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Presented by Wolf Beast

*WWE Roster as of March 17 2007*


Raw and Smackdown Present;

March 30 2008
Cardinals Stadium; Phoenix, Arizona

Title Histories as of August 20 2007;
World Heavyweight Championship:
(8) Triple H (December 13th 2003 - January 25th 2004)
defeated Goldberg and Kane in a Triple Threat Match (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing Match (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)

(5) Shawn Michaels (January 25th 2004 - April 11th 2004)
defeated Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)
lost to Randy Orton in a six man Hell in a Cell Match (Backlash, Phoenix)

(1) Randy Orton (April 11th - August 22nd 2004)
defeated Shawn Michaels in a six man Hell in a Cell match (Backlash, Phoenix)
lost to Chris Jericho (Summerslam, Toronto)

(3) Chris Jericho (August 22nd - November 14th 2004)
defeated Randy Orton (SummerSlam, Toronto)
lost to Orton in a Triple Threat match, also featuring HBK (Survivor Series, Chicago)

(2) Randy Orton (November 14th - March 20th 2005)
defeated Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels (Survivor Series, Chicago)
lost to John Cena (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)

(1) John Cena (March 20th - August 7th)
defeated Randy Orton (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)
Lost to Shawn Michaels (Summer Slam, San Juan)

(6) Shawn Michaels (August 7th - December 4th)
Defeated John Cena
(Summer Slam, San Juan)
Lost to John Cena
(Armageddon, Boston)

(2) John Cena (December 4th - April 30th 2006)
Defeated Shawn Michaels
(Armageddon, Boston)
Lost to Christian in a triple threat match, also featuring Brock Lesnar (Backlash, Seattle WA)

(1) Christian (April 30th - October 23rd)
Defeated John Cena in a triple threat match
(Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to Triple H (Raw, New York City, NY)

(10) Triple H (October 23rd 2006 - February 3rd 2007)
Defeated Christian
(Raw, New York City NY)
Lost to John Cena in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match (SuperBrawl, Providence, RI)

(3) John Cena (February 3rd 2007 - March 18th 2007)
Defeated Triple H in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match (SuperBrawl, Providence, RI)
Lost to Christian (WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)

(2) Christian (March 18th - November 11 2007)
Defeated John Cena (WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)
Lost to John Cena in a triple threat match with Umaga(Survivor Series, Los Angeles CA)

(4) John Cena (November 11 2007 - Present)
Defeated Christian in a triple threat match with Umaga (Survivor Series, Los Angeles CA)


Intercontinental Championship:

(1) Randy Orton (December 13th 2003 - February 9th 2004)
defeated Rob Van Dam (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to Chris Jericho (Raw, Green Bay)

(6) Chris Jericho (February 9th - March 14th 2004)
defeated Randy Orton (Raw, Green Bay)
lost to Christian in a 20 Man Battle Royal (WrestleMania XX, New York)

(4) Christian (March 14th - June 14th 2004)
defeated Chris Jericho in a 20 Man Battle Royal (WrestleMania XX, New York)
lost to Matt Hardy (Raw, Albany)

(1) Matt Hardy (June 14th - August 16th 2004)
defeated Christian (Raw, Albany)
lost to Sting (Raw, Detroit)

(1) Sting (August 16th - October 18th 2004)
defeated Matt Hardy (Raw, Detroit)
lost to Matt Morgan (Raw, Kansas)

(1) Matt Morgan (October 18th 2004 - February 7th 2005)
defeated Sting (Raw, Kansas)
lost to Edge (Raw, Boise)

(5) Edge (February 7th - February 28th 2005)
defeated Matt Morgan (Raw, Boise)
lost to Christian via forfeit (Raw, Atlanta)

(5) Christian (February 28th - April 25th 2005)
defeated Edge via forfeit (Raw, Atlanta)
Lost to Rey Mysterio (Raw, New York)

(1) Rey Mysterio (April 25th - December 4th 2005)
Defeated Christian
(Raw, New York)
Lost to Carlito Caribbean Cool (Armageddon, Boston)

(1) Carlito Caribbean Cool (December 4th 2005 - April 30th 2006)
Defeated Rey Mysterio
(Armageddon, Boston)
Lost to Shelton Benjamin (Backlash, Seattle)

(1) Shelton Benjamin (April 30th - June 25th)
Defeated Carlito
(Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to Finlay (Unforgiven, Denver)

(1) Finlay (June 25th - September 2nd)
Defeated Shelton Benjamin
(Unforgiven, Denver)
Lost to Mr. Kennedy (Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)

(1) Mr. Kennedy (September 2nd - October 15th)
Defeated Finlay
(Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)
Lost to Shelton Benjamin (Nemesis, Uncasville)

(2) Shelton Benjamin (October 15th 2006 - January 14th 2007)
Defeated Mr. Kennedy
(Nemesis, Uncasville)
Lost to Rey Mysterio (Royal Rumble, Indianapolis)

(2) Rey Mysterio (January 14th - April 22nd)
Defeated Shelton Benjamin
(Royal Rumble, Indianapolis)
Lost to Shelton Benjamin (Backlash, Montreal)

(3) Shelton Benjamin (April 22nd - August 19th)
Defeated Rey Mysterio
(Backlash, Montreal)
Lost to William Regal in a triple threat match (Summerslam, London England)

(2) William Regal (August 19th - September 24th)
Defeated Shelton Benjamin in a triple threat match
(Summerslam, London England)
Lost to Shelton Benjamin (Raw, Detroit)

(4) Shelton Benjamin (September 24th - October 14th)
Defeated William Regal
(Raw, Detroit)
Lost to Matt Hardy (Nemesis, Little Rock)

(2) Matt Hardy (October 14th 2007 - January 7th 2008)
Defeated Shelton Benjamin
(Nemesis, Little Rock)
Lost to Brent Albright (Raw, Atlanta)

(1) Brent Albright (January 7th 2008 - Present)
Defeated Matt Hardy (Raw, Atlanta)


World Tag Team Championships:

Ric Flair and Batista (December 13th 2003 - February 9th 2004)
defeated Dudley Boyz in a Tag Team Turmoil Match (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to Dudley Boyz (Raw, Green Bay)

Dudley Boyz
(February 9th - March 22nd 2004)
defeated Ric Flair and Batista (Raw, Green Bay)
lost to Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak in a TLC Match, which also featured Shawn Michaels & Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton & Batista (Raw, Long Island)

Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak
(March 22nd - June 20th)
defeated Dudley Boyz et al in a TLC Match (Raw, Long Island)
lost to Natural Born Thrillers (Bad Blood, Washington D.C)

Natural Born Thrillers
(June 20th - July 12th 2004)
defeated Cade and Jindrak (Bad Blood, Washington D.C)
lost to Edge and Christian (Raw, Omaha)

Edge and Christian
(July 12th - October 17th 2004)
defeated Natural Born Thrillers (Raw, Omaha)
lost to Booker T & Goldust in a Cage Match (Nemesis, St. Louis)

Booker T & Goldust
(October 17th - December 12th 2004)
defeated Edge and Christian in a Cage Match (Nemesis, St Louis)
lost to Ric Flair and Batista (Armageddon, Orlando)

Ric Flair and Batista
(December 12th 2004 - April 11th 2005)
defeated Booker T & Goldust (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Raw, Sacramento)

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
(April 11th - June 12th 2005)
defeated Ric Flair and Batista (Raw, Sacramento)
Lost to Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak (Bad Blood, Philadelphia)

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak (June 12th - December 4th 2005)
Defeated The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
(Bad Blood, Philadelphia)
Lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Armageddon, Boston)

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (December 4th 2005 - April 3rd 2006)
Defeated Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak in a Ladder Match
(Armageddon, Boston)
Forced to vacate titles, after Charlie Haas was drafted to Smackdown

Titles vacant - April 3rd 2006 - April 30th 2006

Acolyte Fashion Agency (April 30th - June 25th)
Defeated The Brotherhood, United Nations, Booker T & Goldust for vacant titles
(Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to MNM (Unforgiven, Denver)

MNM (June 25th 2006 - March 18th 2007)
Defeated A.F.A
(Unforgiven, Denver)
Lost to Straight Edge via stipulation (WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)

Straight Edge(March 18th 2007 - June 18th)
Defeated MNM via stipulation (WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)
Lost to MNM (Raw, Oklahoma OK)

(2) MNM(June 18th - August 19th)
Defeated Straight Edge (Raw, Oklahoma OK)
Lost to Straight Edge (Summerslam, London England)

(2) Straight Edge(August 19th - Present)
Defeated MNM (Summerslam, London England)


Womens Championship:

(2) Molly Holly (July 28th 2003 - January 26th 2004)
defeated Gail Kim (Raw, Colorado Springs)
lost to Lita (Raw, Rochester)

(2) Lita
(January 26th - June 7th 2004)
defeated Molly Holly (Raw, Rochester)
lost to Trish Stratus (Raw, Chicago)

(5) Trish Stratus
(June 7th - October 18th 2004)
defeated Lita (Raw, Chicago)
lost to Shaniqua (Raw, Kansas)

(1) Shaniqua
(October 18th 2004 - October 17th 2005)
defeated Trish Stratus (Raw, Kansas)
Lost to Trish Stratus (Raw, Toronto)

(6) Trish Stratus (October 17th 2005 - April 30th 2006)
Defeated Shaniqua
(Raw, Toronto)
Lost to Jillian Hall (Backlash, Seattle WA)

(1) Jillian Hall (April 30th - June 12th)
Defeated Trish Stratus
(Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to Alexis Laree (Raw, Greenville, SC)

