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Ok, I got to put in a request here. I want to get an animated tv show theme banner made for me.

Size - Standard size, whatever that is. I think it's 400X200, but I might be wrong.....

Color - Orange or Red(Gotta go with a color that fits in with my UN, Pyro)

Banner maker - Someone with experience please(I'm a bit picky and I just want it to look really nice) Preferably One of the GFX mods, or Shady.....

I've supplied pics:





And, IF you can fit this one in, then add it. (I'm unsure of whether or not 5 pics can be put on a banner or not. If you can't that's fine, but add this pic if it's possible)


Put my Un on it too please where ever it fits, and TRY to remember to include the ™(It's fine if you can't), cause I'd rather not have to edit it out.

Rep will be added. Thanks.

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Paint is for beginers. Paint sucks. Although photoshop is much more harder. Next time you take a request Angeler I recommend you to use photoshop or the banner will probably suck. I mean compare yours with Miester. I hope you dont take this post the wrong way.

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This isn't the thread to discuss this.
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