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Beavis & Butthead is another that I absolutely love, I've just had the whole Mike Judge Collection on recently also, which I've got on me at the side now as I type this, so I was kinda wondering how many Beavis & Butthead fans were here too, and what are your favourite episodes if so?

I know I'm going to miss a ton, cause there are so many episode that I love, pretty much all of them I love and make me laugh anyway, however some that come to mind for me are as follows :

Patients Patients
Beard Boys
Ding Dong Ditch
Lightning Strikes
No Laughing
Halloween Special
Christmas Special

There are so many, I also love the one where Beavis is working at Burger World and the Immigration Officer comes in ... haha, there's also the latest season they did too, which I love, but I'll list some of them after seeing how this thread goes first :)
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