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Banner Request :)

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I have a bit of a strange request, but would be extremely grateful if someone could help me out.
I attempted to make myself a simple banner, but I made it in a program called arcsoft photoimpression. So it looked good (to me anyway, nice and simple, I'm going for understated), but looks crap when converted to JPEG, as the font layer got mixed in the picture rather than standing out. So I've pretty much done what I want, I have the picture that I want, the kind of font etc, it's 400*200 pixels.
I was going to upload it in it's current form, to see if someone could fix it, i put it on photobucket.com, but being the computer jinx that i am, all i get when i try to do that is the red cross.
If anyone feels like helping me, if you got to photobucket.com, and log in with the username alvie and password weforums the pics are there in current form; I prefer the one with red writing, but am happy with anything that looks better than they do at the moment.

Thanks for reading my ramble, and thank you even more if you can help :D
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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