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End of the week (Monday 24,2003)
This is a show rating,we are going to do this each week(at the end of the week)so last week we have...
You can vote too,but you can`t vote for your own show.

1st My 3rd show, by Anatattide.
2nd BERD`s and CIAH`s Raw and SmackDown thread, by CIAH.
3rd My Raw Cards and Results,by James TV.
4th My WWE company(carrying on shows),by Rampage.
5th WWE-New Generation, by Cyran
6th my first wwe storylines,by tainted lover.
7th Details of my new show, by CIAH.
8th WRESTLEMANIA,Raw after, by Big Evil Deadman2002

So this is it.And now three best bookers of the week.
1st Big Evil Red Devil88
2nd Charlie Is A Haas
3rd Annattitude

Please vote!
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End of the week(Monday 07,2003)

1stMy WWE Company by Rampage
2ndMy 3rd Show by Antattude
3rdM987 and J_TV`s Raw and Smackdown by James_TV
4thNormal WWE by Kevin
5thMonday Night Raw by #1 Hulk-A-Maniac
6thMy Raw and SmackDown threads by WE Champion
7thMy Raw and Smackdown shows by F-5
8thF-5`s and Antattuide`s HWC by F-5

Please vote.
1 place Rampage
2 place Antattude
3 place #1 Hulk-A-Maniac
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