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Would do this in the BTB Section but no one seems to bother looking in there anymore.

Last Request: Can't remember but it was months and months ago.

Topic: A Banner for my new BTB Wrestling Show.

Details: The usual banner size for most BTB's. Think it's either 500x250 or 500x200. You can choose. :)

Text 1: TORNADO - Try to find a text that fits and stands out if you can please :)

Pics: Choose out of; Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Ted DiBiase Jr, Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy (Heel Look), Muhammad Hassan or AJ Styles. Or, you can choose a mixture. Not really bothered, just as long as that list is used.

Preferred Artists: Whoever thinks they can do it. :)

4 Trill points for the best & 100 bill points & rep for each attempt! :)
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