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Barrett Advertised for SD show

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During Raw, they aired commercials for many diff events of WWE coming to Canada(1 was a set of house shows on September 8-9, another was TV events on Canada, and another was a random set of house shows).

In one of them, they advertised Del Rio-Orton-Sheamus for world title, another it was Ziggler-Sheamus and someone else(I forgot who..), and another was Del Rio-Sheamus-Barrett.

Considering that Raw is in Montreal,SD is in Ottawa, and Barrett will be in Canada for the weekend right before those 2 events, I think he'll either have returned by then, or will be returning for those events.

I know he's been at other house shows recently, but this is in Canada. Don't think WWE would bring over superstars to Canada, if they're not gonna be competing on Raw,SD or even Superstars.
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He'll do a few house shows to shake the ring rust. Probably will be back around Survivor Series unless there is a multi-man match at NOC that he can be involved in.
If he is going to be on, Imight actually catch SmackDown this week or try to instead of just reading results.
Barrett's advertised as the #1 contender in a triple treat match for the WHC during the two week Canadian tour. The first week Sheamus/Barrett/Del Rio is booked. The second week Sheamus/Barrett/Ziggler is booked. If that holds, then it means we're likely to see Sheamus retain and Barrett return as the top heel of Smackdown (from the promos, it's obvious he's returning as a heel) and that's exactly what should happen. Hopefully, WWE doesn't change the booking at the last minute (although, the main events of Smackdown's house show card hasn't changed from the advertised match for the last year or so.)
I hope he has a scheduled return and not a surprise return like The Miz.

I like the looks of his return too with the vignettes, he could be a very effective Tweener. Hope he doesn't come out and cut face/heel promo and just goes into feud.

Have him face both heels and faces and not care how he beats them. Think the crowd will get into it.

HOWEVER, I have been watching late 1997 Raw and Austin is on my mind, haha.
Hope he doesn't return on Smackdown, needs to be Raw.
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