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OK i know dis is gonna suk. Rey Rey Vs.HHH 4 da title I know dis could never happen cuz of da brands. but anyway...here goes!!!

Rey & hhh run at each other.DOUBLE C/LINE!!!Ref counts to 5. REY GETS UP FiRsT.Bam!!Orton Hits him wit a sledgehammer!!!Flair throws him on da announce table.Boom,orton hits a flying dive off da rope. ITS A NO DQ PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!K,So HBK Comes Out N Cleans House.ya know,a little bit of orton & Flair Dust,& SOME HHH DOG CRAP!!!LOL.Then He Does Da Unthinkable!!He Sweet Chin Musiks Rey!Nash Comes Out & Then HHH,HBK,& Nash Beat up orton & flair!Once Flair N Orton R Out,DX Music hits & HHH,HBK, & NASH ALL DO THE DX SUK IT TAUNT!!!

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best cruiserweight

  • Rey Mysterio

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  • Jamie Noble

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  • Shannon Moore

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  • Billy Kidman

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  • Ultimo Dragon

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