(1) Alexis Laree (June 12th - September 2nd)
Defeated Jillian Hall (Raw, Greenville, SC)
Lost to Trish Stratus (Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)

(7) Trish Stratus (September 2nd 2006)
Defeated Alexis Laree
(Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)

Title relinquished

(2) Alexis Laree (October 2nd - October 30th)
Defeated Jillian Hall for the vacant title (Raw Season Premiere, St. Louis, MO)
Lost to Melina (Raw, Adelaide)

(1) Melina (October 30th 2006 - March 18th 2007)
Defeated Alexis Laree
(Raw, Adelaide)
Lost to Alexis Laree via stipulation (WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)

(3) Mickie James (formerly Alexis Laree) (March 18th - August 19th)
Defeated Melina via stipulation (WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)
Lost to Beth Phoenix (Summerslam, London England)

Beth Phoenix (August 19th - November 11 2007)
Defeated Mickie James (Summerslam, London England)
Lost to Mickie James * 3-2 in a Best of Five Series* (Survivor Series, Los Angeles CA)

(4) Mickie James (November 11 2007 - February 4th 2008)
Defeated Beth Phoenix *3-2 in a Best of Five Series* (Survivor Series, Los Angeles CA)
Lost to Gail Kim (Raw, Green Bay WI)

(2) Gail Kim (February 4th 2008 - Present)
Defeated Mickie James (Green Bay, WI)



WWE Championship:
(3) Brock Lesnar (September 18th 2003 - June 10th 2004)
defeated Kurt Angle in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match (Smackdown, Raleigh)
lost to Kurt Angle (Smackdown, St. Louis)

(6) Kurt Angle (June 10th - August 22nd 2004)
defeated Brock Lesnar (Smackdown, St. Louis)
lost to Goldberg (SummerSlam, Toronto)

(2) Goldberg (August 22nd - October 17th 2004)
defeated Kurt Angle (SummerSlam, Toronto)
lost to Triple H (Nemesis, St. Louis)

(9) Triple H (October 17th 2004 - March 20th 2005)
defeated Goldberg (Nemesis, St. Louis)
lost to The Rock (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)

(10) The Rock (March 20th - July 3rd 2005)
defeated Triple H (WrestleMania, Detroit)
Lost to Goldberg (Great American Bash, Washington, D.C)

(3) Goldberg (July 3rd - August 7th 2005)
Defeated The Rock
(Great American Bash, Washington, D.C)
Lost to Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match (Summer Slam, San Juan)

(7) Kurt Angle (August 7th - November 6th 2005)
Defeated Goldberg in a Triple Threat Match
(Summer Slam, San Juan)
Lost to Eddie Guerrero in a Fatal Four Way (Survivor Series, Manchester, NH)

(1) Eddie Guerrero (November 6th 2005)
Defeated Angle, Triple H & Lesnar in a Four Way
(Survivor Series, Manchester, NH)

(4) Brock Lesnar (November 17th 2005 - March 26th 2006)
Defeated Kurt Angle & Triple H in a Triple Threat for Vacant Title
(Smackdown, Detroit)
Lost to Chris Benoit (WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)

(1) Chris Benoit (March 26th 2006 - July 23rd)
Defeated Brock Lesnar
(WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)
Title Vacated due to injury

(1) Rob Van Dam (August 20th 2006 - March 18th 2007)
Defeated Chris Jericho for Vacant Title in tournament final
(SummerSlam, Anaheim)
Lost to Randy Orton via Money in the Bank (WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)

(3) Randy Orton (March 18th 2007 - Present)
Defeated Rob Van Dam via Money in the Bank
(WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)


United States Championship:

(1) Big Show (October 19th 2003 - February 15th 2004)
defeated Eddie Guerrero (No Mercy, Baltimore)
lost to Billy Gunn (No Way Out, San Francisco)

(1) Billy Gunn (February 15th - April 1st 2004)
defeated Big Show (No Way Out, San Francisco)
lost to Kanyon (Smackdown, Salt Lake City)

(2) Kanyon (April 1st - July 18th 2004)
defeated Billy Gunn (Smackdown, Salt Lake City)
lost to William Regal (Vengeance, Fresno)

(1) William Regal (July 18th - August 22nd 2004)
defeated Kanyon (Vengeance, Fresno)
lost to Benoit in a 3 Way Match, also featuring E. Guerrero (SummerSlam, Toronto)

(2) Chris Benoit (August 22nd - September 23rd 2004)
defeated Regal and E. Guerrero in a Triple Threat Match (SummerSlam, Toronto)
lost to Kanyon (Smackdown, Dallas)

(3) Kanyon (September 23rd - December 9th 2004)
defeated Chris Benoit (Smackdown, Dallas)
lost to Eddie Guerrero (Smackdown; Night of the Championships, Ft. Lauderdale)

(1) Eddie Guerrero (December 9th 2004 - July 3rd 2005)
defeated Kanyon (Smackdown; Night of the Championships, Ft. Lauderdale)
Lost to John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield in a Triple Threat Match (Great American Bash, Washington, D.C)

(1) John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (July 3rd 2005 - March 26th 2006)
Defeated Eddie Guerrero in a Triple Threat Match
(Great American Bash, Washington D.C)
Lost to Matt Hardy (WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)

(1) Matt Hardy (March 26th - May 14th)
Defeated JBL
(WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)
Lost to Charlie Haas (Judgment Day, Milwuakee)

(1) Charlie Haas (May 14th - July 23rd)
Defeated Matt Hardy
(Judgment Day, Milwaukee)
Lost to Matt Hardy (Great American Bash, Atlanta)

(2) Matt Hardy (July 23rd - October 13th)
Defeated Charlie Haas
(Great American Bash, Atlanta)
Lost to Brent Albright (Smackdown, Lafayette, LA)

(1) Brent Albright (October 13th 2006 - May 20th 2007)
Defeated Matt Hardy
(Smackdown, Lafayette, LA)
Lost to Paul London (Judgment Day, Miami, FL)

(1) Paul London (May 20th 2007 - January 20th 2008)
Defeated Brent Albright
(Judgment Day, Miami, FL)
Lost to Batista (Royal Rumble, Las Vegas NV)

(1) Batista (January 20th 2008 - Present)
Defeated Paul London
(Royal Rumble, Las Vegas NV)


WWE Tag Team Championships:
(1) Basham Brothers (October 23rd 2003 - January 25th 2004)
defeated Los Guerrero's (Smackdown, Albany)
lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)

(3) The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (January 25th - June 10th 2004)
defeated Basham Brothers (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)
lost to La Resistance (Smackdown, St. Louis)

(2) La Resistance (June 10th - September 2nd 2004)
defeated The Worlds Greatest Team (Smackdown, St. Louis)
lost to Hurricane & Citizen Storm (Smackdown, Tulsa)

(1) Hurricane & Citizen Storm (September 2nd - November 11th 2004)
defeated La Resistance (Smackdown, Tulsa)
lost to Basham Brothers (Smackdown, Cincinnati)

(2) Basham Brothers (November 11th - December 9th 2004)
defeated Hurricane and Citizen Storm (Smackdown, Cincinnati)
lost in a ten team Tag Turmoil match, with Test and Scott Steiner eventually winning the match outright (Smackdown; Night of the Championships, Ft. Lauderdale)

(1) Test & Scott Steiner (December 9th 2004 - January 23rd 2005)
defeated nine teams in a Ten Team Tag Turmoil Match (Smackdown; NOTC, Ft. Lauderdale)
lost to America's Most Wanted in a Fatal Four Way, also featuring La Resistance, and the APA (Royal Rumble, Houston)

(1) America's Most Wanted (January 23rd - March 20th 2005)
defeated Test and Scott Steiner, La Resistance and the APA in a Fatal Four Way match (Royal Rumble, Houston )
lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)

(4) The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (March 20th - March 28th)
defeated America's Most Wanted (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)
forced to vacate titles after being drafted to Raw

Titles Vacant (March 28th - May 15th)(2) Americas Most Wanted (May 15th - October 20th 2005)
Defeated The Dudley Boyz, La Resistance, and Un-Americans in a 4 Way for vacant belts
(Judgement Day, Vancouver)
Lost to Basham Brothers (Smackdown, Vancouver)

(3) Basham Brothers (October 20th 2005 - February 2nd 2006)
Defeated America’s Most Wanted
(Smackdown, Vancouver)
Lost to America’s Most Wanted (Smackdown, Columbus)

(3) Americas Most Wanted (February 2nd - May 14th 2006)
Defeated Basham Brothers
(Smackdown, Columbus)
Lost to The Spirit Squad (Judgment Day, Milwaukee)

(1) The Spirit Squad (May 14th - August 20th)
Defeated Americas Most Wanted
(Judgment Day, Milwaukee)
Lost to Paul London & Brian Kendrick (SummerSlam, Anaheim)

(1) Paul London & Brian Kendrick (August 20th - December 10th)
Defeated Spirit Squad
(SummerSlam, Anaheim)
Lost to Americas Most Wanted (Armageddon, Richmond)

(4) Americas Most Wanted (December 10th 2006 - January 20th 2008)
Defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick
(Armageddon, Richmond)
Lost to MNM (Royal Rumble, Las Vegas NV)

(3) MNM (January 20th 2008 - Present)
Defeated Americas Most Wanted
(Royal Rumble, Las Vegas NV)


Cruiserweight Championship:

Rey Mysterio (January 6th - April 8th 2004)
defeated Tajiri (Smackdown, Laredo, TX)
lost to Billy Kidman (Smackdown, Hartford, CT)

Billy Kidman (April 8th - May 16th 2004)
defeated Rey Mysterio (Smackdown, Hartford, CT)
lost to Rey Mysterio (Judgment Day, Corpus Christi, TX)

