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What will be your Dream Match?

That's a tough one. Either Dynamite Kid, Jushin Liger, Haybusa, the Great Muta and that's just off the top of my head...

The Prophet:

SoCal Crazy:
My dream match would have to be with Eddie Guerrero we have the same style in mixing american with a lil spice of lucha libre.

Sean South:
Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dynamite Kid, & Misawa are my top 5 in that order!

Colt Cabana:
My dream opponent would be Giant Gonzalez.
It's an interesting question. Some wrestlers would hear this question and would say to themselves, "who have I always dreamed of being in the ring with".
When you ask me who my dream opponent, I think to myself,
"Who is the most high profile wrestler in the whole world, dead or alive, that I could actually beat in real one on one combat"

So, Ultimate Warrior is out of the question. He'd beat me up hard. Hulk Hogan would drop that deadly leg drop on me so he's out. I'd choose Barry Horwitz, but he's not as "high profile" as Gonzalez.

I fully believe that Giant Gonzalez is just TOOOOOOO tall for his own good. I realize that I lost to Great Khali in 1 minute on Smackdown, but Gonzalez is an actual 5 inches taller, so I have a feeling his hand-eye coordination isn't as good.

My plan would be to throw as much stuff for him to just catch. Once that happens, he'd become topheavy. Then, all I have to do is push him over. Once he's on the ground, theres no way he can get up. He's just too tall to get up by himself. Even if it takes a day and a half to eventually pin him, it would be worth it.

It would be a DREAM COME TRUE. A real......DREAM MATCH!!!!!
Colt Cabana vs. Giant Gonzalez

Marco Zercher:
it would jerry lynn, because he's a very good technical wrestler and a tough guy. I've seen him fight against michael kovac and in my opinion it was one of the best fights I've ever seen in my life.

Change Prophet:
I would definitely love to wrestle Dean Malenko in his prime. Just to be able to hang with someone like that would be incredible. I don't think that anyone could turn down the chance to face someone with so much knowledge. Win or lose, you would come out of the match a better wrestler.

My dream match opponent would be either Dick Murdoch in his prime or Tully Blanchard in his prime, simply due to the fact that they were the best in the game when they had their A-game on. Of all the current wrestlers, I would say it would be nice to face Kurt Angle or Shawn Michaels.

Von den past, Andre the Giant ..... Weil der man so unglaublich war!
Aber heut zu tage, jeder der sich traut, ist eingeladen um ein traummatch gegen mich zu machen!

Annie Social:
I would want to shapeshift into a dude, get in a time machine and wrestle Hayabusa. He's one of my favorites. He's incredible.

Axic Parcer:
this is an easy question for me. Without a doubt it would be Bret "The Hitman" Hart. He is not only my all time favourite Wrestler no he is my idol. He is and was one of the greatest Wrestler in the world. The most important thing is that i guess it could be a very interested match with a lot of technique. This would be the biggest honor i could think of.

Sara Del Ray
Aja Kong!She was my inspiration for wrestling.

Tommy Dreamer

Miss Harden
This is a tough question, so many greats come to mind... I would have to say it would be Miss Jackie. She is the most under-rated female wrestler. I don't think she will ever get the credit she deserves. I know I would have my work cut out for me but it would be nice to see two Tennessee girls go at it. Thanks for the great question.
Miss Harden

Sir Robin Lequimez
My dream match would be a Survivor Series match.
Rick Martel, Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude and myself vs 5 babyfaces. No matter who, we would survive just like Rick Martel's team at Survivor Series '90

Ken Mahler
Schwer zu sagen, Chri Benoit oder Jushin "Thunder" Liger...

Lazio Feé
hmm für mich selbst oh diese liste würde den rahmen sprengen wenn ich mich entscheiden müsste würde ich sagen keji muto auch wenn ich weiß das dies niemals passieren wird und warum ganz einfach er ist und bleibt mein großes idol und das hat seine gründe;)

Altavius King
Good question as much as Id like to face my idols Randy Orton or Undertaker Id have to pick Shawn Michaels in his prime the early mid 90's because he was so innovative and talented that I think we would go on forever and the crowd would be into it the whole time

Michael Kovac:
Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle because both the world`s best and would fit my style.

Sassy Stephanie
Sensational Sherri.
I grew up loving her in the WWF and WCW. As I grew older and was able to go back and look at her odler matches on youtube and such, I grew to love and respect her even more. I know if that match were possible I'd learn a massive amount from her and I'd love every second of it.

Zyris van Crow
Hmm Ein Traummatch! Es gibt mehrere Gegner die ich mir als Wunschgegner in den Kopf gesetzt habe! Doch wer das ist, bleibt noch mein Geheimnis^^ Und warum? Es ein Traummatch wäre ganz einfach! Es wäre eine Bereicherung für mich, ich könnte denke ich viel Lernen und es wäre ein sehr schönes Technisches Match! ;)

The Insane Killer
nigel mcguinness alias desmond wolf

Rob Raw
Andre The Giant cause he's one of my all time favourites, or Hulk Hogan, maybe the best known wrestler around the world. Greetz

TJ Perkins
Eddy Guerrero, easily the most versatile and experienced guy who ever lived.

Dr Knuckles
I would love to have wrestled Fritz von Eric, Just cause he was brutal and who I patterned my style after. Fritz was the man.

If it had to be a female: Princess Victoria. One Native Princess against another. I'd love to step in the ring with her. I'd learn so much.
Anyone: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Do I really need to say why? He is a legend and the reason I fell in love with wrestling. Maybe I'd learn his perfect arm drags. ;-)

Marty FabZ
... mein Traummatch wäre gegen Chris Hero oder Matt Sydal !

[email protected] Alexx
Me against AJ Styles in a Ultimate X match cos he´s one of the best wrestler in the world for me :)

Dr Gangreen
Me vs Earthquake !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would wrestle Honky Tonk man and slap him around for 5 minutes and take his head of with a lariat, I'd probably get concussed with a megaphone shot to the back of the head and be pinned soon after.

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Why all the Honky hate? Did you see a shoot of him or did he hit on a family member or something.......
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