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Be The Booker - The Ratings War of 2005

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Due to a idea in a disscussion between Wolf Beast and I (Wolfy's idea), we came around for a ratings war, which I and alot of people thought is a great idea. So here it is...

We will have 3 (or 4) teams, of which will be ran equally by 3 bookers into three seperate sections;

1) Storylines
2) Promos
3) Matches

They will go together to make a weekly show or bi-weekly and will be equally made through out the three people.

The rosters may or may not be preset, seeing how it turns out although it may end up with a draft, I am still not entirley sure about the situation.

Their will be bidding wars availble and a money limit, those of you who have played EWR may or maynot be familiar with what I am talking about. Wrestlers will have a wage, which will be monthly, not open etc.

There will be a monthly PPV from each show, WCW as they were, WWE as they are and NWA as they can be.

Now for all those that are interested I want you to fill this out


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Why you want to do this:
Are you reliable:

I will sort out the rosters etc. later on........
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Nice idea Gents, oh I already knew :D

Name: Michael Gawda
Country: England, United Kingdom

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Why you want to do this: To be part of a team blah blah blah blah actually I'm gonna do it to get BTB back on track
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Name:AllCanadian66(Rob MacDonald

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Why you want to do this:Because I think that it is a good idea and will get me more experience in booking and will help BTB get out of the ground
Are you reliable: Yes I am very reliable

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Ok I've got some more updates:

* I have decided that most of the rosters will be pre-set, however thier contract expirations will be random and some will be in the near future, as with EWR you can bid on a wrestler / manager / diva on the last 3 months of thier contract with another company, unless it is otherwise stated.

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Name: Juvy
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*cries* I SO want to do this........if i had the time i...........AARRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HELL WITH IT!!!!!!!!

IM IN!!!!

Name: Red Cold (Calum)
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Why you want to do this: I want to help out as much as possibble bringing BTB back to life.
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