Rey Mysterio (May 16th - July 29th 2004)
defeated Billy Kidman (Judgment Day, Corpus Christi, TX)
lost to Chavo Guerrero (Smackdown, Seattle, WA)

Chavo Guerrero (July 29th - November 14th 2004)
defeated Rey Mysterio (Smackdown, Seattle, WA)
lost to Hurricane (Survivor Series, Chicago, IL)

Hurricane (November 14th - December 9th 2004)
defeated Chavo Guerrero (Survivor Series, Chicago, IL)
lost to Chavo Guerrero (Smackdown; Night of the Champions, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Chavo Guerrero
(December 9th 2004 - February 13th 2005)
defeated Hurricane (Smackdown; NOTC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
lost to Tajiri (No Way Out, Salt Lake City, UT)

Tajiri (February 13th - March 20th 2005)
defeated Chavo Guerrero (No Way Out, Salt Lake City, UT)
lost to Chavo Guerrero in a Six pack Challenge, which also featured Akio, Paul London, Rey Mysterio & Jamie Noble (Wrestlemania 21, Detroit, MI)

Chavo Guerrero
(March 20th - May 15th 2005)
defeated Tajiri, Jamie Noble, Akio, Rey Mysterio & Paul London in a Six pack Challenge (WrestleMania 21, Detroit, MI)
Lost to Paul London (Judgement Day, Vancouver)

(1) Paul London (May 15th - November 6th 2005)
Defeated Chavo Guerrero
(Judgement Day, Vancouver)
Lost to Jamie Noble via stipulation in an 8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match (Survivor Series, Manchester NH)

Jamie Noble (November 6th 2005 - February 11th 2006)
Defeated Paul London via stipulation in an 8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
(Survivor Series, Manchester NH)
Lost to Paul London (Saturday Nights Main Event, Anaheim, CA)

(2) Paul London (February 11th - March 16th 2006)
Defeated Jamie Noble
(Saturday Nights Main Event, Anaheim, CA)
Lost to Kid Kash (Smackdown, Detroit, MI)

(1) Kid Kash (March 16th - June 8th 2006)
Defeated Paul London
(Smackdown, Detroit, MI)
Lost to Juventud Guerrera (Smackdown, Tulsa OK)

Juventud Guerrera (June 8th - September 17th)
Defeated Kid Kash
(Smackdown, Tulsa OK)
Lost to Super Crazy (Cyber Sunday, Rochester, NY)

Super Crazy (September 29th 2006 - January 14th 2007)
Defeated Juventud Guerrera
(Smackdown, Dayton, OH)
Lost to Kid Kash as part of a six man tag team match (Royal Rumble, Indianapolis)

Kid Kash (January 14th 2007 - March 18th 2007)
Defeated Super Crazy in a six man tag team match
(Royal Rumble, Indianapolis)
Lost to Brian Kendrick(WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)

The Brian Kendrick(March 18th - December 9 2007)
Defeated Kid Kash
(WrestleMania 23, New Orleans, LA)
Lost to Bryan Danielson (Armageddon, Cleveland OH)

Bryan Danielson (December 9 2007 - Present)
Defeated The Brian Kendrick (Armageddon, Cleveland OH)

Chopped Liver
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Ok guys I've been inspired to write my own wwe after seeing some of the other efforts which are excellent. I hope I can match up to the versions I have read. I have decided to begin the night after WMXX(March 15th) with RAW. The brand extension remains. In this first post I will quickly review what major occurences have happened between Royal Rumble and WM.

Royal Rumble: John Cena enters the Rumble at No.26 and elimates Goldberg to become The number one contender at WM.

Shawn Michaels defeats HHH in a brutal last man standing match to become Champion.

Brock Lesnar retains against Hardcore Holly

Randy Orton wins a 3 way match against RVD and Mark Henry to be still I.C champ

The worlds greatest tag team win a fatal 4 way match against Bashams, Rikishi and Scotty and Palumbo&Stamboli to reclaim WWE tag team titles

Raw february:

Goldberg defects to Smackdown, HHH is laid out for a month with a thigh injury,Kane is haunted with titan tron messages from now deadman Undertaker, Jericho wins the heart of Trish, HBK defends his title against, Kane, Ric Flair, and RVD in 3 separate weeks and Randy Orton becomes The number one contender for WM after winning a 16 man tournament. He defeats Maven, Booker T, RVD, and in the final he beats Jericho.

No Way Out (s/down):
Brock retains in a vicious cage match against Benoit
Goldberg beats Cena to become the number 1 contender at WM after interference from the rock
Angle screws Eddy as guest referee in the family feud match against Chavo
Big Show loses U.S Title to Mr. Ass

Build up to WM (raw):
Mick Foley returns to screw Flair and Batista out of the titles vs Dudley Boyz and Orton of the I.C title to Y2J in the same night setting up an I Quit match with the returning HHH at WM.
Lita wins a womens battle royal to face womens champ Jazz at WM.
Austin and Mc Mahon rekindle their feud and agree to Streetfight at WM.
Taker returns and challenges Kane to a casket match at WM. Kane accepts as the two battle for supremecy.
Eric Bischoff signs a I.C Battle Royal to keep with a WM classic.
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team make a challenge to the Dudleyz to find to the best Tag Champs.


Brock Lesnar and Goldberg go head to head on numerous occasions with both claiming to be the best.
John Cena and The Rock go through verbal tirades before agreeing to meet at WM.
Due to his heel turn Kurt is signed to take on Eddy at WM. Kurt is anounced to have Chavo on his corner and Eddy Decides to bring in WWE Legend Randy Savage to fight his corner for one night only.
Billy Kidman Defeats Tajiri, Noble, Dragon, Moore and Spanky to earn shot at his friend Rey Mysterio at WM.

WrestleMania XX:
T.w.g.t.t def Dudley Boyz in a table match and are officially the best tag team in the wwe.
Kurt Angle def. Eddy Guerrero after a mix up between Macho and Eddy.
Lita def. Jazz to become womens champ
Chris Jericho and Christian are the final two in the Battle royal when Trish turns on Jericho by distracting the ref as he beats christian. She then nails him with the belt and is easily eliminated as Trish and Christian celebrate.
Rey retains against Kidman clean. Afterwards they shake hands but Kidman is visibly frustrated.
Taker beats Kane in a bloody Casket match
Triple H beats Foley after The referee stops the match due to loss of conciousness after 3 Pedigrees and multiple Sledgehammer shots.
HBK retains against Orton in a Ladder Match after Flair and Batista and beaten off by Michaels.
John Cena def The Rock after kicking out of a chain shot to the head he beats rock withhis own Rock Bottom.
Austin def. McMahon despite interference from BRET HART. Hart entered looking the hit Vince but turned on 3.16 instead. However Austin rallied and won via stunner.
Brock Lesnar beat Goldberg in a physical war with an F5 and a Shooting Star.

Thats me up to date, I hope to post my first Raw either later on or tommorrow with SmackDown. I would apreciate any views you have for this post.


RAW 15/03/04:

We open with a 5 minute video showing the WM XX highlights.

Cut straight to pyro. JR and King sit ringside and briefly discuss how big WM was. They then proceed to tell us that Mr. McMahon will make a public announcement tonight. Plus under orders of McMahon co-gm Steve Austin is banned from the arena tonight.

Evolution music plays into arena and all four members appear, making thier way to the ring.
HHH takes centre stage and rips into the crowd who reply with chants of asshole. He proceeds to claim to be the real killer of Mick Foleys career.(stares at Orton). He then moves on to Shawn Michaels. HHH berates Evolution for failing to get the job done.(again stares at Orton). He claims his display at WM warrants him a title shot against HBK.
Suddenly the arena is darkened as the deadmans music hits. The fans set up their lighters, and the lights are back.
Undertaker is already in the ring as Evolution scatter.
Taker stands in the ring triumphantly and rolls his eyes back.
Now Kanes music erupts. Kane appears on the tron and promises revenge..... TONIGHT!!!


We return with an interview with Eric Bischoff.
He is asked his opinion on Vinces big announcement tonight.
E.B: Well, Coach, personally I think the idea to ban Austin...Perfect(evil grin). However, I'm a little perplexed by what the big announcement Vince has in store for these losers in New Jersey. Ha Ha Ha.(Boo's). But, I, Eric Bischoff have a surprise of my own tonight. You see, if Triple H wants HBK so badly, he'll get em. Tonights main event Coach is going to see, TripleH and Ric Flair against, World Champion, Shawn Michaels and ...... The Undertaker!

1st match: 6 man tag
Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance and Rob Conway
Finish: With the referee KO'D, Conway brings in the tag team titles, however the Dudleyz counter and a triple clothesline puts Dupree and Grenier over the top leaving Conway to taste the 3D. Dudleyz win.

A limo pulls up and we are led to believe it is Vince, however we see Trish and new I.C champion Christian instead. They enter holding hands and laughing.

Backstage, Orton and Batista are seen talking, but with the camera so far away, we cannot hear what is said, however Orton looks visibly upset.

Cuts to Commercial

2nd Match: Womens Championship:
Lita vs. Molly Holly
Finish: After missing the Molly-go-round a dazed Molly walks right into a DDT followed by a Moonsault.
Lita retains.

Another Limo arrives. This time it is Vince. Refuses to give Terri an interview.


Trish and Christian canoodle in dressing room.
Jr and King talk about tonights events and go to speak with Shawn Michaels. They talk about his title match last night and hype tonights main event.

