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Based on what I know of these two men, and what I watched on the WWE's NXT show both men should have bright careers. It's very obvious Curtis didn't "show up" on the "Big Stage" as his former tag team partner Derrick Bateman did. Many have said that Derrick should have won the latest NXT season, and maybe they're right.

However, Curtis won, and he isn't really on WWE television. Not that he needs to be rushed to our televisions or anything. Yet, many have said that Derrick was by far the best on NXT 4, and he isn't on our televisions either. Personally, I feel that out of the two Bateman would do well exposed on a show like RAW. Essentially, I feel as though if one, or the other had to debut first, it should be Derrick.

This is nothing again Curtis, but I just think he needs some time to work the character he is capable of working. Meaning house shows, and a slow build on WWE Superstars. Meaning making him the top star on that show. I know that sounds odd, but a strong undefeated streak on Superstars could be a start. Perhaps 6 months undefeated. Johnny can be entertaining if given the right character to work with. Let him gain some credibility, and confidence.

No, Superstars isn't a mainstay show, but it's still a show that he could theoretically dominate from week to week. Then, once he is making noise invite him up to RAW, and work as a guest color commentator at the requests of Michael Cole. Anything that gains him some attention, and gives the audience something to remember him from other than the show they didn't watch him win on (NXT 4). May I also add that he may need a name change, but that could ruin the point of him winning NXT 4.

Now with Bateman I think he needs to make his name sooner than later. A debut at Wrestlemania during the United States title match would be great. However, I think it could go two ways. He could fool Bryan in to thinking that he is there to stand behind him, and then Daniel would just tell him to stay out of his way. Of course fans are immediately thinking that the naive Derrick Bateman will costs Daniel the title in an effort to help him.

However, I think Derrick turns on Bryan, and costs him the title. The following night on RAW, Derrick explains his actions, and says that not winning NXT 4 was a big let down for him, and none of what Bryan said was useful in the end like he had told to him. Derrick could say that Bryan was threatened by Derrick for possibly being better than he is. Thus, giving Daniel a new feud with Bateman, and Sheamus continues as the United States champion.
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