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Making a request for a banner, just a regular size, for my BTB thread.

What I'd like on the banner is the following ...

WWE <-(logo) Presents
(Directly below) Survivor Series <- (logo)

A picture of Chris Benoit applying the Crossface on someone, or Chris Jericho applying the Walls of Jericho on someone. I wasnt able to find any suitable pics, but hopefully you can. If not, let me know.

And along the bottom I'd like the following text 'Only The Strong Survive'
Also, could I have the Raw and Smackdown (Not the Friday Night Smackdown) logos somewhere at the top or the bottom.

Finally, is possible, could I have the date of the event and location somewhere on the banner too. The date and location are ...
November 6th 2005 - Manchester, New Hampshire.

And as for colours and shading and stuff, just whatever you wish to do is fine with me, as long as its creative.

I'll give rep to whomever does this for me, if you want it.
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