3rd Match:
Booker T & RVD vs. Test & Steiner
Finish: Booker makes a hot tag and takes out both oppenents. He connects with a scissor kick on Test and attempts a spin-a-roonie, but Steiner stops it with a chair shot resulting in DQ. With RVD still recovering, Booker is left to take a 2 on 1 beating. Test and BPP stand tall leaving Booker a bloddy mess.

We see McMahon making his way to the ring.


We return with Vince in the ring with a bandage above his left eye after his war with austin at XX. He begins by badmouthing the crowd, and even mentions austin. He then claims tonight is a new beginning for the WWE and can look forward to another 20 years of WM moments. However, if the WWE is to start fresh then it needs to get rid of the dead wood, He pulls out a list of Superstars names, Jon Hiedenriech, Rosey, Rico, Nunzio, Stamboli, Mark Henry, all FIRED!
Eric Bischoff then enters. He storms to the ring, and demands Vince rethink. Vince pauses, and tells Bischoff to look him in the eyes because.....YOU'RE F I R E D!!!
Bischoff is shocked as Police come ringside and escort him from the arena. Vince leads a chant of Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye. He now claims that that made him feel good, so for Paul Heyman, pick up your pink slip, Youre Fired!!
He then thinks out loud saying that maybe it were a bad idea, then again no it was, because, the first of the new GM - .......... Bret Hart. The crowd go wild to the announcement, even though he turned at WM this is too big to boo.
Vince then gets ready to leave until.... Glass Shatters... Austin enters in a pick up truck. He strolls straight into the ring and stuns McMahon.
Austin pours beer all over Vince and proceeds to the ramp when he is called back to listen to 2 words, You're FIRED!!!
A shocked Austin is distraught and walks out saluting the crowd one last time.


JR and King try to discuss what has just happened, showing highlights. Both are disgusted.

4th Match:
Hurricane vs. Garrison Cade w/ Jindrak
Finish: Cade has match under control troughout with help from his partner, however Hurricane comes back with a late flurry and connects with a shining wizard but Jindrak distracts the ref to give Cade enough time to roll up Hurricane with a hanful of tights.

Backstage, HHH and Flair talk about getting things done properly.
Lita is preparing to leave as she bumps into Matt. She thanks him for earlier and kisses him on the cheek.

We cut to the ring for a replacement of the Highlight Reel, Christians Peep Show. Christian and Trish review the sad life of Chris Jericho and explain that they planned the whole thing.
Y2J comes from the crowd and takes out Christian. He grabs Trish but can't bring himself to hitting her. She gives him low blow and Christian clocks him with the belt. They leave together hand in hand.


Main Event: Triple H & Ric Flair vs. Shawn Micheals and Undertaker
Finish: Match breaks down into 4 man brawl. Taker tombstones Flair, but interference from Kane breaks the count. They then brawl through the crowd and leaves HBK against HHH and Flair. Eventually the numbers are to much and HHH scores victory via Pedigree.
HHH raises belt. Vinces music cuts the celebration.
Vince enters at ramp. He decides to announce new GM of Raw as Bret will be S/Down. The new Raw GM is ........ MICK FOLEY!!
HHH is irate. Foley appears at top of entrance and waves

I would like feedback for this first RAW and I hope to get S/Down out tomorrow afternoon.

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I like the angles you are doing, Wrestlemania card was good as well.

Only thing I don't like is Billy Gunn as US Champ? He isn't that good, theres more people that deserve that title than him.

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Thanks for the replies. I value all the points that were made and I agree that more superstars should have been fired as well as the point on Bill Gunn. The reason I chose Billy was because big shows reign has been awful and was desperate to take the title from him, and with no other big names on smackdown available due to involvement in angles he was the only candidate available. I will definately get smackdown up later today. And again thanks for the replies.

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Smackdown 18/03/04: Denver

Opens at WWE Headquarters, where we are shown Vince McMahon smiling. He welcomes us to Smackdown, and explains that tonight he will chair a sit down meeting between the GM of RAW Mick Foley, and GM of SmackDown Bret Hart, as they prepare to discuss the new era under their management, including trades and P.P.V situations. He then tells every one to enjoy the show especially, Steve Austin.

Opening Video
Michael Cole and Tazz welcome everyone to Smackdown and immediately inform us of tonights main event, signed earlier in the day by GM Bret Hart which will see WWE Champion Brock Lesnar team with The Rock to face Eddy Guerrero and John Cena, Plus we are going to kick things off with a WWE tag title match between The Worlds greatest tag team and the combination of Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero.

1st Match: WWE Tag Team Championship:
T.W.G.T.T vs. Angle & Chavo
Finish: Chavo and Charlie take it to the outside whilst Kurt applies the Anklelock to Shelton. Shelton looks set to tap when Eddy Guerrero attacks Angle with a steel chair causing a blatant DQ. Chavo tries to save Angle but is also taken out by Eddy who takes out some more anger out on both with multiple chair shots before leaving.


We return with a shot outside the GM meeting as both Foley and Hart are seen discussing matters.

Josh Matthews interviews Kanyon. He asks Kanyon about his match tonight with Hardcore Holly. Kanyon responds by telling Josh how long he has had to wait for a chance to shine, and tonight on Smackdown he is going to take his chance with both hands and let everyone ask, Who Betta Than Kanyon!?

2nd Match:
Hardcore Holly vs. Kanyon
Finish: Kanyon does not disappoint and gives the crowd a great performance, kicking out of an Alabama Slam and then hitting his own top rope reverse Rock Bottom which M.Cole refers to as "The Grand Kanyon" for the victory.

We go backstage where Chuck Palumbo is sitting alone. Cole and Tazz remind everyone that his partners, Stamboli and Nunzio were fired on RAW. He then looks to have an idea and gets up and walks through backstage area.

The Rocks music hits and the peoples champ enters to a chorus of Rocky Sucks chants. He takes the mic and berates the crowd starting with, Finally, The Rock has come back to De..De...Disrespect all you trailer trash in Denver. He disses the crowd some more before congratulating Cena over his victory at WM. He then gives him more credit for having no shame in being the worst Eminem wanabee ever. Immediately the crowd chants for Cena and his music hits to a deafening roar. Cena rips into the Rock with a top class rap that mimics all of the Rocks sayings, and movies. The Rock is incensed and demands respect. Cena says the only respect he will give rock is when he makes a decent movie. An upset Rock challenges Cena to see if he can get lucky again like he did at WM. Cena accepts and makes his way down the ramp only to be attacked by Brock Lesnar ending with an F5 on the ramp. Brock smiles at rock.


Rey and Kidman prepare for tag match. Mysterio goes on about their great match at WM and says to Billy he hopes they can have rematch soon. Kidman looks away with a face of jealousy.
We get another look at the GM meeting as Hart and Foley are seen still discussing

3rd Match:
Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. Akio & Sakoda w/Tajiri
Finish: A mix up between all three of Akio, Sakoda and Tajiri leads to Rey knocking Tajiri and Akio off apron and gives Sakoda a 619 to set up Kidmans Shooting Star. Kidman is pulled out of the ring after the move by Tajiri and Rey steals the pin for victory. Kidman is furios and walks out on Rey to take a 3 on 1 beating.

We return to the GM meeting when Vince leaves the room and is asked for a comment from Kevin Kelly. Vince tells him the meeting has turned out well and that new ground had been broken. He tells us of the trades which have been made, they are, all three members of La Resistance,Hurricane and Lance Storm going to Smackdown, with Matt Morgan, Orlando Jordan, Rhyno, Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo heading to Raw. He also reveals that P.P.V events will change sightly, with September and October reverting to joint productions called, Clash of the Champions(world champ vs wwe champ etc.) and Nemises(no mixed brand matches). He then makes another comment about Austin and walks off.


A-Train and Big Show talk about their match later and agree that they make a hell of a tag team and will prove it later.
We see John Cena recieve medical treatment and is advised not to compete. He looks at the doctor and tells him he can and will compete.
Rey looks for Kidman everywhere but is eventually told that he left already.

4th Match:
Sean O'Haire vs. Rikishi
Finish: Rikishi sets up O'Haire for stink face but is hit with a pipe to the head by Palumbo, the referee fails to see as he was blocked by Rikishi and O'Haire gets the 3 count. He gives a surprised look to Palumbo as he celebrates victory

We go to an interview with Eddy. He looks into the camera and tells Chavo and Kurt to listen up because we gaurentees to get revenge and tonight was just the beginning. Angle appears and has a war of words with Eddy before Chavo attacks Eddy from behind. They throw Eddy through a glass window before leaving him a bloody mess.

5th Match:
Big Show & A-Train vs. Chris Benoit & Billy Gunn
Finish: Benoit and Billy knock A-Train down with a double clothesline, then Benoit locks the crossface on Big Show who has no choice but to tap. As they celebrate, Show and Train enter the ring with steel chairs and lay out both Benoit and Billy Gunn, before challenging T.W.G.T.T to a match next week for the titles. Haas and Benjamin accept because they proved at WM they are the worlds greatest tag team and will prove it again next week.

We see Eddy given medical treatment and is ready to be taken into ambulance when Brock passes and says Eddy is a walkover. Eddy sits up and tells doctor he is going nowhere.


We return with Kevin Kelly catching up with Mick Foley outside WWE HQ. Foley says he is glad he caught him as he wanted to make an announcement. He says the first main event he will sign for RAW will be typical Mick Foley. He says the Main event will see, World Champion Shawn Michaels teaming with RVD versus Evolutions Randy Orton and Batista....versus Cade and Jindrak....versus The Dudley Boyz for the World Tag Team Championships......in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, Oh my!!! Foley walks away buts returns and finishes by saying,"And thats final!!!". Bret Hart runs over extremely pissed off. He tells Foley that this is his show and to stop promoting Raw matches. Then he says he wants to announce a match of his own for next weeks Smackdown, pitting WWE Champion Brock Lesnar against Eddy Guerrero for the WWE Championship with a special guest referee, Bret Hart!

