Brie, and Emma are probably the only full timers I see being decent to great wrestlers on the main roster. The rest are either athletic with years to learn how to use that to tell a good in ring story or just plain not cut out to be in ring performers.

The real problem with most of these women is that the WWE doesn't give the time to learn... if they aren't already divas just there for sex appeal or to make a name, they don't get any time to grow and learn. I think putting the women's division on NXT would be a great thing for everyone. Give them all 20 minute matches and 3 minute promos or so to sink or swim. They might sink at first, but good talent will learn and grow. The issue with the Bellas and many of the TD cast is that they are put in 2 minute stinkers that only further build on their "just there to make a name" perception. I would love to be proven wrong and the Bellas thrust into NXT to have an occasional 15-20 minute match and blow me away. That means a better overall division if they truly get that good to be in long matches.
I think that's absolutely fair enough, I respect that and agree with the majority of it, specially the thing about the development of them and the time, they have such a small percentage of time to develop as opposed to the male talents, of course, I understand why but it's how it is in regards to them and I think this matters, but yeah, I appreciate that reply totally.

I think what you said was pretty spot on, I just feel that Nikki does have the drive and has improved nicely, for me personally out of all the diva's that has shown the most progress in recent times is Nikki, Natalya has been established a while, AJ really excelled during her GM and just after that run (she got so creative with the black widow which I found impressive), Emma is still very early on, I think she's going to shine at a later time for sure and Summer Rae, well, I dunno, I don't overly see her any progression with her, that's not saying she's bad (I don't want people to mistake it as that), but she doesn't have seemed to show any improvement but she's stayed at the level she's at (which is fine), where as Nikki I do see the improvement a lot since coming back from injury, I think she's had the drive for it since this and she's become creative like with the torture rack (kinda like AJ with her black widow) and her training regime now, it's like she has this fire in her and is showing improvement with it, which I think is a good thing.

Anyway, I appreciate that response, I thought it was written nicely and dignified in regards to your perspective on things and this is absolutely 100% fine. :)
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Unrelated to the AJ point, Nikki and Brie both have made tremendous improvement in the ring over the last year. In fact, they've improved more than any of the guys that I can think of. Which isn't to say that they're BETTER than the guys, just that the amount of improvement has been higher.
Absolutely, I think most people are seeing this now, which is great really.
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