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If you could tell me after each show i do & give me help that would be much appreciated since i'am a newbie.

Monday Night Raw live from Calgary, Alberta, Canada from the sold out Penngrowth Saddledome.

Dratf Night.

Have the opening raw video package.

Then we have Mr. O' mac come out and welcomes us to the draft lottery for 2005.

Then out comes theodore r. long, followed by eric bischoff.

Mr. O' mac: ''Now its going to be very simialr to last year & again there is no exceptions. So what the hell are you both waiting for!? Get the 1st 2 out of the way eric''!

Eric: ''Alright, Alright.(puts his hand into barrel & picks)he..well this woman is a favourite on SD & i have no problem on having her on raw. so the new member to the raw diva family is Torrie Wilson!''.

Torrie looks shocked & sad & moves out of the SD locker room & meets eric on stage. Does the same thing like last year handshake & gives them a t-shirt & welcomes them to raw.

Teddy: ''ok playa, nice. Well im just gonna have to pull an even better 1 on you''.

Puts hand in barrel.

Teddy:'' HA! HA! and i just did do a better 1 on you. This diva is arguably the most popular ever & am proud to announc that.. Stacy Kiebler is now appart of SD!''.

king(especially) & eric have a fit & say hes liing.

Stacy looks very happy & comes out & teddy welcomes her to SD.
SD to Raw raw to SD
torrie wilson stacy kiebler

Eric:'' Man that sux, but the show must go on''.

puts hand in barrel.

Eric: This man is 1 of the most domminate forces on SD! So would you please welcome heidenreich to raw!''

heidenreich yells out my world & does his crap gimmick.

Teddy: You can have him hes a phsychopath, good luck. Well on to #2''.

Puts hand in barrell.

Teddy: Holla! Holla! Holla! Eric if you thought stacy was bad wait till you hear this. All of the sd fans give me a holla holla holla! Because the newest man to SD! is.....Randy Orton''!

Eric looks dumbfounded.

We go backstage with christian & tyson.

Tyson: ''Dont worry man just calm down''.

Christian:'' no i will not calm down! if i do not get drafted to sd tonight hell will freeze over''!

John Cena comes in.

J.C.: '' What you cryin about homie. Angry that you cant come to sd. im angry to. You see ive been hearing about what you've been saying to me. that im a little ali g rip off & marcy marc, and saying that if you get drafted tonight you will take my wwe title. uh-uh. you see you can get drafted to sd & challenge me to my title. but you wont beat me for my wwe title''! if you want some come get some''.

Then he does his little ah ha thing & leaves christian all p.o. as we go to commercial break.

come back with match #1 william regal/with tajiri vs maven/with simon dean.

Result: Maven gets a victory over regal after 7mins with the help of simon dean & the tag title belt.

the match had its moments but it was a boring match for a bit of it. simon had the ref distracted & maven hit regal with the belt & then went for his knee back breaker finisher. whatever its called.

teddy long talks to eric backstage.

Eric: ''Teddy youve cheated i want orton & stacy back on raw''.

Teddy: look playa its just luck of the draw & im not going to give back orton unless you give a good superstar or do something darastic to change my mind''.

Mr. O' Mac comes in.

Mr.o mac: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE! Bischoff stop your compalaining otherwise you will be complaining that youve lost your job as GM. now get out there now & finish it off''!

commercial break.

Come back with bischoff & teddy coming out on stage.

eric gets ready to choose #3.

Eric: '' oh the hell with it im just gonna say it.(with a huge smile)Please welcome to raw...the U.S. champion orlando jordan!

teddy: congratulations eric your 1st good pick of the night, ive got 2 more left''.

Teddy: holla holla holla! please welcome to SD the intercontinental champion Y2J Chris Jericho!

Eric nearly craps himself!

Eric:'' thats it if i dont get a good 1 i'll.... Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Teddy 1 of your most popular sd superstars is now on raw could you please welcome to raw....rey mysterio''!

Everyone starts boo because of the fact that reys moved to raw.

Teddy:eek:h well just gonna have to liv with it. but ive still got 2 more left as you only have 1 left.

puts hand in barrel.

Teddy:'' well this is interesting, last year we had 1 of these guys come to sd, now we have 2 of em now, but would you please welcome to sd..Sylvian Grenier. Then rene dupree comes out when hes getting welcomed to sd, he looks at sylvian angrily & then he starts punching him then all of a sudden he chucks him off of the raw stage with the fans yelling holy shit! With half the crowd cheering & half the crowd booing rene dupree.

commercial break.

come back with rene dupree in the back & sylvian getting medical attention.

todd comes and asks why did you do that for?

rene just gives him an angry stare & storms building up for a little speech on sd.

whilst sylvian is getting medical attention rob comes out & asks how hes going then bischoff & teddy come & look at the scene.

R.C.:''ERIC & TEDDY LONG I'AM DEMANDING A MATCH AGAINST RENE DUPREE HERE TONIGHT!Eric declines but teddy agrees with rob so tonight on raw an interpromotional match its going to be rob conway vs rene dupree. then rob storms off. Then eric is saying why did you make the match for? The they get into another arguement as we go to match #2

#2 Muhammad hassan vs shelton benjamin. 1st shelton comes out

muhammad comes out 2nd & gets bood severly. halfway through the match when shelton has the control we go to a break. then we come back for the last 5-6 mins of the match.

results: Muhammad defeats shelton in a 12 min match. a very good match between the 2, with alot of high flying from shelton & good technichal wrestling by muhammad but, shelton goes for the dragon whip & accidently nails the ref muhammad went for the downward spiral but shelton counters hits the t-bone but no ref.

then khosrow gets involved but gets kicked in the jaw. then hassan low blows shelton hits the downward spiral then gets the pinfall. after the match hassan locks in the camel clutch but then eugene comes down the ramp and attacks hassan & khosrow. a stunner delivered to khosrow & a rock bottom to hassan. but shelton gets up & looks p.o. & t-bones eugene and leaves. with all 3 in the ring down.

backstage we see hhh talkin to flair about a match at vengeance saying that i want 1 more shot at batista at vengeance but i want at stipulation to it, both men look to the floor thinking & then they look up & look at each other with a wicked look in there eye. then they leave with hh saying you thinking what im thinking. flair says i think iam with a smile and a laugh. then they leave.

commercial break.

as we come back micheal cole & tazz at ringside talk about the draft so far.


Stacy Kiebler
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Sylvian Grenier

Torrie Wilson
Rey Mysterio
Orlando Jordan

Then we go back to the draft for the final 2 picks.

Eric:'' just to let you know teddy you aint comin to raw ever again.

puts hand in barrel.

Eric: ''O.K. thats good would you please welcome The Big show to raw!

Teddy then immideatley goes for another pick.

Teddy: Ha! Ha! eric sd is proud to announce the last & final man for sd is.......CHRISTIAN!!!!

the crowd goes nuts!

(Now i will be back tomorrow because i gotta go but please send a reply to this thread & give me help thanks i'll be back tomorrow for part 2 of the draft lottery.)
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