Brock Lesnar reacts to the news with a smile. He is met by The Rock. They discuss the match and agree it will be a breeze taking on two injured men. Lesnar then says he wants to make a special announcement later. They walk off together talking strategy.

Main Event:
John Cena & Eddy Guerrero vs. TheRock & Brock Lesnar
Finish: Cena and Eddy battle through injuries to take upper hand and Cena takes on The Rock outside the ring trading blows. Inside, Eddy reverses an F5 into a hurracanrana and connects with a frog splash. 1,2- Chavo pulls the ref to the outside as Angle nails Eddy with an Angle Slam. Brock crawls onto Eddy for victory as Rock stops Cena for breaking pin. Cena chases Rock to the back while Brock celebrates with an F5 to Eddy. He then takes the mic and tells the arena to shut up. He talks about his win over Goldberg at WM and claims that Goldberg is too scared to sign a new contract as he knows Lesnar will win. Goldbergs music hits, and the arena goes wild. Goldberg comes to ring with a clipboard, he drops it and goes straight into Brock with a Spear followed by a Jackhammer. He picks up the clipboard and signs a document. He drops it and holds the title above lesnar. The camera zooms in on the document which is titled - SmackDown CONTRACT. We cut with Cole and Tazz saying, Oh my God, Goldberg signed, Goldberg signed!!!!!

Please rate my Smackdown and I would appreciate any views or ideas you have for the future. I will be back with Raw on Monday which will be the regular day for raw and Fridays for Smackdown. Until then Goodbye.

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I loved that one too. Please keep posting them. And as a matter of fact, I like the Billy Gunn US Champ, he is a great athlete, and is deserving enough, but unfortunatley, I do agree that their are more deserving guys out there, like John Cena, and maybe even Matt Morgan, who by the way, is a great athlete and should get a huge puch. But I think that you totaly need to keep sending in stuff, and I got a feeling that they will also be great.

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Raw: 22/03/04, Long Island

We begin with a recap of last weeks events, including the firings, and Mick Foley being named new GM of RAW.

Raw music plays. Fireworks, and we are greeted by JR and The King for RAW live from Mick Foleys home town, Long Island.

Mick Foleys music blasts into the arena to a huge pop, and the new GM makes his way to the ring. First he hypes tonights main event, TLC for the tag titles right here, in LONG ISLAND to another huge pop. He then tells us that the face of raw will change forever now that he has returned on a full time basis. His first business is to announce the main event for Backlash. Foley begins saying the even though it hurts him to say it, Triple H is the No.1 contender to a chorus of boos. Evolutions music then hits. They gather at the top of the ramp as HHH begins to speak. He tells Foley that the multiple Sledgehammer shots at WM must have given him sense to make HHH #1 contender. Foley smiles and cuts off HHH. He says that HHH is not the only #1 contender, and points to Randy Orton signalling that Orton is also, this brings a smile to Ortons face. HHH then says that Foley must have something against HBK because HHH and Randy are going to rip him apart at Backlash. Foley again cuts off HHH, and says there are also another contender, The Undertaker. The crowd then gives a massive cheer. Kanes music then plays. He walks right through Evolution and right into Foleys face. He demands to be included as a #1 contender. Foley tells him to step back and relax as he is a #1 contender and also RVD. Foley then explains why so many Contenders have been named, reminds everyone that the last major match he signed was December 2000, 6 man Hell in a Cell. He thinks it is fitting to start his new regime where he left off and officially announces, HBK vs HHH vs Orton vs Undertaker vs Kane vs RVD for the Heavyweight title in Hell in a cell at Backlash. All present are shocked. Arena goes into darkness and Takers music plays, tron shows clips of past hell in a cell moments involving Taker. Lights return, and everyone of the contenders look shaken.


Booker is backstage and is confronted by Test. Steiner attacks Booker from behind leading to a 2 on 1 assault.

1st match;
Matt Hardy vs. Steven Richards
(Clip shown before match of Matt saving Lita from Richards and Victria last week)
Finish: Victoria runs to ringside distracting Matt as Richarsd grabs the tights for a tainted win. They proceed to attack Matt who is saved by Lita.

Evolution talk in their dressing room. HHH says he has nothing to fear in Hell in a Cell because Orton is going to help him regain the Title. Orton half heartedly agrees but is seen to be unhappy.
Foley interview. Announces that the Hardcore title will return at Backlash in a 15 man, 15 minute, Invitational Iron Man Match.
Jackie Gayda frets backstage. Maven asks her whats wrong. She explains that she has a mixed tag match next, and now Rico has been fired she has no partner. Maven offers to partner her.

2nd Match:
Christian & Trish vs. Maven & Jackie
Finish: Jackie gets roll up victory on Trish. Christian then attacks Jackie as Maven is out on the outside. Jericho runs in with a chair taking out Christian. He grabs Trish by the hair, but still cant bring himself to hitting her. Eventually Christian nails Y2J with a low blow and an Unprettier onto the I.C belt.


We return with an Interview with HBK. Talks about the Cell match and TLC tonight. Kane. Kane tells HBK to cherish all the moments he has with the belt because at Backlash, he wont have it anymore. HBK shows no fear and tells Kane he can all he wants but has to prove he is good enough to take the title.
Christian and Trish quickly pack to leave. Stopped by Foley. Foley signs Christian vs. Jericho at Backlash for I.C title.

3rd Match:
Booker T vs. Test
(Before match we are shown clips of last weeks attack and also tonights earlier assault)
Finish: Booker ducks the Boot and hits a Book End for the win. Steiner then attacks Book, leading to another 2 on 1 attack. Goldust then runs to the ring to help Booker as Test and Steiner are shocked to see Goldust, hightailing. Goldust then helps Booker. Booker hugs the returning Goldust to a massive cheer.

Cuts back to an Interview with Theodore Long. Says no one can deny that he and Rodney Mack are being held down by the man after Mark Henry being fired. Says he has found new blood to back the mack, Orlando Jordan. Jordan enters and takes the mic. He says that he was held down on Smackdown, but wont be held down on RAW.
Dudleyz prepare for TLC.
We then see Matt Morgan make his way backstage for match. JR and King talk about how huge he is and he is going to be a dominant force.


4th Match:
Matt Morgan vs. Tommy Dreamer
Finish: Morgan crushes Dreamer within 3 minutes finishing him with a major twirling Powerbomb.

Backstage, Ric Flair gets Orton and Batista fired up for TLC.
RVD and HBK meet up. Talk about being partners tonight but not at Backlash. Shake hands.
Mick Foley finishes a phone call, then calls in Terri to announce that he has just signed a WWE legend for RAW who will appear next week.
Jr and King then speculate what WWE legend it could be.

5th match:
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire vs. Rodney Mack & Orlando Jordan
Finish: Teddy Long is ejected from ringside distracting Mack and Jordan giving O' Haire the chance to put Jordan on the outside as Palumbo hits the Jungle Kick on Mack and O'Haire then hits his swanton bomb for the victory.

Interview with Cade and Jindrak. Say that tonight they will step up and prove they are the best tag team on raw by taking out evolution, the so called champs the dudleys, and stealing the show from Michaels and RVD.
HHH and Flair talk backstag about helping Orton and Batista. Foley interrupts. Tells them they wont interfere because they are leaving right now. Both irate.


Main Event: TLC for World tag titles:
Dudleyz vs Evolution vs Cade & Jindrak vs HBK & RVD
Finish: With Orton and Batista KO'd after a double 5 Star from RVD off the ladder through a table, Cade and Jindrak brawling with the Dudleyz, HBK climbs the ladder to take the belts only to be stopped by Kane who chokeslams HBK off the ladder through a table. The Dudleyz begin to scale the ladder but are also stopped by Kane who hits a double chokeslam. Kane laughs at HBKs prone, lifeless body as Cade and Jindrak gets the belts and are crowned new tag team champions. They leave as we finish the show with Kanes deranged face laughing as he stands over HBK.

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Another good show.

Liked the announcement of the 6 man HIAC match. Good to see Steven Richards giving a push, although at the expense of Matt Hardy I don't really like that. Would've prefered someone else than Tommy Dreamer to be squashed by Matt Morgan, I like you bringing back the O'Haire & Palumbo team from WCW, Jordan is a good addition to the 'black' stable. Good that Jindrak/Cade won the belts, they are good wrestlers. Like the fued going on between Michaels/Kane.

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Smackdown: 24/03/04 Philadelphia

We start with the Smackdown opening video


Michael Cole and Tazz then proceed to welcome us to the first official Smackdown under Bret Hart. They remind us of tonights main event, Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Title against Eddy Guerrero with GM Bret Hart as Special Guest Referee.

Lesnars music hits and we see the WWE Champ. On his way to the ring he taunts the crowd posing with the belt.
We milks the crowd calling him an asshole and they then chant Goldberg, bringing Lesnars smug look to a scowl. He immediately tells the crowd to shut up. This only gets the crowd to chant louder. Eventually the chant dies down as Lesnar begins to talk. He tells the crowd that what happened last week with Goldberg was a one off and that the only way for Goldberg to get the upper hand on him was by catching him off guard and challenges him to face him right now - Man to Boy. This riles the crowd even more who begin the Goldberg chants again. Then the Goldberg music hits to an unreal reaction. He stands at the entrance and looks at Brock with a grin. He then tells Brock now that he has signed a new contract, he has drawn up a hitlist and Brock is next. Goldberg makes his way to the ring and pauses before getting in. The Hitmans music plays and the GM rushes out. He tells Goldberg that he doesn’t care who is next because it wont be tonight as he has the night off. Goldberg is irate, as Lesnar laughs.


