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Batista we coming for you .....

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Booker T vs. Batista
Back in the mid-2000s, Batista experienced a meteoric rise in WWE, going from lackey to World Champion in just a few short years. Apparently, the Animal was none too humble, however, and his arrogant, entitled behavior was said to have irritated the other wrestlers backstage, including Booker T. Things between Batista and the ring veteran would boil to a head in the build-up to SummerSlam 2006.

At a commercial shoot for the annual pay-per-view event, the two wrestlers got involved in a fistfight that saw Booker drop Batista and lay into the larger wrestler. Unlike many other backstage brawls, however, the other wrestlers at the shoot reportedly just stood by for upwards of five minutes while Booker taught Batista some respect. Also unusual was that WWE acknowledged the scrap publicly, posting a story on the incident on their website, along with pictures of the minor injuries sustained by Batista. Red this here thought you guys would like it it's about real fights in wcw an wwe here's the site www.ugo.com/sports/booker-t-vs-batista
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Batista must of missed his diva fuck that day, only logical reason he lost...
Batista shouldnt be in mma lmao
Bring heel tista back.
im pretty sure they were playing basketball
How am I the first person to ask what the point of this thread is?

This is old news, and nothing even relevant to it is happening in the current world today.
Iron Sheik should pay a visit to Batista. Fuck him in ass and make him humble I say.
I think the only reason they acknowledged the fight publicly was to add to the storyline since they were facing off at Summerslam.
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