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Barefoot wrestlers

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With news that Alexander Rusev is rumored to be debuting on the main roster very soon, I noticed that Rusev wrestles barefoot.

Which brings me to wrestlers who wrestled barefoot. Other than Rusev, the only ones that I can think of are the Wild Samoans, Kevin Van Erich, Umaga, the Headshrinkers, Kamala, Jimmy Snuka, Peter Maivia, and the divas when they competed in swimsuits.

Your thoughts?
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Ive been a fan of this guy for years, before he even got signed. He looks awesome, and moves around pretty good for his size. He isnt very tall though, and i feel like thats why theyve been looking for.

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I actually mentioned in another thread, just the other day, how I'd like it if at least one more guy rocked the Antonino Argentina Rocca look. Nothing but trunks. I think it'd get him immediately noticed over the rest of the generic looking high flyers in jobber tights and kickpads. It reminds me alot of Beast from the X-Men, nerdy as it .sounds, that's what I thought of immediately.
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