We return with Goldberg being escorted into a limo with Brock waving him off. He is then confronted by Eddy. Eddy tells him to concentrate on him tonight, he then walks off. Brock mutters to himself that it will be a piece of cake.
Cole and Tazz then talk about tonights matches and also that the Rock will appear via video link from Hollywood.

1st Match: U.S Championship:
Billy Gunn vs. Danny Basham
Finish: Billy hit’s the fame asser on Danny as Shaniqua distracts the referee. Billy knocks her off the apron as Doug swaps with Danny. Billy goes to pick up who he thinks is Danny only to be cradled by Doug. Billy just kicks out and then….. Glass Shatters and Steve Austins music plays to a deafening reception from the crowd. He enters in his pick-up truck as the commentators declare their disbelief at his entry. “ He’s supposed to be fired, Austin is supposed to be fired!!”. 3.16 enters the ring and proceeds to stun Doug, Danny, Billy and Shaniqua. The referee tells him to stop but is met with a stunner also. He calls for a beer and poses for the crowd before re entering his truck and leaving to a huge crowd reaction

Backstage, Bret is raging with what he has just saw and phones McMahon to ask him what the hell Austin is doing ruining his show. La Resistance enter the room and Bret tells Vince to sort the problem. He talks to La Rez telling them he likes them a lot and they have a great future. Says as Tag title match was made last week over his head, it is scrapped and instead La Resistance will face T.W.G.T.T for the titles tonight.

2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri
Finish: With Akio&Sakoda Banned from ringside Rey wins the match with a 619 and West Coast Pop. Afterwards, A & S run out and begin a 3on 1 attack. Kidman runs in to make the save but after clearing the ring of the Japanese he turns on Mysterio and hit’s a Shooting star for insult. He leaves to a barrage of boo’s.


Big Show and A-Train go to Brets room irate. Want their tag title shot. Bret says they can have a two on one match against anyone they want. They pick Cena. Bret grants match.
Interview with W.G.T.T. Say they have proved they are better than everyone and will again tonight against Resistance

Sable enters Harts room. She offers her services as a secretary to Bret. He thinks it’s a good idea and accepts.


3rd Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Spanky
Finish: Chavo no shows to the match and Spanky is declared the winner.

We are shown Rock preparing for his appearance from Hollywood.
Hurricane and Storm talk backstage about their trade from RAW.

4th Match: WWE Tag Team Championships:
T.W.G.T.T vs. La Resistance
Finish: After a decent match, Conway interferes on behalf of La Rez as the ref is KO’d. APA enter and take out all three members of la resistance for Haas to get the win.

Eddy Guerrero interview. He ponders whereabouts of Chavo but then says nothing will come between him and the WWE Title tonight.
Haas and Benjamin are asked why APA helped them. They say they paid APA to help them tonight. They go on to say they are not only the greatest, but the smartest, by tricking two drunks for a small amount of money. They walk away laughing.


5th Match: Two on One:
Big Show and A-Train vs. John Cena
Finish: Cena puts up a valiant effort and after a hard fought match, Train accidentally kicks Show out of the ring he then walks into an FU and just as Cena is about to pin Train, The Rock appears on the tron, distracting Cena. Show gets back in and Choke slams Cena for the win. Rock laughs at Cena’s stupidity as he gets to his feet. The Rock then insults Cena who gets a mic and the pair engage in a war of words. The two trade insults when Cena delivers another unforgettable rap. Rock then calls for the camera to cut as Cena smiles.

Hart catches up with La Resistance and tells them not to worry about tonights loss as Conway has been added to US #1 Contender match next. He then tells Show and Train if they beat Rakishi & Scotty next week they will get a tag title shot.


Kanyon interview. Says that after he got a chance last week he has been reborn and tonight will become the #1 Contender for the US Title.

6th Match: #1 Contender Match for US Championship:
Chris Benoit vs. Kanyon vs. Rob Conway
Finish: Conway takes out the ref after a bad call. He signals for La Resistance and they run to his aid only to be stopped by Benoit. Conway is distracted with what is going on outside and is rolled up by Kanyon who picks up the victory and now faces Billy Gunn next week.

Sable orders security to make sure no one interferes or they will face the wrath of McMahon
Bret gets prepared in his referee uniform.
Brock is seen making his way backstage.
Eddy looks into the mirror and tells himself this is his time.


Main Event: WWE Championship Match w/Special Guest Referee, GM Bret Hart
Brock Lesnar vs. Eddy Guerrero
Finish: Lesnar accidently clotheslines Hart leaving no official. Then it cuts to backstage where Goldberg is seen taking on all the Security and runs to the ring taking out Lesnar with a spear and Jackhammer. He then leaves with a major smile. Eddy is about to get the cover when Kurt hits an Angle slam, leaving Brock to get a cover. Bret gets back up and makes the count, 1.….2.….Eddy kicks out. Bret then banishes Kurt from ringside as Chavo attacks Eddy with brass knucks behind Harts back. Lesnar gets an arm over the bloody Eddy for the victory to retain the WWE Title.
Lesnar takes his belt and scurries out of the ring cherishing the title knowing just how lucky he his as the show ends.

Well guys there is another edition of Smackdown. I got it out early this week as plans I made fell through. Hopefully I’ll get another RAW and Smackdown out later in the week and as always all your views and ratings are valued.

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RAW: 29/03/04: Nashville

Video runs of last weeks events, including, the announcement of HIAC at Backlash, Kane - HBK showdown and highlights of TLC ending with Kane screwing Michaels.
Raw video
And we open RAW, JR and King welcome us to Nashville for RAW and remind us tonight a WWE legend will return.

1st Match: Women’s Championship:
Lita vs. Jazz w/ T. Long
Finish: Lita hit’s a DDT on Jazz and baseball slides Long into the chest. She goes up top for the Moonsault only to be knocked off by Victoria leading to a DQ. She takes a chair into the ring and levels Lita, Jazz and Teddy Long before Rodney Mack runs in and nails Victoria with a German Suplex. This leads Steven Richards to attack Mack with a Singapore cane. He then plans to hit Lita only to be stopped by Matt Hardy. He hit’s the Twist of fate on Richards and signals Lita to hit the moonsault on him. Lita hit’s the move and they celebrate to the top of the ramp.

We then cut to Kane entering Foleys office. He demands a match tonight. Foley first gives Kane a warning not to ruin another main event and then makes Kane vs. Jericho later.
Al Snow, Rhyno, Matt Morgan and Tommy Dreamer sign up for Hardcore at Backlash. Brooklyn Brawler pushes through and also signs up. The four superstars then laugh at his entry and tell him to reconsider. He looks at them sternly and walks away.


2nd Match :
Booker T w/ Goldust vs. Test w/ Steiner
( As the four make their way to the ring, JR informs us that at Backlash it will be Test & Steiner vs. Booker & Goldust)
Finish: Steiner tries to distract the referee so Test can use a steel pipe. Test is then thwarted by Goldust who takes the pipe just as he is ready to swing. Goldust then hit’s a low blow setting up Booker to knock off Steiner and hit the Scissor Kick for the win. Afterwards they both do a version of the spin-a-roonie to the fans delight.

A “Hell in a Cell” moment plays on the tron - HHH defeating Cactus Jack ending his career, February 2000.
Highlights are then shown of TLC last week. Afterwards we cut to JR and King who inform us that all the superstars involved in the match last week will not be in action tonight but we will hear from all later.
Mick Foley is then seen preparing for the returning legend later. Coach then enters looking for an interview. Foley announces that this signing will blow Smackdown away and will put all of RAW on their toes.

3rd Match : Hardcore Rules:
Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow vs. Matt Morgan & Rhyno
Finish: Morgan dismantles Snow and Dreamer. Rhyno then makes a blind tag, picking up the victory. This infuriates Morgan who then takes a trash can. He knocks Rhyno down with the lid. He then proceeds to place the can on Rhynos head and plants him with a twirling power bomb. He leaves the scene with all the other three KO’d.


We return with Theodore Long giving instructions to his group. Foley interrupts and makes Matt Hardy vs. Orlando Jordan later. He also announces a triple threat match at Backlash for the Women’s Championship; Lita vs. Jazz vs. Victoria.
Evolution arrive to the arena
RVD interview from earlier in the day. Says if people thought TLC was brutal, expect HIAC to be 10 times worse, and he expects to leave with more cuts and bruises but also the World Heavyweight Title.
Maven and Jackie Gayda talk. Inter gender match up next.
Christian and Trish interview. Make fun of Y2J.

3rd Match:
Steven Richards & Victoria vs. Maven & Jackie Gayda
Finish: Theodore Long and company make their way to ringside during the match, distracting Richards and Victoria. Eventually, Maven pins Richards with the victory roll. Afterwards Long and co. wear out Richards and Victoria leaving them in the middle of the ring.

Evolution settle in dressing room. Talk about wanting to be the first to see the so called legend.


We return with an interview with the new tag team champions, Cade and Jindrak. They talk about finally getting some respect in the WWE and will now go on to prove they are the most dominant tag team on RAW and the WWE.
Another “Hell in a Cell moment” airs. Undertaker vs. Michaels - October 97
Kane interview. He tells all the entrants of HIAC to watch him destroy Jericho tonight, because this is a warning of what they can expect at Backlash, he singles out Undertaker and Michaels especially.

