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Ok, with the merge over and all I don't know how this is all working but I was wondering if possible, someone could make me a banner? Or could I use the one I had from when the forums were together? A No DQ guy made it though. Either way I'd like a new one if someone could make me one. I will rep that person. Thanks.

Theme: Shawn Michaels

Size: WHatever works

Color: Blue

PIcs: Any from his time during his title run in 1996. If those are too hard to find then pics of him now are fine.

Thanks again and rep will be added. Also, could I have an matching avatar?
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Oh sorry, I never saw you around theese forums. I thought you were No DQ. Anyway, I'll use that one then and if I like jblisjustabigloser's then ill use it too. Thanks both of you.
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