4th Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Kane with Christian and Trish doing colour commentary
Finish: Throughout match Christian and Trish make fun of Y2J’s manhood on commentary. Eventually Y2J locks in Walls of Jericho. Christian runs to the ring, pulling out the referee. An irate Jericho grabs Christian by the hair to the apron. Christian then pulls Jericho’s head to bounce off the ropes and right into Kane’s choke slam. Christian and Trish quickly run away. Kane then calls for a mic. He calls out Undertaker to face him right now. Taker enters to his music amid enormous cheers from the crowd. He goes face to face with Kane. Get right into a fight. Both men go punch for punch and battle all around ringside, busting each other open. Kane ends up on top with a Tombstone onto steel steps. He then walks to the ramp where he makes his trademark arm movement to signal fire from each corner. Once this is ignited, Taker sits up and Kane’s smile turns to shock.


We return with Lita thanking Matt for all his help recently and offers to accompany him tonight. He accepts.
Dudleyz interview. Give the youngsters a round of applause on their win last week, but will use their rematch clause at Backlash.
Val Venis and Maven are seen entering Hardcore list for PPV.
Jericho looks backstage for Christian. Set up by Trish as Christian takes out Y2J with a chair shot and a solo conchairto.

5th Match:
Matt Hardy w/ Lita vs. Orlando Jordan w/ T.Long and Co.
Finish: Matt hit’s the Twist of fate only for Mack to hit Hardy, causing a blatant DQ. 4 on 2 attack. Jazz holds women’s belt while the rest walk around the ring.

Evolution are seen talking again. They talk about HIAC plus the Legend. Flair says whoever he is he cannot be deemed a legend until he meets the Ric Flair seal of approval.
HBK interview from home. Says Kane has unleashed a real monster at Backlash, HBK!! Talks about how determined he is to walk out of HIAC as champion.
JR and King preview Backlash so far, and talk about tonight’s events.


Mick Foley’s music hits through the arena as the crowd pops big time for the GM. He takes the mic and proceeds to make his big announcement. He reads a long list about the legend and just as he is about to introduce him, Evolutions music hits. Foley is rather pissed off. Evolution say they want to greet this so called legend to RAW personally. Stings music then hits. The crowd goes wild big time for this. Camera cuts to Flair who is absolutely shocked and irate. He goes mad around the ring as Sting appears. Sting gets to the ring and is just about to speak when Flair attacks him. Evolution attack Sting. Foley tries to help Sting but is beaten by the numbers. Eventually Sting and Foley turn the tables and take down all of Evolution. Sting then sets up each member for a Stinger Splash in each corner and then locks in a Scorpion deathlock on Flair. We end the show with Evolution running to safety, grabbing Flair from the ring, as Foley and Sting celebrate in the ring.

There’s another edition of RAW. Hope you guys enjoyed the show. Please I’d love to read your ratings as usual. Until next time, bye.

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Smackdown: 01/04/04: Salt Lake City:

Smackdown video and music plays.
Michael Cole and Tazz introduce us to Smackdown. They go through matches already announced for tonight; U.S Title match between Gunn and Kanyon, Tag #1 Contenders match- Rikishi & Scotty vs. Big Show & A-Train and also Angle & Chavo vs. Lance Storm & Hurricane.

Bret’s music hits and we see the GM to a mixed reaction from the crowd.
He takes a microphone and tells the audience that he has a few points to make. Firstly, tonight Eddy Guerrero will have a WWE title rematch due to interference last week. He warns that if anyone gets involved will be automatically fired. He then says that Vince McMahon has guaranteed that Stone Cold will not be able to enter the arena tonight or ever again. Goldberg’s music hits. He comes face to face with Bret as the crowd chant his name. He demands a match tonight. Bret accepts. Says as he sounds desperate for a match, it will be a 2 on 1 match vs. Basham’s and it will be right now!! Bashams music hits and they sprint to the ring to take on Goldberg.

1st Match: Handicap Match:
Goldberg vs. Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua
Finish: Goldberg squashes the Bashams and Shaniqua in less than 4 minutes. He finishes by hitting a triple spear and then finishing with a Jackhammer on Doug. Afterwards, he signals to the crowd that he wants the title and points to the entrance shouting that Brock is next. Suddenly, Lesnar comes from the crowd and hits Goldberg with the belt to the back of the head. He then stands over Goldberg celebrating with the title.


We return as Chavo and Kurt stand by for an interview with Josh Matthews. They talk about Eddy and eventually Chavo challenges Eddy to face him in a Cage match next week. Hurricane then flies in. He warns Chavo and Kurt not to underestimate him and Citizen Storm tonight. He then gets involved in a hilarious war of words with Kurt Angle, ending with Hurricane mocking Angle’s 3 I’s and proclaiming, “What’s up with dat”.
The Rock arrives in his Limo surrounded by bodyguards.

2nd Match:
Billy Kidman vs. Shannon Moore
Finish: Kidman, throughout the match tries to get over as a heel, playing to the crowd and cheating in the ring. In the end, After missing a shooting star Kidman struggles to get to his feet, Moore rolls him up, only to be reversed as Kidman holds the ropes for victory. Afterwards he takes a mic and congratulates Shannon on a great performance. They shake, but Billy then hit’s a low blow and a Kid Krusher. He pounds on Shannon some more, until Rey makes the save. Kidman backs out and tells Rey not tonight.

Interview with Eddy Guerrero. He talks about everything he has battled through to get to this point, the WWE Title. Says after last week, he is hungrier than ever and knows he can beat Lesnar - and says he will tonight. He then is asked about Chavo. He accepts his challenge and will face him in a cage next week.


APA talk in their office. Unhappy with TWGTT remarks about them last week.
Sable talks to security, says that tonight they must make sure that no one interferes in the main event and that if someone does get by them, their lives will not be worth living.
Show and Train talk backstage before making their way to the ring.

3rd Match: #1 Contenders match for the Tag titles next week.
Big Show & A-Train vs. Rikishi & Scotty
Finish: After a fairly even match Show and Train take the upper hand by working on Scotty. Eventually he makes the tag and cleans house. However, the size and power of Show and Train prove to much as they finish Scotty with a double power bomb and Rikishi with a double choke slam for the win.

We then join The Rock in his locker room. Matthews asks for an interview, to which the rock asks “Who in the blue hell are you?”. As Josh begins to reply, Rock interrupts with “It doesn’t matter what your name is!” He kicks him out of the room for being a geek. He takes the mic and then says he has a message for Cena. He begins to make fun as Cena walks in behind him, Rock continues, not knowing that and just as he is about to finish he is cut off by John. Cena then makes fun of the rock and says 1999 called and it wants its catchphrases back. This infuriates the Rock even further. He spits at Cena and quickly runs behind his Bodyguards who force Cena out. The two continue to exchange words as the camera cuts off.

Bret then appears on the ramp and tells everyone that tonight, he has added Cena and Rock to the tag match later between, Chavo, Kurt and Storm and Hurricane. He then, gives a blown up introduction for La Resistance. They come to the ring and begin by talking in French. This angers the crowd who boo and call them assholes. They continue until…glass shatters and Austin enters in his pick up truck. He enters the ring and immediately stuns all three members of La Resistance. The crowd goes wild and the arena bellows with Austin chants. Bret then enters with three security guards and ask them to arrest the trespasser. He then stuns all three guards and even Bret. Austin then takes out a crate of beer. He drinks some, throws some to the crowd and then drenches Bret.


We return with highlights of earlier with SCSA and Bret. Tazz and Cole speculate what Austin may do next. They then talk about the U.S title up next and show clips of Kanyons recent performances talking about him being on a roll.

4th Match: U.S Championship:
Billy Gunn vs. Kanyon
Finish: After a close match Kanyon moves out of the Fame Asser and then delivers a Grand Kanyon for the clean victory and is crowned new US champ.

Storm and Hurricane talk backstage about teaming up for the first time since the invasion. They are passed by an ecstatic Kanyon who celebrates with the US title.
Bret Hart is shown on the phone talking to Vince about Austin.
Rey Mysterio interview. He says he will defend title against Kidman next week.

5th Match:
Kurt Angle, Chavo Guerrero and The Rock vs. Hurricane, Storm and John Cena.
Finish: To finish a great faced paced match, Hurricane makes a long awaited hot tag to Cena who takes down the opposition and as the other four pair off we are left with Cena and The Rock in the ring. Cena sets up Rock for the FU only to be reversed as Rock pushes him into the ropes and a Kurt Angle chair shot from the outside knocks Cena into a Rock Bottom as Rock gets the three count for the win.

La Resistance complain to Bret about Austin. Bret irate also.
Lesnar interview. He talks about being the greatest Champion ever, and does not need anyone’s help to defeat anyone. Talks about beating Goldberg man to man and will do the same with Eddy tonight.


Main Event: WWE Championship Match :
Brock Lesnar vs. Eddy Guerrero
Finish: The two men go through another twenty minute technical epic, which swings back and forth. Toward the climax, Eddy even kicks out of an F5 and Brock from a Frog Splash. Then Eddy kicks out of another F5 which shocks Brock and the whole entire audience. Brock then shields the referee from seeing a low blow to Eddy and hit’s a third F5 to pick up a tainted victory. We go off air with Brock clutching the belt just like last week as Cole claims the champion is a lucky, lucky man.

Well guys there’s another Smackdown. As always all your views, opinions and ratings are valued. Also from next week I will be posting RAW on Mondays and Smackdown on tuesdays. Backlash will be posted either on Wednesday or Thursday, but i'll know for definate after Raw. Thanks again guys and i look forward to hearing your views.

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RAW: 5/04/04: Little Rock

We open to the sight of Hell in a Cell hanging above the ring, with the ominous music and spotlight.
Opening music

J.R and King welcome us to this weeks Raw, six days away from Backlash and HIAC. The picture goes back to HIAC as JR informs us that the Cell is here by request of the Undertaker, who will make a statement later on tonight.

1st Match:
Goldust w/Booker T vs. Test w/Scott Steiner
(During the entrances we are again reminded of the Tag match between the two teams at Backlash)
Finish: Test goes for the boot only to hit Steiner who is standing on the apron. Goldust takes advantage of the situation by hitting his reverse DDT for the win. Goldust and Booker celebrate only to be stopped by Test and Steiner wielding Steel chairs. After this assault, Test and Steiner mock Booker and Goldust with their own version of the Spin-a-roonie.


We return with a “Hell in a Cell moment” - Triple H vs. Jericho, May 2002
A video then plays showing the history of the Hardcore title.
Rhyno interview. In a somewhat psychotic manner, Rhyno talks about maiming 14 other inferior men at Backlash and be crowned as new Hardcore Champion.
A limo then pulls up and Evolution arrive. All four men look incredibly angry, JR speculates that this may be because of what happened last week with Sting.

2nd Match:
Maven & Jackie Gayda vs. Val Venis (Now heel) & Molly Holly
( During entrances, JR informs us why this match has come together. We are shown clips from Heat where Maven and Jackie both won singles matches against Val and Molly. Therefore they were challenged tonight to a mixed tag match. Also JR reminds us that Maven and Val have entered the Hardcore Invitational at Backlash.)
Finish: After a fairly average match, Val and Maven take the fight to the outside leaving Molly and Jackie in the ring. Val then hits Maven with the ring bell, without the referee noticing. Val then distracts Jackie long enough for Molly to hit the Molly go round for the win.

The camera then quickly cuts to a Chris Jericho interview. He talks about Christian and Trish. He explains how this rivalry has become about much more than the I.C title. He says about how betrayed he feels by both his best friend and his true love, he then says that he sees Trish in a totally new light, and she deserves the CLB, and at Backlash , if she gets involved he will have no reservations about kicking her ass.
The Evolution music hits, and the foursome make their way to the ring. As they walk, JR reminds us again of what happened last week with Sting. He also tells us that Batista has entered the Hardcore Invitational at Backlash. HHH, with the microphone in hand looks to the cell above the ring, he then talks about the Cell,
HHH: (To the crowd) “It’s scary isn’t it? Just think about it, 15 tons of steel, six men, and only one championship. Randy, do you realise what you are going to put your body through in six days at Backlash. (Orton confidently nods, and then looks at the cell). Six men all vying for one gold, one gold they can’t win and I can’t lose. You see they won’t have the advantage of a team mate, they won’t have the advantage of a partner to help them when they might need them, I do. I have the legend killer on my side, the man who’s only goal is to see me, Triple H win the World Heavyweight Championship, I have Randy Orton. ( Crowd boo’s as Randy looks unimpressed by HHH comments). You see, you people don’t get it. No matter how much or loud you cheer your heroes, they will not win. This cell is too much for average men, this cell is too much for your heroes. Michaels, R V D, or even the Undertaker. You know it, I know it, hell, even they know it. With a two on one advantage, I am unstoppable, and you better believe it when I say that I will walk out of Hell in a Cell with the Heavyweight title, because I am the Game, and I am that damn good!”
He then hands the mic over to Flair who talks about Sting. He says Sting could only be referred to as a legend because he has stepped into the ring with the ultimate legend, Ric Flair.
Foleys music plays. He then announces to Flair that he has just signed a No Disqualification match at Backlash in a clash of the legends match between Ric Flair and Sting.


3rd Match:
Christian, Cade and Jindrak vs. Dudley Boyz and Chris Jericho
( During entrances we are reminded of the Tag title match at Backlash as well as the I.C title match)
Finish: After a high paced solid 10 minute match, The match breaks down into a brawl. The Dudleyz take Cade and Jindrak to the outside while Jericho puts the walls onto Christian. Trish distracts the referee, while Christian taps, Jericho eventually breaks the hold and throws Trish into the ring. Christian saves her with a shot to Jericho’s back. She quickly gets out as Christian goes for the unprettier
Only for Jericho to reverse into a school boy for the win. A shocked Christian quickly grabs the IC belt and swings for Y2J. Jericho ducks and Christian hits Trish. Y2J then hit’s the bulldog and lionsault on Christian. Meanwhile the Dudleyz have 3D both C & J on the outside. As Jericho celebrates in the ring Trish tries to crawl out of the ring only to be stopped by Jericho. He grabs her by the hair and calls for the tables. He then throws her into the Dudleyz who give Trish the 3D trough the table. All three celebrate with the belts.

We then cut backstage to see Sting arriving at the arena. He is welcomed by a string of stars including, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, O’Haire, Palumbo, RVD, Matt Hardy, Lita, and HBK.

4th Match: Hardcore Rules:
Rhyno vs. Spike Dudley
(During entrances we are reminded that both are entered for the Hardcore match at Backlash)
Finish: A dominant Rhyno finishes Spike within four minutes with a gore through a table. He celebrates around the ring, a signals to the crowd that he will win the title at Backlash. Then Tommy Dreamer comes through the crowd with a Singapore cane levelling Rhyno. He is then followed by Orlando Jordan and Rodney Mack who double team Dreamer. Palumbo and O’Haire then take out O.J and Mack with trashcans. Matt Morgan then runs to the ring and takes down both with a steel chair. Al Snow tries to take on Morgan but is overpowered. Val then hits Morgan with a wooden crate to no effect. He too is dominated by Morgan. Matt Morgan stands triumphantly in the ring and surveys the carnage.


We return with highlights of Matt Morgan decimating nearly all the competition for the Invitational at Backlash. JR and King hype the monster and declare it will take more than one man to stop Morgan at Backlash.
Then we go to an interview with Sting. He talks about being back in the big time and thanks the fans for their support. He then talks about his match with Ric Flair at Backlash.
Evolution then react to Stings comments, with Flair promising Stings stay with the WWE will be a short one.
Matt Hardy calls in on Lita to see if she is ready for tonight’s match. He then asks her if she would like to go out after on a date. She accepts. Steven Richards and Victoria come in and make fun by play acting them. Matt and Lita stare at them oddly and walk out.
Kane interview. He talks about the pain and suffering that he will dish out at Backlash in his quest to become Champion. He says nothing will stop him especially his brother or Shawn Michaels.

5th Match: Triple Threat Inter gender tag match:
Matt Hardy and Lita vs. Rodney Mack and Jazz vs. Richards and Victoria
( During entrances we are reminded of the Triple threat match at Backlash for the women’s title. Plus, each lady will have someone in their corner. Matt w/Lita, Richards w/Victoria, Long w/Jazz.)
Finish: The match breaks down into a brawl, and with only Jazz and Lita in the ring, Teddy Long assists Jazz with the title belt. He distracts the referee for Jazz to nail Lita with the belt and score the victory. They quickly escape up the ramp with Mack as Matt helps Lita to her feet. Richards and Victoria then sneak attack both Matt and Lita leaving them laying.

HBK and RVD pass each other backstage. They talk about TLC two weeks ago and then talk about HIAC.
Coach catches up with Theodore Long and company to get an interview. Teddy tells Coach that ****** can’t hold them down any longer because at Backlash Baby girl will be crowned Women’s champ and to back the Mack or the new improved O.J to take the Hardcore Title.


We return with JR and King previewing Backlash; Booker T & Goldust vs. Test & Steiner, Sting vs. Ric Flair, Womens title between, Lita w/Matt, Victoria w/Steven, and Jazz w/T.Long. Also, the tag titles match, Cade & Jindrak vs. Dudley Boyz, Christian vs. Jericho for the Intercontinental Title, the return of the Hardcore Championship in a 15 man 15 minute Iron Man Match, ( Participants: Matt Morgan, Al Snow, Maven, Val Venis, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Batista, Tommy Dreamer, Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack, Spike Dudley, Rhyno, Brooklyn Brawler, Kamala and Doink the Clown.) And the Main event, Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship. They talk in detail about the main event and then show a special Hell in a Cell video, including the biggest bumps and most brutal moments.

Suddenly, the arena goes into complete darkness, and the eerie Undertaker music plays into the arena. A spotlight stays on the HIAC as it lowers. The Undertaker slowly makes his way to the ring. Once he does the cell has completely lowered. He takes a microphone. He walks around the ring and talks about how the Cell holds fond memories for him. He talks about what he has done in the past, and explains what he will do at Backlash and the type of injuries he will inflict inside and possibly outside the Cell. Kane’s music then interrupts. He makes his way to the Cell and has a Stare down with his brother. He tells Undertaker its time for him to move over and let Kane take the Cell as his playground. HBK then enters. He reminds both that he has been in the Cell before and that this time he will not run from anyone no matter how big or scary they may be. RVD. He says that were Kane and Taker will look to cause pain he will be looking to take the title. Gets into a war of words with HBK. Come to blows. Kane and Taker also fight. HHH and Orton sneak down and watch as the other four go into battle. They enter the cell a couple of minutes later with a sledgehammer and knock-out both HBK and RVD. Kane meanwhile Chokeslams Taker and is met afterwards with a sledgehammer shot. HHH and Orton stand tall until Taker sits up. HHH and Orton turn round and are shocked to see the deadman on his feet. He hit’s a double clothesline, and then choke slams Orton, he then delivers a Tombstone to HHH. Taker stands tall as we go off the air.

Please guys I would really appreciate your ratings as there has been little lately. I will post Smackdown on Tuesday and Backlash by Wednesday.
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